What Factors Make Sit to Stand Workstations So Popular Throughout Australia?

Recent trends suggest that sit to stand working has become one of the top workplace trends of late. Not surprisingly, this phenomenon has contributed immensely towards the growing demand for sit to stand workstations in offices across the country. People these days have become well acquainted with the dangers of leading sedentary lives.

They have started becoming more active. Employers too, have become more conscious of their responsibilities. They know that healthier employees can boost efficiency levels at the workplace. Thus, in addition to implementing innovative cable management measures in workstations throughout their facilities, employers have begun to consider other ways for promoting the safety, health and well-being of their workers.

 Sitting for Prolonged Stretches of Time Can Be Deadly

The popularity of sit to stand workstations stems from a single realisation – the harmful effects of sitting for prolonged spans of time. Estimates suggest that sitting for eight to 11 hours each day could increase the likelihood of dying prematurely by about 15 to 40 percent respectively. Thus, people with desk jobs can be highly at risk. Because they sit for most of their workdays, they remain inactive for longer.

This makes them susceptible to dying prematurely. Similarly, sitting too much can increase the risk of contracting diseases such as cancer, kidney and heart diseases. In many cases, people who sit for long hours at work, develop high blood pressure and diabetes. Over time, these conditions can lead to the onset of many serious diseases.

 Sit to Stand Workstations Can Reduce Aches and Pains Significantly

Sitting can exert up to 90 percent additional pressure on the lower back. Not surprisingly, people working desk jobs usually experience a lot of back, neck, shoulder and head pains. If you sit for even longer than average spans of time each day, you could reduce the flexibility levels in your spine. Furthermore, you could end up damaging the disks in the spine.

If you have ever been sitting and had to stand suddenly (say for connecting the USB charger to the electrical socket), you might have experienced some level of discomfort. You should treat this as a warning that the longer you sit, the greater the number of aches and pains you will experience.

Sitting for Extended Spans of Time Can Have a Detrimental Effect on Your Brain and Your Body

People who sit for longer stretches of time will inevitably lead sedentary lifestyles. Over time, this lack of activity could make them obese. Experts highlight that sitting for even one hour decreases the production of the fat-burning enzyme i.e. Lipoprotein Lipase by as much as 90 percent. In contrast, when you stand or use a sit to stand workstation, your heat beats 10 times more per minute.

And, standing keeps the body active and helps in burning fat. In addition, sitting for hours on end will slow down the functioning of your brain. When you sit, your body remains inactive. An inactive body can affect the healthy flow of blood. When your blood features lower levels of oxygen, you will find it hard to concentrate on anything that you’re doing.

For quality sit-to-stand workstations and cable management solutions, simply depend on the experts at dpg-formfittings. We specialise in manufacturing office power and other ergonomic products. From in-desk modules to floor boxes, we have it all. For more details on our sit-to-stand workstations, click here.

Should You Purchase Composite Timber Panels or Thermally Modified Ones?

Not many people might be aware of it, but they depend on wooden panels quite extensively. Whether you want to spruce up the look of your home interiors or exteriors, quality timber panels will be one of your top purchases.

Wooden panelling will usually be exceedingly thin i.e. with thicknesses of under 1/4th of an inch. In addition, handling these panels can be easy because of their lightweight nature.

An Overview of Composite and Thermally-Modified Wooden Panels

Composite and thermally-modified timber panels can be excellent materials to select for your project. The former offers an innovative solution to all the maintenance issues that typify timber.

In many cases, manufacturers make these panels from an assortment of by-products such as woodchips, talc, resins, wooden fibres etc. Hence, composite panels offer an attractive fusion of the beauty of natural wood with the strength of various synthetic components.

Many laminated board suppliers also stock thermally-modified timber sheets. These panels combine the natural beauty of timber with the structural advantages brought about by modern engineering.

Thermally-modified timber sheets add value to any building project because of the enhanced levels of durability and stability they offer. Manufacturers treat the solid timber with natural processes such as heating. This alters the cellular structure of the timber, thereby enhancing its dimensional stability.

When Does it Make Sense to Use Composite and Thermally-Modified Timber Panels?

Composite timber panels have become quite popular of late for their versatility. These sheets of timber can be ideal for using as cladding, decking or screening material. They can add texture and colour to walls. In addition, they offer a robust and flexible option for making fences.

Many builders use composite timber sheets for decks, jetties, hotels, commercial buildings, residential buildings etc. Many people might be aware that wood does not perform well in wet or humid conditions. To overcome this hassle, wood will require proper treatment.

Thermally-modified timber possesses qualities that make it fare well in coastal and tropical environments. It can be useful for projects involving flooring, decking and interior or exterior siding. Laminated board suppliers often use these timber sheets in office complexes and residential buildings alike.

The Benefits of Using Composite and Thermally-Modified Wooden Panels

Composite timbers feature various synthetic materials that enhance their strength. These materials will usually be toxin-free and eco-friendly. Composite timber panels will remain resistant to staining, rotting, warping, fading and scratching.

They will also withstand insect attacks with ease. To maintain the seamless look of these panels, a simple cleaning will be all that you need to do. Similarly, thermally-modified timbers offer higher levels of stability as compared to unmodified timber.

Manufacturers produce these panels by extracting the organic compounds from the wooden cells. This prevents the timber sheet from absorbing water, expanding and contracting. Modification of the wooden cells takes place through eco-friendly processes. Thus, thermally-modified panels can be cost-effective, environment-friendly and low-maintenance products.

Processed Forest Products ranks among the top laminated board suppliers in Australia. Since 1974, we have supplied clients with cost-effective and quality timber veneer. We hand-select the best veneers based on their grain, colour and figure. So, you can expect to receive optimal value for money when you shop with us. Click here to see the value we can offer as opposed to our competitors.

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Swimming Pool Renovations: 4 Signs You Need In-Ground Pool Repair

Having your own in-ground pool is certainly a lot of fun, but luxury comes with responsibility. The key to always keep your swimming pool in tip-top condition is to get in-ground pool repair when the need arises. Getting proper repairs for your pebble concrete pool on time can prevent major disasters and costly problems in the long-run.

Let’s take a look at some warning signs that indicate you might need to contact professional in-ground pool repair services or swimming pool renovations.

When to Get In-Ground Pool Repair Services?

  1. Cracks: Over the years, a swimming pool can develop cracks in its floor or walls. This can cause a number of issues. If not repaired on time, it can even result in irreparable damage. So, if you notice cracks in your pool surface, get in touch with in-ground pool repair professionals without wasting time.
  1. Leaking Problems: if you feel that your pool uses more water than usual, there might be leaking issues in your pool. Whether the leak is due to cracks or because of some plumbing issues, it is one of the most serious defects in a swimming pool. While minor leaks can lead to wastage of water, severe leaking issues can only be fixed with compete pool resurfacing. Getting a new pebble concrete pool is a cost-effective solution to get rid of all such problems once and for all.
  1. Filter Needs More Cleaning Than Usual: Generally, a filter requires cleaning only about once a month. In case, your pool’s filter needs to be cleaned more often than this, you must find the underlying cause. In most cases, a defective filter is a common culprit. In addition, make sure to check the quality of water from time to time. If the water quality is not up to the mark, get in touch with trusted in-ground pool repair professionals at Amazing Pool Renovations as soon as possible.
  1. Faulty Water Pump: In absence of a properly working pump, the water in your swimming pool can accumulate dirt, develop algae and become unsuitable for swimming. For minor pump defects, professionals can repair it or replace the necessary parts. However, in severe cases, installing a new pump makes a better sense.

Looking For Quality In-Ground Pool Repair Services? Get In Touch With Amazing Pool Renovations!

Amazing Pool Renovations is a trusted specialist for top-notch in-ground pool repair services and pool renovations. Our innovative and long-lasting solutions are designed to provide our clients with top-class swimming pools right in their own property. To know more about our services, visit Amazing Pool Renovations or contact our experts on 02 9729 1108 today! 

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Fire Rated Doors Can Be Useful for Preventing Damage and Loss of Life

Many residential and commercial properties in Australia can be susceptible to fire damage. To mitigate these risks, builders often incorporate fire rated doors in their projects. Regular doors will not be able to withstand the heat emanating from a fire for very long.

In fact, regular doors will eventually contribute towards the spread of the fire in many cases. However, fire-rated doors (or fire doors) help in containing the spread of the fire. Thus, they end up providing valuable time to the occupants of the building for exiting the building, thereby saving countless lives.

An Overview of Fire-Rated Doors

Many wood panelling suppliers in the country stock an assortment of building products. In some cases, they will specialise in supplying fire-rated doors as well. Fire doors help in preventing the spread of fire and smoke in a structure by containing it in one area.

This trait can be quite useful in large buildings. If the building features fire doors, these doors would limit the fire to one section or area, thereby preventing the entire building from burning. Many fire rated doors have a rating of 90 or 120 minutes. However, the usual ratings for these doors could range from 20 to 180 minutes too.

Wood Panelling Suppliers Can Construct Fire Doors Based on Client Specifications

Many people assume that fire doors will feature metals and be hollow. Metals do not burn easily. In addition, the hollowness of the door will ensure that the door features no material that could catch fire. However, wooden fire doors featuring timber veneer panels also abound in markets.

Manufacturers treat these doors suitably to ensure that they can contain and prevent the fire from spreading. It goes without saying that each fire-rated door will feature different specifications in terms of size, materials, door jambs etc. In addition, fire doors could include bolts, frames, double door etc. as well. Because of the value that fire doors provide, consulting the manufacturer when you place an order could be worthwhile.

How Do Fire Rated Doors Keep Fire and Smoke at Bay?

Fire doors can look deceptively like regular doors. But, they often feature various types of materials that enable them to contain the spread of fire. Manufacturers often use timber, glass, metal, gypsum vermiculite boards and steel for making fire doors. Thus, a fire door will inevitably comprise a material that combines many (or all) of these elements. Fire doors serve to stop the fire and block the smoke & heat from entering other areas in the building.

They can do this because they feature non-combustible material. Their ratings usually denote the amount of time for which they can keep the flames at bay, Thus, a fire door with a rating of 90 will be able to keep the flames at bay for 90 minutes. However, this period could vary based on the quality of the door and the size of the area. It could vary based on the scale of the fire too.

For quality fire rated doors, only depend on Processed Forest Products. We have been manufacturing made-to-measure doors for more than 30 years. We can tailor the doors we produce to suit your requirements and specifications. To obtain a quote, click here.

Exquisite Burl Veneers – Among the Best Types of Timber Veneers the World Over

Oak, maple and timber veneers have been quite popular the world over for decades. The demand for these veneers has been on the rise of late. In particular, the demand continues to soar for various kinds of rare wooden veneers – especially burl veneers. For many veneer suppliers, burl veneers often represent the holy grail of fine wooden veneers.

Where Do Burl Veneers Come From?

People often use different veneer panels for improving the look and feel of various areas and spaces in their homes. However, veneers come in an assortment of styles and offer different features. In the case of burl veneers, the beauty and uniqueness of these veneers make them immensely valuable. These veneers come from the rounded, knotty growths found on trees.

Burls denote nature’s way of looking after trees growing under some kind of stress such as fungal developments on the tree, infestations in the tree etc. In many cases, burls will form beneath the ground, where they will remain attached to the roots. Maple, olive, ash and walnut trees often develop burls, which enhances their look and value significantly.

What Do Burls Usually Look Like?

It can be worth highlighting that no two burls look identical. However, they will commonly feature intricate markings and patterns that exude a very different look from that exuded by the rest of the tree. The erratic growth of the grain could make the burl bear a close semblance to an explosion on the tree.

Because no two burl veneers look identical, this rarity contributes to their soaring levels of popularity. Using them in the interiors of a house can dramatically alter the look and feel of the space. Not surprisingly, many fire rated board suppliers stock an enviable range of burls in their facilities.

How Do Timber Veneer Suppliers Produce Veneers from Burls?

Timber veneer workers often find it hard to harvest the burls. The twisted and interlocking grain of the wood negate the use of any hand tools. To harvest smaller burls, workers typically rely on saws and axes. Similarly, to harvest the bigger burls, workers often use chainsaws.

Once the workers have completed harvesting the burls, they will assemble the logs and remove the bark mechanically. Following this, they cut the logs in halves or quarters. In some cases, these suppliers of veneer panels will even mark the pieces to keep them together.

At this point, they will submerge the veneers in warm water and steam them for several hours, before slicing them thinly. Then, they will attach the veneers to plywood or particleboard with a good adhesive. Lastly, they will cut the panels into smaller pieces, sand them and finish them. This results in veneers with remarkably smooth and flawless finishes.

At Processed Forest Products, we produce quality veneered panels on particleboard, plywood and MDF. We stock only the best natural and reconstituted veneers, such as burl veneers.

In addition, we manufacture lay-ons by ourselves to produce quality products at all times. Our keen attention to quality and details makes us Australia’s top provider of timber veneers. Click here to view our timber products.

3 Steps to Ensure That Your Swimming Pool Renovations Go Smoothly

At Amazing Pool Renovations, you’ll find a plethora of options when it comes to swimming pool renovations. We specialise in all popular pool finishes and resurfacing techniques. From concrete surfaces to pebble pool interiors, the experts at Amazing Pool Renovations have the expertise and experience to help you create a swimming pool of your dreams.

Why Choose Pebble Pool Interiors?

Pebble pool interiors are beautiful, cost-effective and extremely long-lasting.  With our huge range of colours, textures and finishes, you can transform your pool beyond all your expectations. Unlike traditional resurfacing methods, pebble finishes can be applied quickly.

How to Make Sure That Your Swimming Pool Renovations Go Hassle-free?

  1. If you want a certain colour for your pebble pool interiors, make sure to check the mixer for the right colour before application. While the experts at Amazing Pool Renovations never fail to get a perfect colour every time, it makes good sense that you must approve it to avoid any last minute surprises.
  1. Once the renovation is complete, the next step is to add water. Here, your responsibility is to make sure that water supply is not turned off until the pool is completely filled. This is important to ensure that there are no hideous water lines left after your swimming pool renovations.
  1. Hire a trusted company for your swimming pool renovations. Let them examine your pool thoroughly and check the surface damage and water quality. It’s important to know the water chemistry, so that right renovation techniques can be used.

How to Maintain Your Pebble Pool Interiors?

  • Hiring a reputable swimming pool maintenance company can help you save significant money in the long run.
  • Surface stains can be avoided by keeping phosphate levels in control.
  • Make sure to check the pH levels of water on regular basis. An acid feeder is a great investment for this purpose.
  • Get rid of calcium build-up and oil by installing a water conditioning device, or ask professionals for a suitable solution.

Looking to refresh your old swimming pool? Amazing Pool Renovations is a good place to start.  From pebble pool interiors to in-ground pool repair, Amazing Pool Renovations has everything you need to achieve flawless swimming pool renovations. For more information, visit us or contact our experts on 02 9729 1108 today!