Wood Veneer Panels: Types of Veneer Substrate

wood paneling

Wood veneer panels are popular alternatives to real wood. They are able to mimic the look and feel of actual wood simply because veneer itself is taken from trees.

The process starts with slicing a piece of real wood, and the bonding it to a substrate or backing. But kinds of backing are used for this purpose? To answer, here is a list of the different types of veneer substrates.

Paper-Backed Veneer

Paper-backed veneer simply refers to veneer that is permanently bonded by a paper backing which is generally available in a 10 and a 20 mil thickness. This type of veneer is commonly used in certain applications like matching curves.

For such applications, paper-backed veneer is a good choice since it doesn’t easily become damaged or cracked. It is because of this feature that you’ll often see this veneer in automobile dashboards and interior columns of establishments.

Wood on Wood Veneer

Wood on wood veneer is basically a veneer that is bonded on top of another piece of veneer. In general, manufacturers use a lower quality veneer for the backing. This is because the veneer on the back is rarely seen anyway, which makes using high quality veneer there wasteful.

To ensure the best possible degree of strength and durability, the grain on the wood of the backing is run in the opposite direction to that of the decorative side.

Wood on wood veneer panels are usually used for interior furnishings. The beautiful wood grain patterns make them suitable for such purposes, especially for properties who are aiming for that traditional appeal.

Phenolic-Backed Veneer

Phenolic backed veneer has a plastic backing and a decorative veneer on the front. The main reason why many people prefer this type of veneer over others is because of its water-resistant properties. This feature is brought about by the plastic that is used for the backing.

Like paper-backed veneers, phenolic-backed veneers can also be used to match curves. However, it appears that it doesn’t curve or bend as well as actual paper-backed veneers. Nonetheless, its flexibility is enough for it to be used for a variety of interior decorative applications.

Each type of veneer according to substrate has their own pros and cons and applications. It is important that you choose the right type of veneer that will best meet your particular requirements.

If you need help with choosing a veneer, or are looking for veneer sheets for your wood paneling or wall cladding needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can call us up at (02) 9771 5155 or leave a message in our contact page.

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A Cable Basket Keeps Your Wires Organized

Wired Cable Basket

Have you tried to get your wires in your workplace arranged well but all the things you’ve tried have failed? Maybe you need a cable basket to help you out. After all, a basket such as this will assist you with getting a brilliant setup for ensuring your wires are not going to become tangled up or otherwise hard to utilize.

A cable basket is a tool that you can add to any surface in your office. You can add a basket under your desk, near a ceiling, or along the side of a wall among other places. The main point is that it keeps all the cables you have organized well. This is vital for when you have lots of wires that might be difficult to handle.

There are a few things to see when looking for this tool for your cable management:

  • Look at how long the basket is. The basket can be 500 mm long, although some 1500 mm options can be ordered for your cable management needs too.
  • A 65 or 85 mm drop can be produced for your cable basket. This will provide you with a good grip for handling many cables at a time.
  • You can use various bolts and fasteners around the body of the basket. These are needed for securing the surface to a desk or wall among other spaces.
  • You can even find enough space to add extra fasteners if you want to keep very specific cables tied up even further. This allows your wires to be kept under control in any situation you need help with.

A cable basket will be important for your use as you aim to get your cables organized the right way. Ask DPG Formfittings to see how a basket like this can work for your cables and for getting your items arranged properly.

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Toto Neorest Toilets Can Come With a Night Light

Toto Neorest toilet

The odds are you might have a need to use the bathroom at night. It is understandable if you or anyone else in your home needs to get up late at night to use the bathroom. But the biggest problem here involves just trying to see what’s in the bathroom.

This especially comes as it might be tough for you to adjust your eyes to the bright lights inside the bathroom at night. Fortunately, a Toto Neorest toilet can be designed to feature a night light to help you see where the toilet is.

Many features can be noticed on this night light:

  • The light will produce a gentle amount of light without blinding anyone.
  • The light will gradually turn on and reach full power in a brief bit of time.
  • An LED bulb can be used for the light. The bulb will last much longer than a traditional unit.

The location of the night light on this Japanese toilet may be found in one of many areas depending on the toilet model:

  • The light can be found on a small space in the middle part of the bowl. This helps you to see where the bowl is located.
  • A light can also be featured on the side part of the bowl. This may help you to see where the lid is located.
  • In other cases, the Toto Neorest light will come on the top area, particularly a space near the control panel.

The design of the toilet helps you to see where it is even when it is dark out. You can also get the Japanese toilet to turn its light on as you walk by it. A sensor can be utilized within the toilet to identify when someone is coming along. The light will be triggered right as someone walks by. The light will also turn off when the person walks away.

You can also use the remote or control panel on a toilet to trigger when the light goes off. You can disable the light if needed.

You will be impressed with how well the night light on a Toto Neorest toilet will work. Visit the Mizudori Gallery to see how this feature of the toilet works.

Everything You Need To Know About Brig Inflatable Boat

Are you on the lookout for a type of inflatable boat that would not only offer stability on waters but, provide representation to your lifestyle? Well, why not consider the leading manufacturer of customisable RIB’s the brig inflatable boat. In case you haven’t got a clue on Brigs inflatable boats, let me give you a quick tour.

Introduction to Brig inflatable boat

Most of the boats produced by Brig are handcrafted and passed the highest standards. The brig inflatable boats are very versatile because they can be used for fishing, water sports activities, scuba diving including water skiing. 

The brig inflatable boat plays an important role in the marine industry because many marine professionals trust this versatile inflatable boat than the traditional boats. Aside from their impressive performance on waters, the brig inflatable boats are very cost-effective if compared to the hard hull types of vessels.

Why choose Brig inflatable boat?

All types of brig inflatable boats are known for their superb craftsmanship from the selection of materials, design down to the accessories that can be added. Apart from that, brig boats in general have been popular all across Australia including Europe due to the following advantages:

  • Super strength fabric material made

Yes, this is one of the biggest advantages that any new owner of a brig inflatable boat will receive the assurance that the fabric material used has been tested to withstand abrasion, staining and soiling.

  • Availability of various colours

Aside from the fabric being UV resistant the good thing about buying a brig inflatable boat is the freedom to choose from a wide selection of colours. In fact, a picky customer will never run out of shades to choose from the availability of around 30 colours and four surface finishing. So, if you prefer a brig inflatable boat popping in vibrant shades of yellow, green or red, they can cater to this special request.

  • Uniquely designs

Each brig inflatable boat can be customised to suit anyone’s distinct taste and lifestyle. So, rest assured you will buy a brig inflatable boat that is unique on its own and has add-on features different from other boat owners.

  • Variety on models

Of course, not all boating enthusiasts have the same requirements on inflatable boats. This is why the brig inflatable boats Australia supplier have wider selections from lightweight, Adventure to Ribs. The choices also vary from styles including sizes. So, if you want to impress everyone the 33’6” RIB Eagle E10 is the perfect match.

The above information is intended to educate you more about the brig inflatable boat and why it is considered a perfect boating companion. However, if you want to know more about the different boat products including accessories that will go for your custom made brig inflatable boat go and check the product page of Lejen Marine, a trusted inflatable boats Australia supplier. They have a wide selection of trusted manufacturers of boats on sale that will convince you to buy now.

Save On Toilet Paper With a Pristine 202 Bidet Toilet Seat

Pristine 202

The problem with using toilet paper for cleaning off one’s body while on the toilet is that it can be tough and abrasive at times. Even worse, it might not be all that effective. But the good news is that a bidet toilet seat can help people to stay clean while avoiding all those issues surrounding toilet paper.

A More Effective Solution

A Pristine 202 bidet toilet seat is more effective for cleaning off one’s personal areas than toilet paper. In particular, a washlet will produce a stream of water that can help with cleaning off certain spaces. That water will be gentle and can move well to clear anything one wishes to wash off.

After that, the unit will administer a gentle amount of air onto the body region. This air will allow for the space to stay dry and comfortable.

A More Sanitary Option

A washlet is more sanitary in that it is easier to wash off a spot with air than it is to do the same with toilet paper. If anything the air and water will be much cleaner than the toilet paper.

Save More Money

People often balk at the idea of getting a washlet because they feel toilet paper is cheaper. But when everything is considered, the cost of toilet paper will add up over time as a household keeps on having to buy it. Having a bidet setup keeps the house from having to use as much toilet paper as it has in the past.

Better For the Planet

It is even better to see how a bidet setup can work when the environment is considered. The need to produce lots of toilet paper waste will be reduced thanks to a bidet. The risk of a septic system being damaged will help too, thus ensuring clean water is available for all while keeping waste water from building up anywhere.

See what a bidet toilet can do for you as you aim to get something helpful for your bathroom. You will find it is more useful than having to use lots of toilet paper. Ask the Pristine Bidet today for more details.

Smart Toilets Make Superb Replacements for Your Conventional Commodes

A number of people do not think twice when it comes to remodelling or renovating their homes. These projects enable them to make their homes more comfortable and stylish.In recent times, the demand for smart toilets has been on the rise throughout Australia.

These toilets come fitted with various technological innovations. Hence, they can offer several luxurious and comfortable amenities as opposed to your regular toilets. Not surprisingly, many Australians have begun purchasing these toilets and electric bidets for replacing their existing toilets.

What Makes Smart Toilets Distinctive from their Regular Counterparts?

Smart toilets feature smart toilet or bidet seats. These seats enable users to clean themselves more hygienically after using the toilet. These toilets produce jets of water that provide a greater level of cleaning after using the toilet. In many cases, the users will be able to adjust the nozzles to receive a better quality of cleaning.

Similarly, some electric bidets come with seat heating controls. So, you won’t receive any shocks by sitting on a cold toilet seat in the winters. In addition, smart toilets come with nightlights that provide ample levels of illumination. So, you won’t need to risk waking others in the night when you need to go to the toilet. High-end models also come with in-built deodorisers, air dryers, front and rear cleaning modes etc.

Purchase Smart Toilets that Come with Self-Cleaning Capabilities

For many people, replacing their toilets remains a remote possibility. Only people willing to spend money for making their lives more convenient will consider the merits of smart toilets. For instance, cleaning toilets can be a tiresome and dirty job. But, many people will keep doing it instead of looking for toilets that come with self-cleaning functionality.

Smart toilets clean themselves through robotic arms, water or ultraviolet light mechanisms. Thus, they can save you from having to do this messy job. Some models even come with automatic flush mechanisms. So, the sensors will detect the right time to flush, thereby ensuring that your hands remain free of germs.

Smart Toilets Conserve Water and Enhance Comfort Levels

Electric bidets and toilers use in-built sensors for preventing overflowing. In case the toilet detects issues of clogging, it will prevent you from flushing the toilet, thereby minimising the consumption of water. More importantly, these sensors can detect the exact volume of water needed for each flush.

Hence, you can expect to save some money based on your lower consumption of water. Similarly, sitting on cold toilet seats in winters can be quite unpleasant. Eliminate these hassles with a smart toilet.

These toilets feature in-built heat that warm the seat prior to use. The users can adjust the temperature based on their requirements. Moreover, these toilets also come with LED nightlights that do not consume much energy.

If you want the best smart toilets, don’t look beyond Australianbidet. We’re your one-stop destination for all things related bidets and toilets. We stock an enviable range of products from all kinds of top brands including Kohler, USPA, TOTO etc. Check out what’s in stock here before placing your order.

Dried Fruit Supplier – Important Health Benefits

Dried fruit supplier offers healthy dried fruits which have a longer shelf life and ensures portability. Dried fruits are generally loaded with calories which is why if you are watching your weight you must eat in moderation. Some dried fruits contain sugar which is added in processing to increase its calorie content.

Dried fruit supplier recommend dried food without additives so that one can enjoy different health benefits like High Fibre, Antioxidants, Nutrient density, fat and calories. Dried fruits generally contain more fibre than their fresh counterparts. Dried apricots help your digestive system to run smoothly. Phenols, a type of antioxidant is abundant in dried fruits like dates and figs.

Since water is extracted from dried fruits, the nutrients are condensed in a small package. Dried fruit supplier offer apricots, prunes and figs which contain high amounts of Vitamin E, niacin, iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium. They contain significant amount of calories per serving thereby a favourite among athletes.Hence,quality of fine food products is extremely important because you would want to choose the supplier who can guarantee highest standards of quality.

Dried Fruits are ideal to have for your next big recipe and overall health. See what you can find at Takin Fine Foods today.

How to Save Money on Concrete Pool Resurfacing?

pool resurfacing

If you’re on a tight budget, below are some helpful tips to save money on your concrete pool resurfacing project:

  • Choose Your Upgrades Wisely: Apart from adding new features, you can also choose to upgrade the existing ones. However, if not handled properly, it can dramatically increase your expenses. While you may not feel the pinch with individual upgrades, your cost can increase exponentially if you go for several upgrades at once.
  • Explore Finance Options: Once you’re done with optimizing your budget, it’s time to make the payment. Financing is a good option, provided you choose a good method. Research about all the available methods, and pick the one that fits your needs the best. You can opt for personal loans, dealer financing or credit cards, to name a few.

Looking for pool resurfacing in Sutherland? Please visit Amazing Pool Renovations or give a call to our friendly experts at 02 9729 1108 today.  

What Questions Should You Ask Your Supplier of Portable Traffic Signs at the Time of Purchase?

Portable traffic signs can be very useful when it comes to managing the flow of traffic. Their mobility is perhaps their greatest feature. When needed, they are easy to set up and use. Similarly, when you don’t need them, you will be able to stow them away quite conveniently.

If you were to visit the facility of a traffic sign supplier, you would invariably come across a diverse variety of products. From simple two-lane signals to more complex ones, you would find yourself inundated with all kinds of traffic safety equipment and traffic signs.

Not all traffic signs are equal. Similarly, traffic signs do not come cheap either. This is why it is imperative to do your homework before you go shopping.

To ensure that you’re getting the best traffic sign, consider asking the supplier about:

  • The Complexity of the Traffic Sign: In many cases, two-lane traffic signs are the most sought-after products when it comes to traffic signs. But, these signs are only appropriate for using in locations featuring two lanes. They will be unfit for use when you want to manage traffic that is moving in six directions. So, pick a sign that offers the functionality that you need.
  • The Footprint: Mobile traffic lights often vary in terms of their footprints once installed. So, pick a model that is wide enough to facilitate the flow of traffic smoothly at the desired location.
  • The Source of Power: Solar powered portable traffic signs are quite popular these days. Their popularity stems from the fact that they use renewable sources of energy as opposed to lights powered by generators. However, there is no point in getting a solar-powered traffic light if the location experiences overcast weather conditions frequently. Instead, pick a model that uses rechargeable batteries instead.
  • The Levels of Operator Training Needed: Not all traffic signs are equal. As a result, not all of them are easy to operate either. Ascertain the training that the operators will need to undergo before they can operate these portable traffic lights properly. Oftentimes, it is best to select the simplest models. But, in case you need more advanced models, look for ones that require minimal levels of training.
  • The Maintenance Requirements: Many people purchase traffic signs under the assumption that these signs need no maintenance. However, this is not true. Even the most basic of models will require regular cleaning to rid it of the accumulated dirt and debris. And, if you’re opting for more advanced signs (such as VMS signs), you will require to take even more care. Select a model that you can maintain with minimal fuss.



Laminate Or Veneer: What Should You Choose For Your Furniture?

Wood furniture has always been a popular choice for many residential and commercial properties. Unfortunately, real wood furniture can cost a lot of money.

For this reason, many people content themselves with furniture made with less expensive materials like laminates and timber veneer in Sydney which has the same look of real wood.

Laminates are made by pressing together thin layers of flat paper and plastic resins. The wood-like design is printed on the upper layer or on the decorative side. This is quite different from timber veneer sheets.

This is because veneer sheets are actual pieces of wood bonded to a substrate or backing. Thus, what you get is the real look and appeal of real wood and not a printed pattern.

Laminates come in a variety of colors and can be classified into textured, high gloss, soft and matt finishes. The textured laminates are a favorite among many property owners since these replicates the feel of real wood. However, because laminates are mass produced, they lack uniqueness in appearance.

Timber veneer sheets also come in an assortment of styles and shades. However, the choices are much more limited compared to laminates. But because veneers are made from wood, they maintain the elegance and grace of the wood they were taken from.  Thus, each veneer used in timber panels and furniture are distinctive and adds value to the furniture’s overall look.

Between laminates and veneer, it was observed that laminates have a higher degree of durability. This is because it is bonded to a composite base which gives it that extra strength.

Also, the printed surface is finished with a scratch-resistant coating. That said, laminates are the better choice for kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and other frequently used furniture.

Because timber veneer sheets aren’t usually as durable as laminates, they will require maintenance since they are prone to scratches. They need to be polished from time to time to maintain their beauty.

This doesn’t mean that you should avoid using them though. In fact, many furniture makers use veneer, especially furniture that are used as statement pieces.

Whether you choose a laminate with wood patterns or actual timber veneer sheets for your furniture, you are sure to be happy with the results. Not only will you be getting that real wood look and feel that you want, but you’ll also be able to save a lot of money by choosing these less expensive options.

If you are in need of laminate or timber veneer sheets, do get in touch with us. You can call us up at (02) 9771 5155 or leave a message in our contact page.