What Will Affect The Cost Of Resurfacing Swimming Pool?

Over time the aesthetic appeal of your swimming pool will deteriorate due to wear and tear. If you noticed the finishing surface show visible signs of chips, cracks and stubborn stain the only solution to this problem could be resurfacing. Before you contact a local pool contractor here are a few things to consider when resurfacing swimming pool.

Factors that will affect the estimated cost

Resurfacing swimming pool regardless of its original finish may vary and mostly affected by the following factors:

  • Pool size

The size of the pool will dictate the overall project cost of resurfacing pool. Expect the pool contractor to give a higher quote for an Olympic size swimming pool due to the extent of work needed in preparing the job site as well as the materials needed.

  • Preferred materials to be used

Another factor that will affect the cost of resurfacing swimming pool is the preferred materials to be used for finishing. Prices of materials including job-related supplies needed for resurfacing pool differ based on quality and brand. High-end resurfacing materials bearing popular brands may cost more than generic branded.

  • Design of the pool

The more intricate and detailed the design of your swimming pool the pricier the project cost. In fact, even a simple pool crack repair project would become costly depending on the pool owners selected materials to be used and the extent of work needed to restore the pool’s original appearance.

Types of finish used when resurfacing swimming pool

Every swimming pool is unique. When deciding on the type of finish to be used for resurfacing swimming pool there is no one option that suits all pools. The final finish will depend on the pool owner’s preference, budget and other factors (color of the house, existing landscape and/or architectural design of the house). Below are the common finishes recommended by pool contractors when doing resurfacing or pool crack repair.

  • Diamond Brite

This is a standard type of pool finishing that uses colored quartz aggregates and polymer-modified cement. The Diamond Brite pool finish is expected to last 8 to 12 years before it starts fading. If you want to preserve the beauty of your pool with this kind of finish pool contractors suggest acid washing to be done after the fifth year. Based on the pool’s owner chosen color and style the price for this type of finish to go up.

  • Glass Tile

Glass tile pool finish is the most expensive among the available pool finishing options. But, with glass tile finish the transformation when resurfacing swimming pool is truly impressive. Although, a bit costly the expected service life of pool with glass tile finish is longer. However, glass tile finish is prone to chipping and pool owners must re-grout affected tiles immediately to prevent further damage done.

  • Pebbles

Pebbles are considered to be economical if you will count the number of years this type of pool finish can offer to any pool owner. Besides, opting for pebbles as the final resurfacing finish of your pool is a statement factor.

Are you ready to do a total makeover on your swimming pool? Resurfacing swimming pool is a major expenditure. Carefully planning and budgeting is needed to ensure you are making a wise decision on the type of pool finish to be used.

If unsure whether resurfacing or pool crack repair is needed consult first the experts at Amazing Pool Renovations and be guided.

Veneer Panels: Wood-on-Wood Veneers

Put simply, wood-on-wood veneers are veneer that is glued on top of another piece of veneer (the backing). Remember that veneer is taken from actual wood. Hence, what you have here is a piece of wood on top of another wood. Anyhow, the veneer on the top side (the side visible after installation of veneer panels) is usually of better quality that the backing. However, this does not mean that the backing isn’t strong and durable. It is simply of lower quality because it is not seen.

Compared to paper-backed veneer, wood-on-wood veneers are strong and durable. One reason for this is because of the way the veneer are glued together. Wood-on-wood veneers sold by timber veneer and laminated board suppliers are constructed in a unique fashion. That is, the grain on the wood backing runs in the opposite direction of the grain in the decorative veneer. This construction method is one thing which gives the wood-on-wood veneers their strength.

Obviously, wood-on-wood veneers are thicker than paper-backed veneers. The extra thickness of wood-on-wood veneers, along with the construction method, is another factor which makes it strong. Despite this thickness and strength, wood-on-wood veneer is easy to cut using a sharp utility knife just like paper-backed veneers. Also, just like paper-backed veneers, there are some wood-on-wood veneers that also come with adhesive backing. Simply ask your timber veneer and laminated board suppliers for wood-on-wood veneers with adhesive on them.

Wood-on-wood veneers also provide a host of other benefits for many people. For instance, because they are thicker, they are usually more capable of hiding the flaws in the surface they are attached to. Even if the surface is uneven, the final look of the wood-on-wood veneer remains flat and even.

Aside from that, using wood-on-wood veneers also helps to prevent problems with seeping. For instance, if you use contact cement to glue our paper backed veneers down, some oil based finishes and stains and particularly lacquer finishes, might seep through the veneer and attack the contact cement.  But if you use the wood backed veneers, this isn’t a problem, as the thickness and the wooden back prevents this.

There are certainly many benefits of using wood-on-wood veneers. However, you need to make sure that you use high quality timber veneer and veneer panels and install them properly. Otherwise, problems may arise which can negatively affect the aesthetics of the installation. And If you are looking for high quality veneer panels and laminated boards, please don’t hesitate to in touch with us. You can call us up at (02) 9771 5155 or leave a message in our contact page.

What Factors Should You Consider When Shopping for Mobile Traffic Lights?

Many vehicle owners talk about the condition of the roads, just as others talk about the weather. Well-maintained roads can make a drive a splendid experience. And, if the entire trip does not feature congested roads or traffic jams, the experience could be even better.

However, nothing lasts forever. Roads, in particular, often take a beating from the elements. In addition, they invariably experience rough use from motorists as well. As a result, they will require repairs and maintenance over time. Now, repairing a road is hardly as simple as it might initially appear.

Even the most sparsely used roads can be tricky to repair without impeding the flow of traffic. In this scenario, the authorities will need to use traffic personnel to facilitate the smooth flow of traffic.

Alternatively, they will need to consider using VMS signs or mobile traffic lights to accomplish this objective.Mobile traffic lights make it easy to control traffic. However, you will need to do your homework before you make your purchases. Not all mobile traffic lights are equal.

So, to get signs that offer the best fit in terms of your budget and requirements, consider:

The Level of Traffic Control You Require: Two-way traffic signs are probably the simplest systems for traffic control. They feature two sets of lights for controlling two lanes of traffic. So, when one lane receives the green light, the other one will be facing the red one. For more complex road junctions, you might need more complex light systems.

The Level of Maintenance Needed: Not many people might be aware of it, but traffic lights do require some maintenance as well. This maintenance is essential for keeping the lights in good working condition. It is worth mentioning that maintaining your traffic lights does not only involve replacing the fused lightbulbs. It also involves cleaning the coloured glass regularly.

This helps in keeping the glass clean of dust and debris. However, some situations might warrant the use of more advanced portable traffic signs. These signs will probably rely on wireless communications for streamlining the flow of traffic. They will also require higher levels of maintenance. In most cases, they might require additional levels of technical maintenance.

The Source of Power: Many Australian towns and cities feature LED light towers. It is a given that LED lights are brighter than other lighting devices. In addition, they usually offer more than 50,000 hours of use. This attests to their high levels of durability. Many light towers use electricity for functioning. But, some of these lights remain connected to generators as well.

To promote the use of environment-friendly sources of energy, look for battery or solar powered traffic lights. However, ensure that local weather conditions are suitable for powering your solar-powered lights functioning at all times.

Types of Wall Hung Toto Toilets Frames

Aside from the style of the wall hung toilet, another thing you need to consider is the frame. There are basically three types of frames used for wall hung Toto toilets.  These are full height frames, reduced height frames and slim line frames.

Full Height Frames

Full height frames for wall hung Toto toilets typically measure about 1.2 meters in height. These are designed to be specifically used in if the toilet is to be installed against a full height walls. A full height wall is basically a wall with no height restrictions. This means that the wall runs from the floor to the ceiling and have no restrictions height restrictions like a window or worktops.

With these frames, the flush plate is usually mounted onto the front of the frame. The flush plate is mounted at a specific height that stops the toilet seat from hitting it when lifted up. One advantage of these frames tend to come in a little bit cheaper than other frames for wall hung Toto toilets.

Reduced Height Frames

Reduced height frames for wall hung toilets usually measure between 0.82 meters or 0.98 meters in height. These frames are used if the toilet is to be installed against a wall with some sort of height restrictions. For instance, if you are planning to install the wall hung toilet directly under a window, then the window will preventing you from fitting a full height frame. As such, you’ll need a reduced height frame for this purpose.

Most frames in this category allow you to have the flush plate mounted in two ways. For one, you can choose to have it installed on the front of the frame. You can also choose to have it installed from above provided that it is set into a worktop above the frame.

Slim Line Frames

Slim line frames are of the same height as a full height frame. However, as their name suggests, slim line frames are slimmer. A full height frame used for wall hung Toto toilets typically require at least 120mm of depth in the wall. On the other hand, a slim line frame will only require about 80mm depth. Slim line frames tend to be more expensive that other types of frames for wall hung toilets. However, they are the best choice for walls with depths that can’t accommodate a full height frame.

If you’re not sure which type of frame to use for your wall hung toilet, consider talking to a contractor. You can also talk to the experts in shops that sell or distribute Toto toilets, Japanese toilet seat, and supplies.

Bidet Sydney: 3 Ways a Washlet Can Completely Transform Your Bathroom Experience

Bidet Sydney: 3 Ways a Washlet Can Completely Transform Your Bathroom Experience

The bidet in Sydney is not only confined to luxury properties anymore. With the arrival of trustworthy experts like Australian Bidet, buying a Washlet or bidet in Sydney has become more affordable than ever before. More and more households are opting for these state-of-the-art bathroom fixtures to experience next level comfort and performance. A great way to add value to your home and achieve ultimate hygiene and comfort, bidets and washlets are available for every need and budget at trusted specialists like Australian Bidet.

Why You Need A Bidet In Sydney?

There are a number of reasons why getting a bidet for your bathroom makes a lot of sense. The most important one is hygiene. As compared to toilet paper, a bidet or Washlet can deliver you a far more hygienic cleansing experience. Let’s have a look at a few more advantages of bidets and washlets.

  1. High Return on investment: Toilet paper is a major expense in most homes in Sydney. The good news is that by installing a bidet or Washlet in your bathroom, you can cut the demand for toilet paper by as much as 70 percent. In fact, you can recover your upfront cost in just a couple of years.


  1. Eco-friendly: Since bidets allow you to dramatically reduce the need for toilet paper; they are an eco-friendly option that can help you contribute towards the environment in a responsible way.


  1. User-friendly: A bidet or Washlet is an excellent solution for people suffering from health conditions like rashes and haemorrhoids as cleansing with water is a way more comfortable and soothing than using a harsh toilet paper. That’s the reason why most health experts advise their patients to install a bidet for a faster recovery.

In addition to offering a huge variety of bidet models to choose from, experienced specialists at Australian Bidet can provide you with all the guidance you need to make the right decision.

Where to Get Your Washlet or Bidet in Sydney?

Australian bidet offers a wide range of technologically advanced and stylish bidets in Sydney at surprisingly affordable prices. We stock a huge variety of bidets and washlets from some of the most renowned brands in the world including Kohler and Toto. No matter, if you’re looking for a classic bidet seat to match your traditional toilet or you want one for your contemporary bathroom, visit Australian bidet now and transform your bathroom into a true luxury space.


What To Do About Your Kids Using a Washlet

Many homes around Sydney have bidets in their bathroom areas. These can be used by not only adults but also kids. After all, a child needs to have one’s body cleaned off too. But it is important to see how a washlet can be used with kids in mind.

Watch For Temperature Settings

The temperature produced by the water coming from the bidet should be monitored. A child should not use water that is too warm as it might be bothersome or could cause the child to feel hurt by the water. A room temperature setting is best for your use.

How Much Pressure?

A bidet Syndey homeowners may use can include a pressure adjustment feature. The setup lets you control how quickly the water moves out. You can use a gentle setting on the washlet to allow a child to use it. A light amount of water is needed for allowing the bidet to produce comfortable water that the child may utilize.

Look For a Lock

One feature of a bidet Sydney homeowners should look at is a locking feature. This will keep the bidet in a secure place while keeping the water and temperature settings at a point where no one else can adjust them. This is vital for when you’re adjusting the bidet so a child can safely use it. The lock also ensures a child will not be likely to struggle.

Look For a Dryer

Don’t forget to see how the dryer on the bidet works. The dryer has to be easy for the child to use as it produces a comfortable feeling without requiring the child to use any towels or other surfaces to dry off a treated area.

A washlet will be useful for a child to handle provided the model is organized well and is utilized safely. Talk with Pristine Bidet to see how such a model can be used in your Sydney home so your children can use it for getting cleaned off.

Highfield Boats Include Sturdy Patrol Boats

The lines of boats that you can find from Highfield include some of the best inflatable boats people can find in Australia today. These include some boats in the Patrol line, a selection that entails boats used for police or commercial use but can be used by anyone today. This is a line that offers sturdy bodies that will continue to operate in even the toughest and harshest conditions.

Sturdy Aluminum

The aluminum materials used in these Highfield boats include sturdy materials that are not going to wear out all that easily. In particular, these inflatable boats use 5mm 5083 aluminum plates. This is a stronger form of aluminum that also has a strong rate of thermal conductivity, thus keeping the material from warping or denting.

The 5083 aluminum alloy uses magnesium and some chromium and manganese in its body. The design ensures the surface will not warp or wear out while out on the water, a point that is vital for ensuring the surface will stay intact.

Look At the Stringers

The stringers used on these inflatable boats include 6mm and 10mm sizes. These offer enough support for a deck to keep the boat intact in more situations.

Available In Many Designs

You can find Highfield Patrol boats in many forms. These include boats that feature enough room for many people at a time. You can order a boat with a two or three rows depending on the option you choose. Such boats can handle four to six people in most instances.

Many of these boats can handle one engine motor at a time. You can also stick with the Patrol 860, a boat that works with two motors at once to keep you moving out in the water quite well.

No matter what you choose, you will find that Highfield boats in the Patrol line are among the best choices for you to use. Check with Lejen Marine to learn more about what makes these so useful and easy to control.

BMW Wreckers: Top Tips to decide if it’s Time to Buy BMW Spare Parts

The key to successful BMW ownership is to know the average lifespan of its important parts, and replace them with high quality BMW spare parts as soon as the need arises.

At SWEA, our knowledgeable and experienced European mechanics can help you determine the correct time to replace the worn out parts with reliable BMW spare parts that suit your budget. 

With hundreds of European used parts to choose from for every model, you can get your beloved vehicle back on track at a surprisingly low cost and without sacrificing quality and performance.

  1. When to Look For Engine and Transmission BMW Spare Parts?

These are without a doubt the most crucial components in any BMW. With proper maintenance, these parts can last a fairly long time. However, after about 300,000 km, problems can develop in some engine parts.

The exact life expectancy of engine and transmission parts is also dependent on your driving habits. For instance, engine parts can wear out faster under constant heavy loads and high speed.

Transmission parts have an average lifespan of anywhere between 160,000 to 300,000 km. However, since all BMW vehicles are exceptionally resilient, with proper maintenance some BMW parts can even last a lifetime of your car.

These parts are quite expensive but if you’re on a tight budget, you don’t need to worry. An experienced European mechanic at SWEA can help you get the best quality European used parts for your car without breaking a bank.  

  1. BMW Spare Parts: When to Buy Brake Components?

Brake shoes and pads are some of the major components of BMW brake systems. These must be replaced with top quality BMW spare parts after a certain number of miles. With proper care and maintenance, BMW brake pads can have a life expectancy between 50,000 and 100,000 km. However, it’s highly recommended to get them checked at regular intervals and replace them immediately if needed.

  1. European Used Parts: When To Replace the Timing Belt?

This part is extremely important to ensure that engine parts work with the correct timing. In case of a damaged timing belt, crankshaft and other crucial components cannot work properly which can cause your BMW engine to seize. That’s why get replacement BMW spare parts as soon as you discover any defect in the timing belt of your car.

Looking for BMW spare parts? Get in touch with SWEA!

SWEA is the leading BMW wreckers in Australia, and they can help you get genuine quality BMW spare parts and European used parts at rock-bottom prices.

For more information, visit SWEA or get in touch with our experts at 1300 240 440 now!

Cleaning Wood Cabinets in the Kitchen: Tips from Kitchen Designers in Sydney

Natural wood cabinets have a wonderful and welcoming appeal to them. This is why many kitchen owners often request kitchen designers in Sydney to incorporate such material in their renovations. One misconception though regarding using wood for this purpose is that they’re hard to clean. This isn’t true at all. Wood cabinets aren’t actually any more difficult to wash than other materials. Most wood finishes can be cleaned in the same manner, without the need for expensive specialty products.


Possibly the easiest way to clean your wooden cabinets is through regular dusting. Yes, even vertical surfaces like your cabinet doors will accumulate dust over time. This is especially true in a moisture rich environment like a kitchen, as moisture tends to attract more dust. Thus, make dusting a regular part of your cleaning routine. You can use a lint-free cloth or a duster for this job.


Dust isn’t the only thing that collects on your wooden cabinet’s surfaces. For instance, if you fry a lot, then you can expect oil and grease particles to fly around and land on your cabinet’s surfaces. Over time, these will start to collect dirt and dust and leave unsightly and sticky residues. At worst, these will damage the finish on your wooden cabinet. This will then make your wooden cabinet susceptible to more damage from moisture down the road.

These dirt and grime buildup can be handled simply with a soft cloth and warm, soapy water. Also, you can buy and use special wood cleaning solutions from the kitchen store and supplies if you want to.

To wash with soap and water, use a clean, soft cloth and a mild detergent. Dampen the cloth with the cleaning solution then wipe down all surfaces. Pay particular attention to handles, hinges, and any surface ridges that form design details. After that, rinse the surfaces and accessories promptly with a soft cloth and clear, warm water. Finally, wipe up the remaining moisture with another dry, soft cloth.

Also, remember to avoid using anything that will scratch or dull the surface of your cupboard and cabinet finishes. This includes strong detergents, abrasive cleaners, scouring pads, and harsh dirt-cutting chemicals.

Keeping your wooden cabinets clean and looking great isn’t rocket science. However, it will require diligence and a little bit of effort. Still, all the hard work you put into cleaning your wooden cabinets is sure to pay off down the road.

If you are looking for kitchen designers in Sydney, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can call us up at 02 9484 3464. You can also leave a message in our contact page. If you have time, feel free to drop by our showroom located at 18 Ramsay Rd. Pennant Hills, NSW.

Timber Veneer Suppliers: Paper-backed Veneers

One of the most common types of wood veneers sold by most timber veneer suppliers is paper-backed veneers. Simply put, paper-backed veneer is veneer that is joined by a paper backing. Don’t think though that this is a weaker type of veneer compared to wood to wood veneer. Paper-backed veneer makes use of hard and durable paper, usually around 10 mil or so. Paper-backed veneer is used extensively across many industries, and for good reasons, too.

For one, paper-backed veneer is flexible, a feature that is mostly attribute because of its thin size. This feature allows the veneer to bend without cracking or getting damaged. Just remember that this is only true for high quality veneer from reputable timber veneer suppliers. As such, this type of veneer can be used when trying to match curves. This makes paper-backed veneer perfect for a variety of applications.

For instance, many automobiles with wood interiors make use of this type of veneer, especially for the dashboards. Paper-backed veneer is also used for interior columns in residential and commercial establishments.  Suffice to say that if you are working on a curved, concaved or convex surface, this is the type of veneer you’ll want to use.

Aside from that, paper-backed veneer is easier to cut, making them easier to work with to a certain degree. You can cut a paper-backed veneer with a utility knife or a scissor. As such, you should have no trouble making them fit into whatever surface you’re working on. Some people cut paper-backed veneer larger than the area they are trying to cover. Afterwards, they trim off the excess veneer using a utility knife or a pair of scissors.

Despite all the good things about paper-backed veneer, it does have its own drawbacks. For instance, some people complain that the glue or adhesive they use to attach the paper-backed veneer to the surface often show through the veneer. This can be quite troublesome since this will have a negative effect on the aesthetics of the veneer. However, this can be easily remedied by avoiding thinning the adhesive too much as this makes it watery. This is also why it is important to buy only high quality veneer from reputable timber veneer suppliers and have an expert install them.

If you are looking for high grade timber veneer and timber panels, do get in touch with us. You can call us up at (02) 9771 5155 or leave a message in our contact page.