How to Choose Between Timber Veneer Panels and Laminate Boards

It’s easy to see why timber veneer and laminate boards are such a popular decoration choice for homeowners and businesses in Australia. These solutions are visually appealing, functional and long-lasting. They can give a sophisticated, luxurious appearance to any home with a little investment.

If you’re looking to upgrade your home without breaking a bank, then get in touch with trusted timber veneer and laminate board suppliers in Sydney, such as Processed Forest Products. Gain some knowledge about timber veneer, wood panelling and laminate in order to get the best out of these products. Always compare their features and buy the ones that fit your needs the best.

What Are The Advantages Of Timber Veneer? 

Veneering is one of the oldest wood working techniques known to the mankind. Today veneer processes are used in a huge range of decorative and remodelling projects to create unique and aesthetically appealing surfaces.

For wood workers, the flexibility and versatility of timber veneer is simply unparalleled with any other material. Let’s take a look at a few advantages of wood panelling and timber veneer.

  • Timber veneer is a cost-effective option for homeowners who want the classic look of wood at an affordable price.
  • Timber veneer can be refinished or sanded at any point of time to remove stains and scratches or even to change its entire look.
  • No doubt, solid wood is more durable than veneer, but timber veneer is far less susceptible to warping; making it last a very long time. This is the reason why timber veneer products are also used in solid wood items.
  • Veneering allows craftsmen to make the most out of the available wood. A single tree is sufficient to complete the entire surface with a matching grain pattern. This is something that’s not possible with solid wood.
  • Using wood panelling in your projects will offer you truly unique results.
  • Lastly, timber veneer surfaces are very easy to maintain. All you need to do is wipe them clean with a damp cloth and polish it occasionally.

Advantages of Laminate Boards

Laminates are gaining a lot of popularity lately and for a good reason. Let’s see why:

  • Laminate surfaces are great to attain a uniform look and a high consistency throughout the surface. This makes them a wonderful choice for modern clean designs.
  • Laminates are quite easy to maintain. However, try to protect them from direct sunlight and they will keep looking brand new for years and years.
  • Laminates are more resistant to scratches and stains than timber veneer and solid wood.
  • Laminates are strong and sturdy products that can last a really long time and are virtually maintenance-free.
  • Laminate products offer a great value for money without compromising on the style and reliability. However, always rely on trustworthy laminate board suppliers to buy your products.

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4 Reasons an Electric Bidet Is a Great Choice for Your Next Bathroom Renovation

So, why you need to switch to an electric bidet? People take their health quite seriously these days but not many of them are aware that our toilet is one of the most important places when it comes to ensuring good health and hygiene. State-of-the-art Toto toilets or an electric bidet seat can help you eliminate many of the health issues.

Toto Toilets: Talking Toilet Hygiene to a Whole New Level!

Toilet hygiene and comfort is an important consideration for everyone. Apart from helping families lead disease-free lives, high-tech Toto toilets are particularly useful for seniors and people suffering from mobility issues.

These days most households prefer an electric bidet over toilet paper. It has helped them tremendously to make the whole cleaning process a lot easier and more effective. An electric bidet is extremely easy to use and quite portable. You’ll get some cutting-edge features such as ability to control temperature and pressure, heated seats and so on.

Benefits of Getting an Electric Bidet for Your Bathroom

With a sleek and stylish electric bidet seat, you can enjoy some amazing benefits for years and years. Let’s take a look at a few of these:

  1.  It offers a more hygienic experience than toilet paper.
  2. It can help you make some significant savings in the long run because you don’t have to waste money on toilet paper that frequently. In fact, it can help you reduce your toilet paper expenses by up to 75%.
  3. Installing an electric bidet or Toto toilets in your bathroom is a great way to avoid clogged sewer pipes.
  4. Getting an electric bidet is a great way for families to improve their health, hygiene and well-being.

Here’s the best part – you can get Toto toilets or an electric bidet for your bathroom at a surprisingly affordable price these days. Just make sure that you shop at a trusted specialist like Australian Bidet.

For more guidance or to choose from the widest range of Toto toilets, bidets and other luxury bathroom products in Australia, visit the leading specialist – Australia Bidet today!

How the Front and Rear Cleanses On a Japanese Toilet Seat Work

The Japanese toilet seat that you install in your home should come with a cleaning wand that features two cleansing setups. These two parts entail the front and rear cleansing needs you might have. The wand will switch from one layout to the next depending on the setting you choose and how you apply water from the toilet.

You can get this part of your Toto bathroom to help you clean off the sensitive parts of your body. You should look at the differences between the two cleanses to see what makes it functional and useful for your hygiene demands.

Front Cleanse

The front cleanse on your Toto bathroom toilet entails a stream that reaches the front area of your personal region. A series of larger droplets are used here to clean off your body while staying comfortable. The drops are soft and not too intense.

Rear Cleanse

The rear cleanse comes from the same wand on your Japanese toilet seat. The main difference is that the wand will move inward to target the rear area. The water pressure here is stronger, but it still offers a comfortable surface. The water provides a comfortable vibrating sensation that improves upon how well you are being cleaned off as the toilet works.

A Dryer Runs Each Way

Regardless of the cleanse you use, a dryer will work inside the Japanese toilet seat to clean off the water. This provides you with a comfortable drying process where you don’t have to use a towel to wash yourself off. You will feel more comfortable with this than with anything else you might utilize to dry yourself off.

Your Toto bathroom toilet will work wonders for your life thanks to how it offers both front and rear cleansing features. Get in touch with the Mizudori Gallery to learn about how you can get this part of a toilet to work for your hygiene needs.

What Should Go Into a Trunk For Your Cable Management Needs?

It is often tough to manage all those cables in your workplace. But today there is an option that you can utilize. This is known as a cable management trunk. It is an appropriate accessory for use thanks to how it gives you added help for keeping many types of cables in check on a certain spot.

A Basic Premise

A trunk is designed as a solid material that you would attach to the side of a desk or other surface. It can be attached through a series of screws that you can drill into a spot.

You would use this to secure a series of wires. That is, you will place many wires into the same trunk. The wires will stick around in there and will stay organized.

Many Channels Used

Many cable management trunks can handle multiple wires. This includes working with multiple channels. In this case, you would secure one type of cable through one channel and a different type through the next. For instance, you can get some phone charging wires in one channel while telecom wires are in the next. This could provide you with a more organized layout while ensuring your wires are easier to distinguish.

How Many Wires?

You can get many wires to fit into one of these wiring accessories. You can find models that can handle at least three to five wires at once. Each model is different, so look around to see what you can use.

What Is the Length?

The length of the trunk should be reviewed too. The trunk can be several inches long if necessary. This is just to keep the wires from being tangled up easily.

A trunk will prove to be one of the best wiring accessories that you can utilize. See how well dpg-formfittings can help you with getting this cable management product to work for you.

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4 Practical Reasons to Buy Snap Davits in Australia

If you own inflatable boats, snap davits in Australia can be one of the most useful tools you can buy for your boat. A snap davit is a wonderful accessory that can improve the accessibility and functionality of your boat in a big way. Well designed snap davits in Australia can help you move your equipment and heavy items effortlessly. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why installing a snap davit system in inflatable boats is a great idea.

1. Snap davits Australia: Avoid Injuries and Accidents

Inflatable boat owners often have to face challenging conditions while loading/unloading their items and heavy equipment. Boat surface is usually slippery and can prove to be quite dangerous to the workers. This can lead to injuries, accidents and frustration. Fortunately, with snap davits in Australia, you can easily avoid all these issues.

2. Snap davits Australia: Manage Your Items Effortlessly

A suitable snap davit system can help you lower or lift your equipment with absolute ease and in a proper way. With these superbly efficient tools, boaters can lift equipment such as scuba tanks, outboards, water containers and so on in a completely hassle-free manner. Snap davits bought from a trusted specialist like Lejen Marine are extremely robust and long-lasting, and are designed to make everyday chores of boaters a cakewalk.

3. Snap Davits Australia: For Optimum Safety and Security

Probably, the best way to secure your boating equipments is to stow them away neatly onboard at their designated place. You don’t want miscreants to steal your expensive items that you unknowingly left in the open. A snap davit system can help you lift and store each of your items at the end of the day with minimal effort.

 4. Load Your Items Efficiently

To efficiently load your equipment on board, the whole lifting process should be as smooth and efficient as possible. You don’t want people yelling and shouting while lifting items haphazardly and getting injured in the process. Snap davit systems are designed to make the whole lifting operation smoother, safer and more efficient.

Looking For Snap Davits in Australia? Get In Touch With Lejen Marine

Lejen Marine is the leading specialist of inflatable boats and other boating products such as snap davits in Australia. Whatever your requirements are, Lejen Marine has an extensive selection of products to suit your boating needs. Visit Lejen Marine or contact our experts at 02 9729 1108 today!

European Car Service: Top Reasons to Buy Used Parts

Whether you need to replace a damaged part of your European car or your car is in need of some regular maintenance, choosing quality European car service is extremely important.  At SWEA, we always recommend car owners to get European car service on regular basis. Not only can this simple step keep your car in tip-top condition, it can also help you make some significant savings in the long-run.

Why Choose A Trusted Specialist To Buy Used Parts?

When it comes to buying used parts, some people are still sceptical about their quality and longevity. The key is to choose a trusted specialist like SWEA for European car service and to buy used parts. This way you can cut down the cost of your car repairs dramatically without compromising on the quality.

Save Money with European Used Parts

This is probably the most common reason why people opt for used parts for their cars. In most cases, buying used parts makes a lot of sense especially if you know trustworthy car wreckers. These parts are usually in perfect condition and come at a fraction of cost of new OEM parts.

Reliable car wreckers make sure that they sell used car parts that are damage-free and almost brand new. So, as long as you shop at an honest specialist, you can rest assured that you’ll get the best deals on high quality used parts.

Choose From the Widest Variety of European Used Parts

Well-established European car wreckers like SWEA stock a huge range of aftermarket and used parts. Moreover, they can recommend you the best parts depending on your needs and budget.

Since most of these used parts are genuine OEM parts, you can be assured of a perfect fit and top-notch performance. Another advantage of buying used parts from a trusted European car service provider is that they can help you get hard-to-find parts that are not in production anymore.

If you’re looking for European used parts or European car service from some of the most trusted experts in Australia, visit SWEA or get in touch with us at 1300 240 440 today!

What Are Radar Speed Signs?

It can be delightful to drive down a road simply for the pleasure derived from the act of driving. This is why many people like going on long drives. When the drive has no specific destination, the driver can simply focus on driving. This enables the driver to take in the sights and sounds around, while enjoying the overall experience. In contrast, driving towards a destination can often suck the enjoyment out of the drive. As a result, the driver will invariably focus on arriving at the destination at the earliest possible. In some cases, if the driver is behind schedule, the driver might even drive the vehicle at higher speeds to make up for lost time.

It goes without saying that the higher the speed of the vehicle, the lesser the time available for the driver to take split-second decisions. This is especially so in case the driver is trying to avoid hitting a pedestrian or another vehicle. So, it follows that driving at high speeds can result in accidents and collisions. Another common reason behind the occurrences of accidents and collisions is negligence. For instance, the authorities usually place VMS signs and other signage at regular intervals along major roads and highways. If the driver ignores these roadside signs and exceeds the specified limits, it follows that collisions will inevitably take place. In some cases, it is possible that the driver might not be entirely to blame. In case trees and other objects render the signs obscure, the driver will hardly be able to observe them. In addition, drivers typically tend to focus on watching traffic rather than looking out for road signs. So, if the sign is not visible or prominent, the driver will inevitably overlook them.

Radar speed signs are among the latest innovations adopted by road traffic authorities in many countries the world over. These signs are highly visible – even from great distances. In addition, they remain visible even in bright and sunny conditions. This makes it easier for these signs to catch the driver’s attention. Radar speed signs also feature in-built radar units. These units sense the speed of an approaching vehicle. Thereafter, they display the speed of the car as well as the applicable speed limit for the area. So, a driver driving at a speed beyond permissible limits, will see the sign and reduce the speed of the vehicle accordingly. Radar speed signs are also useful for displaying information pertaining to traffic jams or route diversions.

Along with mobile traffic signs, radar speed signs are a great addition to the signage arsenal that road traffic authorities possess. The authorities often place these signs in zones featuring high pedestrian traffic. For instance, critical zones featuring schools and hospitals often necessitate the use of radar speed signs. Not only do these signs help in ensuring that drivers drive their vehicles within the specified speed limits. They help in reducing mortality and accident rates as well. Interestingly, radar speed signs are increasingly coming into use in large residential and commercial complexes as well. In many cases, these signs are eliminating the need for providing speed bumps on roads. Thus, the property owners could use the money they save on various other purposes. Visit our site for more information on traffic & safety equipment.

Timber Veneer Sydney: How Veneers Are Made?

Timber wood panels are frequently used in construction and decoration of commercial and residential spaces and furniture. They offer an extreme stability and are quite versatile and affordable, making them a good combination for a varied set of requirements. It is already pretty obvious that timber wood panels are made using a very complex process. Today, let’s understand how timber veneer in Sydney is made and how this has an impact on your construction process.

Timber Veneer Sydney: 5 Steps to Manufacturing Process

  1. As the first step, bark is removed from a complete log. The log chosen is usually of the best quality, so that this wood can be used to make the finest veneer. This bark is then either quartered or cut, depending on the future use of the timber veneer. This is then soaked in water at a high temperature, for over a few days.
  2. After this, the veneer is created using a sharp blade, which is held against the wood, to create thin slices that become continuous sheet. Most veneer sheets are cut at 0.6mm thickness, which is pretty thin.
  3. This peeling can happen in multiple ways- the most popular way is in the form of a continuous sheet, so that there is a large, unbroken sheet of veneer, which can then be converted into timber wood panels. There are some other options as well- including ‘crown’ cut or straight grained.
  4. After the peeling is completed, the veneer has to be stored. Storage of veneer is a tricky business, as the panels are quite thin, and they can become brittle if left unused for a long period of time. This is why most of the timber wood panels are stored between hardboards or ply boards, where they can retain their structural integrity.
  5. When the peeling is happening, the order in which the slicing has to happen is noted on the panels themselves, so that the grain pattern remains consistent throughout the entire structure. Otherwise, there will be obvious mismatches in the final results.

Where to Buy Timber Veneer in Sydney?

If you’re looking for highest quality timber veneer in Sydney, look no further than Processed Forest Productsthe leading specialist of timber wood panels and timber veneer in Sydney. Visit us or give us a call at (02) 9771 5155 now!

3 Great Reasons Why Every Boater Should Love Rigid Inflatable Boats

While some people prefer the ease and portability of fully inflatable boats in NSW, many experienced boating enthusiasts still look for more durability and stability. This is where rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) come into the picture. Rigid inflatable boats have a solid flooring and hull that make them more stable and functional than regular boats. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why they are so popular in Australia.

1. Rigid Inflatable Boats Are Strong and Affordable

Some of the reasons for the massive popularity of RIBs is that they are still more affordable and easier to use than traditional boats. Rigid inflatable boats available at trusted specialists like Lejen Marine are manufactured using the highest quality materials and bonding technologies for outstanding weatherproofing and longevity.

2. Rigid Inflatable Boats Are Extremely Stable

Another reason why experienced boaters prefer rigid inflatable boats in NSW over other options is the unrivalled stability that these boats offer. In addition, the centre of gravity of these boats is relatively lower than that of other boats, and therefore, they provide excellent buoyancy.

Rigid inflatable boats are built in such a way that they can quickly absorb shocks resulting from rough water conditions and offer a softer and smoother experience to the boaters. No wonder these boats are the most popular choice for police and rescue authorities throughout Australia.

Excellent buoyancy of these boats is also responsible for their high load capacity. Since they’ve lesser weight than that of conventional boats, they’re easier to handle and operate.  This also means lesser engine power requirements and more savings.

3. Rigid Inflatable Boats Are Versatile and Long-Lasting

Rigid inflatable boats can be used by people of all experience levels and for a number of purposes. Whether you want to utilize them for leisure and recreational purpose or as life boats or rescue boats, rigid inflatable boats in NSW will always exceed your expectations. With rigid and sturdy floors, you won’t have to worry about accidental punctures and stability issues anymore. What’s more, it allows you to stand on these boats in a stable position and enjoy your expedition.

Lejen Marine offers a wide range of inflatable boats and boating equipment to all types of boating enthusiasts. For more information, visit Lejen Marine or simply give our experts a call on 02 9729 1108 today!

3 Things You Should Know Before You Buy Electric Bidet Seat or Washlet

Most of us use our toilets with the same frequency as we do our other everyday essentials, such as bathing or brushing.  While we’ve thousands of options to accomplish most daily tasks, toilets are often ignored.  Toilet fixtures in most households are more or less the same as they were a century ago. It’s high time that we consider advanced toilet products such as a Washlet and an electric bidet seat.

Washlet And Electric Bidet Seat: What Exactly Are Luxury Toilets?

Some of you may not be aware but luxury toilets, including washlets and electric bidet seat, have been around for nearly three decades now – introduced by a renowned Japanese plumbing company Toto in 1989.

An electric bidet seat sprays fresh, clean water and gently dries up with the area with warm air. These features are available in even the most basic models. Apart from these, you’ll get heated seats, adjustable temperature for water, a variety of flushing options, oscillating and pulsating water sprays, night-light and remote functionality, to name a few.

What You Should Know About Washlet And Electric Bidet Seat?

Any luxury toilet like an electric bidet seat can dramatically improve hygiene and functionality of your bathroom and it may even increase the overall value of your home.  Let’s have a look at some important facts you should know about these high-tech bathroom products:

  1. Hygiene: Bidets allow you to clean yourself with a soothing jet of warm water instead of regularly irritating your sensitive parts with a toilet paper. This will give you a better overall cleaning experience and comfort than what you get with a traditional toilet. The best part is that luxury toilets come with self-cleansing and retractable nozzles, so you won’t have to worry about their maintenance ever.
  1. Long-Term Savings: As compared to toilet paper, using water is more effective and affordable cleaning option in the long run. While the upfront cost of buying a Washlet or an electric bidet seat may be a little more than installing a traditional toilet, the amount of savings you can make by cutting down toilet paper expenses is worth the cost. Additionally, flushable wipes and toilet paper can clog the sewer pipes that are costly to repair.
  1. Comfort: Your first experience of using an electric bidet seat or a Washlet may be a bit overwhelming. However, once you become familiar with the basic functions; you’ll never want to go back to any conventional toilet. Heated seats, ability to clean with water and a warm air-dryer can deliver you the level of comfort that’s almost impossible to achieve with any traditional toilet.

At Australian Bidet, we understand how difficult it is to choose the right luxury toilet for many new buyers. So, our experts are always here to help you make a well-informed decision. For more information, visit Australia Bidet today!