American Oak Veneer: 3 Essential Things You Should Know About

There’s a huge variety of timber veneer panels out there but American oak veneer is among the most preferred options for both residential and commercial projects. Firstly, you should know that all timber veneer panels are not created equal. Each type of wood has its own unique characteristics that make it stand out in terms of tone, grain patterns, plank length and colour.

American oak veneer is one of the most sought-after options in the market today because of its high reliability and contemporary appeal. Let’s try to gain some more knowledge about American oak veneer and what makes it so special.

1. Timber Veneer Panels: Origin of American Oak

Originated from North America, American oak is generally thicker and shorter than other varieties. This makes American oak veneer perfect for a wide range of applications. Moreover, American oak veneer is incredibly strong and durable because oak is well-known for its longevity and resistance to elements

2. American Oak: Colour of Timber Veneer Panels

American oak has a unique pinkish tone and is a little bit lighter in colour than other varieties. American oak veneer can lend a modern, minimalistic look to any space. So, if you want to make your home or office look sleek and modern without spending a bomb, American oak veneer is an excellent choice.

However, before staining or texturing your veneer, always analyse the natural texture and hues on the wood carefully. Test it with some sample pieces before finalising any texture or stain. If possible, try to utilize already present natural hues to get a desired look.

3. Grain Variations in American Oak Timber Veneer Panels

American oak veneer is beautiful and everlasting. Grain pattern is unique to every piece of American oak veneer. American oak comes in a stunning range of patterns that can be further enhanced with stains and oil to achieve a striking look.

And there you have it – a few important things you should know about American oak veneer so that you can make an informed buying decision. For more guidance on our products, visit Processed Forest Products or give our experts a call on (02) 9771 5155 today!

On-Desk Modules Are Attractive Office Power Solutions

When aiming to get a proper office fit out supported, you need to take a look at what on-desk modules can do. These are setups that provide you with energy sources that go right on top of your desk. Such modules are appealing office power solutions for how they help you to get access to power right away without struggling to find an outlet away from a desk.

How Does the Module Work?

An on-desk module uses a simple approach. First, the module has to be installed on a desk. You can get it mounted to the side of your desk, on top of the desk or even under the surface.

You would need to get a power source available to help you get power up to the module. You have the option to get fasteners and anchors to keep the wiring from getting in anyone’s way. These anchors could be applied along the desk that your module would be installed on. Be careful with how the module would be placed in your office fit out so you don’t have to go too far to get the power ready.

What Can You Plug In?

The versatility of an on-desk module is part of what makes it one of the top office power solutions for your use. You can get various kinds of plugs added onto one of these modules. You can get not only traditional plugs but also some USB ports. Anything that can support a charging station for a mobile device also helps.

Also, you can find many of these modules with several plugs and outlets. This is versatile enough for every office fit out. But be advised that the specific number of plugs will vary based on the amount of power that the module itself can handle.

Look at how well an on-desk module can work when you’re finding office power solutions that you can trust. Contact dpg-formfittings for additional information on how a module like this can work for you.

The CO2 and Nd:YAG Laser – What Works Best Through a Laser Cutting Service?

You have two options to choose from when finding a laser cutting material for your sheet metal manufacturing process or for when you have something else to cut. These two sources are the CO2 and Nd:YAG lasers. You should compare the two choices together when seeing what works for your laser cutting demands.


First, there is the carbon dioxide or CO2 laser. A staple in the laser cutting service industry, CO2 generates infrared light. It is absorbed by plastic, glass and acrylic materials among other organic items. The infrared light produced by a CO2 laser is strong enough to cut through many surfaces.


The Nd:YAG laser use neodymium that has been spread along a crystal made with yttrium aluminum garnet. The combination generates a laser with a near-infrared wavelength that is smaller than what a CO2 laser uses. The Nd:YAG laser works on metals and other inorganic surfaces. The laser cannot be absorbed by traditional organic compounds.

What Works Best?

The Nd:YAG laser is best for sheet metal manufacturing as it offers more power for going through thicker surfaces. The smaller wavelength allows the laser to cut through even the toughest metals. It is also appropriate for your engraving and boring needs. A laser cutting service may adjust the intensity of the laser to fit along your metal.

A CO2 laser works best if you have organic compounds or if you have lighter surfaces that can go alongside a metal construction. You can use CO2 lasers for cutting plastic tubes or surfaces, for instance. CO2 is also ideal for when you need something that works longer. This laser choice is designed with repetition in mind.

Be sure to see what you are using when contacting a laser cutting service for help with producing sheet metal or anything else you might require for a project. Premier Engineering can help you figure what is right for your task at hand.

Beginners Guide to Timber Veneer Panels and Laminated Boards

When it comes to the most popular surfacing materials for furniture, ceilings, walls and cabinetry, timber veneer panels and laminated boards top the list. Timber veneers are completely natural and are made of thin veneer sheets obtained from solid wood. They are probably the most affordable way to attain an upscale and elegant look of solid wood.

On the other hand, laminated boards are made by bonding together thin layers of plastic resins and paper. Except material, the manufacturing process of both laminated boards and timber veneer panels are more or less the same. Both laminates and veneers are glued to a solid board such as MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) or ply board to make them suitable for a range of applications.

Advantages of Timber Veneer Panels

  • Timber Veneer Panels Have A Distinctive Appeal

Each and every piece of timber veneer comes with its own unique pattern. Incorporating timber veneer panels in your projects can impart a high-end and organic appearance to your home or office at a pocket-friendly price. Timber veneer can be textured and stained to meet any design requirements. You can colour it or polish it to attain any look you want.

  •  Timber Veneer Panels Are Long-Lasting And Environment-Friendly

Veneer panels usually last longer than even solid wood. However, their exact lifespan also depends on the quality of construction and how they are installed. Timber veneer panels from trusted specialists like Processed Forest Products can easily last more than a decade without any major maintenance requirements. In addition, timber veneer panels are natural and renewable. So, they are one of the most eco-friendly surfacing options available anywhere.

When to Choose Laminated Boards?

One of the major areas where laminates may be a better option than timber veneer is consistency. Since timber veneer is obtained from natural wood, it comes with its unique patterns. Laminate boards, on the contrary, are absolutely uniform no matter the size of surface you want to apply them to.

That being said, laminated surfaces can turn out to be quite bland sometimes because of the absence of warmth and character. Timber surfaces with all their variations look more authentic and stunning. If consistency is crucial for your project, laminated boards are a good option for you.

For more guidance and to choose from the widest range of timber veneer panels and laminated boards in Australia, visit the leading specialists – Processed Forest Products today. Visit our site or get in touch with our experts at (02) 9771 5155 now!

What Goes Into the Concrete Pool Resurfacing Process?

Getting your concrete pool resurfaced on occasion is a necessity for keeping it functional and looking its best. But what will happen when you get your pool resurfaced? Let’s look at what you can expect out of the concrete pool resurfacing process.

Sandblasting Is Needed

A sandblaster would be required for use as the water in your pool is removed. A sandblaster uses pressure to remove the most difficult stains from off of your pool. It also strips off the old finish in your pool so a new one can be applied onto the base. The blaster must be applied evenly around the entire pool body to make it work.

Apply a Primer

A primer is used in the next part of the swimming pool resurfacing process. A primer helps to strengthen the base of the pool. In most cases two or three coats are needed, although the number might be higher depending on the size of the pool and how often it is used.

The primer will help you to secure the surface. This covers up any pores around the concrete surface. You would still have to contact a repair team to help with fixing up any significant cracks.

Paint May Be Added

A coating of paint can be added as you continue the concrete pool resurfacing process. This should be applied provided that the primer has dried up. Paint works best when it matches up with the rest of the surface.

Fill the Pool

The last part of the swimming pool resurfacing task is to fill the pool up with water once again. When handled right, the pool will be easy to use once more. Everything should have dried up inside the pool before you apply anything though.

Be sure you see how well you can get a concrete pool resurfacing plan to work for you. Check with Amazing Pool Renovations to see what you can get out of it.

Retail Display Stands Can Come With Customizable Bodies

Some of the best retail display stands can come with unique bodies that are a little different from what you might expect out of some space. Take a look at how you can get one of these spots customized to fit your needs.

Create a Fine Shape

To start, you can get one of these exhibition stands prepared with a specific shape. You can make it as large or small as you wish. You could even create an irregular shape that might be closer to what your product is shaped like. For instance, a soda company might use a stand that features a shape to make it look like a soda bottle. The fabric on your stand or another surface should be flexible enough to handle many types of shapes that fit in with your desires.

How Many Pegs or Slots?

You can order retail display stands to have as many pegs for hanging items or slots for storing documents or papers as you want. These can be placed around the entire layout of your stand. You can add instructions as to where you want them to be added too.

Anything that might be adjustable would be to your benefit as well. This creates a comfortable surface all the way through.

Review the Graphic Design

The graphic design on your stand can come with any layout too. Exhibition stands can be customized to feature any colour or pattern. You can also get unique images and word art features added onto your design. Anything that adds a special touch to your design is always worthwhile.

Retail display stands can be customized in any way you see fit. Look at what Swift Display can do for you as you aim to get one of these exhibition stands prepared for your display needs. You will enjoy having something that looks great and shows off your brand or product in a dynamic fashion.


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Timber Wood Panels: 3 Easy Tips to Repair Timber Veneer

Wood furniture, timber wood panels and other wooden furnishings suffer a lot of damage during their lifetime especially if they get exposed to humidity, UV rays and heat on regular basis. In case of timber veneer, damage can occur in the form of chipping, peeling or blisters. In most cases, the underlying cause is ineffective glue that cannot hold the veneer sheets as efficiently as required.

How to Check Timber Veneer Surface for Damage?

Fortunately, repairing timber veneer surface is not a challenging task provided you catch the damage before it becomes too late. To check your veneer for any defects, tap the surface with any solid object or simply with your fingertip and listen closely to the sound produced. Loosened veneer tends to make hollow sound. If that’s the case, use below mentioned steps to fix the damage. For more serious damaged, get in touch with the experts.

How to Fix the Damaged Timber Veneer surface?

An easy way to repair cracked, chipped or broken veneer is to cover it with a matching patch. So, get a new matching veneer and apply it on the damaged spot. Cut the old damaged area carefully. Remove every last bit of previous glue and smooth the surface before applying the patch.

If there are small imperfections or holes in your timber wood panels, you can use wood filler to fill them up. Use a sandpaper to level the surface after the wood filler gets dried and hardened.

In case, your patch is not big enough to cover the entire damaged portion of veneer, bond it with another piece. For a strong joint, sand the underneath patch before you glue them together.

How to Fix a Veneer Bubble?

Veneer bubbles can be flattened by simply making a small slit on the surface. Make sure that slit is in the grain direction. Now inject some glue into the slit and press it hard. Keep it pressed by placing some heavy object on it for a minimum of 10-12 hours.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the widest selection of timber wood panels and other timber veneer products at Processed Forest Products or simply call our experts on (02) 9771 5155 today!

3 Ways Retractable Power Cords Can Transform Your Office

There are a number of office power solutions available these days that can completely transform the way you access power and data in your workplace. However, one product that often stands out because of its effectiveness, simplicity and versatility is a retractable power cord. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits you can get by using this cost-effective accessory in your office.

Keep Your Office Safe and Organised With A Retractable Power Cord

A retractable power cord is a wonderful little tool that enables you to use any of your electrical gadgets anywhere you want in your office no matter where the sockets are located. This means that you can enjoy uninterrupted power anywhere in your office. Retractable power cords are perfect for offices where several electronic gadgets are used simultaneously, and power sources are either far away from the appliances or there are too few sockets to run all the machines.

Apart from offering unmatched convenience for every day office tasks, retractable power cords are particularly useful during meetings and conferences where several gadgets like projectors and microphones are required by the attendees.

Save Office Space with a Retractable Power Cord

Retractable power cords are far more advanced than traditional cords. Regular cords can make a mess in your office as you cannot control their length. Not only can retractable power cords help you keep your office clutter-fee, they also prevent workplace injuries from tripping over wires and cables.

Their simple yet innovative functionality allows users to take out just the required length of cord while unnecessary cord goes back into the system automatically. This means that you won’t have to go through the hassle of winding up the cord after every use as well. So, get a retractable power cord from a well established supplier such as dpg-formfittings and say good bye to tangled cables.

Manageable Length

Retractable power cords are available in a number of lengths. However, no matter what length you choose for you needs, you can rest assured that non-required cord will remain out of sight. Retractable cords come in minimal, contemporary designs that can blend seamless with any office interiors. These are perfect for today’s offices that use a number of electronic gadgets.

Apart from retractable power cords, there are a number of office power solutions that can help you make your workplace way more organised, cleaner and safer with a little investment.

dpg-formfittings: The Leading Experts of Office Power Solutions in Australia

If you’re looking for quality office Power Solutions including retractable power cords and ergonomic products in Australia, look no further than dpg-formfittings.  The team of experts at dpg-formfittings is here to help you get a perfect solution for your needs and budget.

For more guidance, visit dpg-formfittings or get in touch with our friendly experts at 02 9669 3449 today!

Getting the Right Safety Workwear For the Winter Season

Work in Sydney knows no season. There will always be times when work has to be done. It only makes sense to have the right safety workwear on hand regardless of what the weather is like. This is definitely the case for the winter. You must look at how well the workwear you get is planned out during the winter season. This is so everyone in your workforce will stay protected and visible while keeping warm.

Look For Eye Protection

Eye protection is vital for everyone in the workplace. Safety goggles are some of the best safety equipment supplies Sydney workplaces can use during the winter season. Goggles not only protect a person’s eyes but also keep difficult chilly winds from bothering one’s eyes.

Comfortable Gloves Are a Must

Gloves for work must be padded to keep one’s hands secure and safe from outside harm. This includes not only chemicals but also the tough cold winter air. Anyone’s hands can be limited in motion during the winter as the cold air makes it tough on one’s skin.

Good Boots Are Needed

You must also look for boots that people on your work site can wear. Boots should be thick enough to take in cold air and moisture, thus keeping anyone’s feet from being hurt by snow or other winter-related issues. Boots that can grip onto icy surfaces well are also appropriate for use.

Don’t Forget Sun Protection

It helps to have added sun protection through not only long-sleeve shirts but also from a sunblock product. This is not one of the safety equipment supplies Sydney workplaces think about during the winter, but it is more important during this season than most might realize. The sun’s rays can be just as intense during the winter as they are in the summer. The fact that the sun is a little closer to the planet during the winter makes this all the more important to consider.

Watch for how the right pieces of safety workwear are used where you are during the winter season. Get in touch with AA Safety for extra help if you need to know what to provide to your workers.

3 Factors to Consider When Using Timber Panels

Timber panels are an easy and affordable way to add elegance and architectural details to any property. In fact, there are only a few other materials that can match the versatility and flexibility of timber boards. Their unrivalled features and an affordable price make them perfect for everything ranging from classic rustic homes to minimalist modern designed properties.

Veneer boards can help you achieve the same classic appeal and warmth of solid wood but at a fraction of cost. If you’re planning to utilize timber panels and veneer boards in your interior design project, it’s a good idea to keep in mind a few important factors so that you can get the best out of your investment. Let’s take a look:

Consider Your Design Goals before Using Timber Panels

To make sure that you achieve a seamless look, you should’ve a clear-cut idea of what you want to attain in the first place. For instance; if you’re looking for veneer doors for your industrial facility, darker tones and rugged aesthetics are a good way to get a vintage appearance. On the other hand, to create a modern urban look, choose timber panels in clean designs with sleek lines and light colours.

Choosing the Right Colours for Your Timber Boards

Once you’ve known your exact goals and chosen a style accordingly, it’s time to select colours for your timber boards. If you’re not building your home from scratch, make sure that the colours of your timber panels and timber doors match your existing decor. In case, you wish to blend your timber panels flawlessly with your current interiors, don’t choose too light or too dark colours.

Choosing slightly darker or lighter colours than the colours of your walls and furnishings can deliver you the best results. Lighter colours can help you achieve an open, light and airy appearance while darker ones will add some character and depth to the existing space.

Consider Timber Veneer for Wall Coverings

Wood is a preferred material for furniture, exterior cladding and a number of other projects. However, the idea of using timber veneer on the interior walls is relatively new. That’s why it can single-handedly make your home or office stand out.

For more guidance and to buy from the most extensive range of timber panels and veneer boards in Australia, get in touch with the knowledgeable experts at Processed Forest Products today.