What Sizes Can Inflatable SUPs Australia Come In?

When you look for inflatable SUPs, you can come across various sizes for all your boating desires. You should look around to see what is available at any boat shop, but it helps to see just how versatile the sizes of such SUPs can be when looking for something worthwhile for your sailing desires.

Length Points

Inflatable SUPs Australia boaters can use often come in lengths from 11 to 14 feet or 330 to 425 cm. These lengths are often suitable enough for most people thanks to how they offer long enough bodies for cutting through waves and tough water. It is easy to get an SUP to move in one direction when it is a little longer. But you can change the amount of force within the SUP faster when you have a shorter SUP.

Width Features

The width of an SUP should be examined carefully. A boat shop will more than likely have most of its SUPs at widths of around 30 inches or 75 cm wide. This should be enough room for anyone to stand on without possibly slipping off of the SUP while in the water.

Don’t Forget Thickness

A SUP can be around 6 inches or 15 cm thick. This provides a good base for the boat to stay on without it possibly sinking. The thickness should be even throughout the entire body of the SUP so it doesn’t favor one position.

How Heavy?

Inflatable SUPs Australia boaters can shop for often come with weights of about 25 pounds. An SUP in this case is light enough to be easy to control without being too hard to transport around.

The services of a boat shop can help you with finding a great inflatable SUP that is of a proper size for your demands. See what Lejen Marine has to offer when looking for such an SUP for your needs.

Girls’ and Boy’s Birthday Party Problems: Bullies in the House?

There are certainly many things to think about when planning a girl’s or boy’s birthday party. You have to think about the food, the venue, the games and activities and so on. You also need to think about the guest list and who to invite. Should you invite the whole class or just your kid’s friends? And if you do invite the whole class, what do you do with the bullies?

It is rather unfortunate, but yes, there will always be a bully in any class. And when you do invite them in your kid’s birthday or laser tag party, who knows what ruckus might ensue? But then won’t leaving them out make your kid their target for the remainder of the school year?

So going back to the question, should you invite them or cross them out of the guest list completely? Unfortunately, there are no clear cut answer for this.

Experts say that school bullies need to be paid attention to just as much as their victims. Such behaviour can often be corrected through proper guidance and modeling. Inviting them to your girl’s or boy’s birthday party can be a good starting point to point them in the right direction. But of course, you still can’t discount the fact that bullies can cause trouble in your child’s birthday party. So what then do you do?

At this point, you’ll have to consider several things. For one, how severe is the bully’s behaviour? Is it still manageable? Has their behaviour been going on for a long time or has it just recently started? What about the parents? Can you talk to them about their child’s behaviour and how they plan to correct it?

If all the answers lean towards to the positive side, then you may want to consider inviting them. Otherwise, you may want to leave them out of your kid’s laser tag party. It may sound unkind, but then you wouldn’t want anything or anyone ruin your kid’s once in a year celebration, would you?

If you are planning to have a laser tag game for your girl’s or boy’s birthday party, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can call us up at 1300 529 37 or leave a message in our contact page.

Are Your Laminated Board Suppliers Green When Dealing with Wood Waste?

Zeroing in on the best laminated board suppliers in your neighbourhood is not easy. A casual search on the internet would easily throw up a number of suppliers with varying levels of experience and expertise in the business. Many of these suppliers will stock an array of engineered or composite wood products. From veneers to boards, these suppliers will invariably have a diverse selection of products for you to choose from. In addition, these suppliers will offer a wide range of services as well. The quality and rates of the services provided will vary from one supplier to the next. All these factors serve to complicate what should have been a simple choice.

What Should the Definitive Factor Be When Selecting Laminated Board Suppliers?

For the uninitiated, laminates and veneers are highly popular for use in home and office interiors. This is primarily because they exude the look of solid wood while being much more affordable. In addition, these products come in a wide range of finishes. And, they are much easier to maintain than genuine products comprising solid wood. When people look for reputable suppliers for sourcing their laminate boards and timber panels, they will often look at the services provided and the cost. In many cases, the cheaper the However, it might be worthwhile considering another factor as well. For instance, you will do well to consider whether your supplier follows eco-friendly or green practices in day-to-day operations. This is especially so when it comes to dealing with the wood waste produced at the facility.

Experienced Suppliers of Veneers and Timber Panels Follow Innovative Business Practices

Oftentimes, efficiency is the key difference between two suppliers offering similar products. To generate better sales, suppliers will need to adopt innovative practices. Some of these practices will serve to enhance efficiency levels. This, in turn, will minimise wastage, thereby yielding a significant amount of savings. Other practices will boost the production of goods, which will generate additional revenue. By adopting eco-friendly practices, laminated board suppliers can boost their sales by highlighting the measures they follow for preserving the environment. For instance, reducing the waste produced in various woodworking activities can minimise the carbon footprint of the supplier.

For instance, suppliers of veneers and timber panels could consider tying up with biomass plants. These plants produce energy by processing wood waste. Similarly, it might come as a surprise to know that wood waste can also produce biofuel. This biofuel is not only free of various common contaminants. It can produce slightly higher levels of energy as opposed to conventional fuels. Lastly, wood waste is easy to convert into mulch too. This mulch will help the soil retain moisture. It will help in reducing weeds as well.

Processed Forest Products is a family-owned business. We stock a diverse selection of timber veneer, boards, Compac laminate, foils etc. The quality of our products has made us one of the leading laminated board suppliers in Australia. Click here to check out our extensive range of products.

Aged Care and Toto Washlet: Why A Smart Toilet Is Essential For Every Senior

Whether you’re looking for a user-friendly toilet for aged care needs or you may just want to enhance the functionality of your home with a high-tech and environment-friendly toilet, don’t look further than a Toto Washlet.

Designed with some of the most cutting-edge features including temperature and pressure control, retractable bands, motion sensors, night lights and warm seats, a Toto washet can deliver you an unmatched toileting experience without burning a hole in your pocket.

Aged care: Why Elderly Need a Toto Washlet?

For younger people, doing their everyday toilet business is something that they don’t even think about. However, if you ask any elderly person, you’ll realize that for them using their traditional toilet seat is one of the most challenging aspects of their daily lives. Let’s see why:

Sitting down uncomfortably and then standing up again every time after completing their tasks is probably the most painful experience for any senior. Some of the common issues that seniors often experience due to this daily exercise are:

  • Leg pain and numbnessPainful joints
  • Dizziness and nausea
  • Loss of balance and even accidents
  • Temporary weakness in the entire body

Fortunately, a Toto Washlet is an affordable and effective solution to most of these problems. If you or your loved one has ever experienced any of these issues, then don’t waste time and install a high-tech Toto Washlet in your home immediately.

Advantages of Installing a Toto Washlet

  • Feature-rich: A Toto Washlet provides an incredibly clean experience to the users. It thoroughly cleanses you with a soothing aerated spay of warm water. With features like self-cleansing nozzles, warm air-dryer and heated seats, Toto toilet is nothing less than your personal home spa combined with advanced toilet functionality. What’s even more amazing is that it accomplishes all of this with the simple touch of a button.
  • Comfort: These high-tech toilets come in a comfort-height. They are a bit higher than traditional toilets so that elderly or anyone with mobility issues can use them without any hassle.
  • Savings: No doubt, Toto Washlet and other smart toilets use electricity, but it is negligible when compared to their water savings. They use smart flush/dual flush technology which uses much less water than traditional toilets but without compromising on the functionality.

For more information on how a Toto Washlet can transform your life for the better, visit the leading Toto specialists in Australia – Mizudori Gallery today.

How an Electric Bidet Seat Works For Seniors

Seniors who often have difficult times with using a toilet can benefit from an electric bidet seat. There are several positives to see when looking at how such a seat can work for seniors.

A Comfortable Heated Seat

An electric bidet seat can come with a heated seat feature. This works with the user activating the heated seat so it will start warming up when the seat is opened up. This ensures that the user will not feel uncomfortable when sitting down. The heat should be gentle and can be well-insulated thanks to the sturdy material that the seat itself is made out of.

A Gentle Nozzle

The nozzle on a bidet can be programmed to work with a low amount of pressure. That is, the water that comes out will be gentle and not abrasive. This is valuable for today’s aging population as it ensures a user will not feel stressed by the water as it comes out.

Deodorization Features

One of these toilets can also come with a deodorization feature. This might work with a special cartridge or other material installed inside the toilet to keep odors from being prevalent. This is vital for parts of the aging population that might be overly sensitive to some distracting scents. Still, this would have to be applied correctly as an outside cartridge or filter among other items might have to be added, replaced or cleaned out on occasion.

Automatic Open and Close

The simplicity of a bidet seat makes it popular among older people. Many models can automatically open and close their lids when a person gets near one. The heated seat feature can also start up automatically at this point too.

Working with an electric bidet seat can be a necessity for seniors to take a look at. Contact Australian Bidet today to learn more about how such a seat can be used in a senior center or even in one’s home.

Hypalon Is Better For Heavy Duty Inflatable Boats NSW Boaters

Hypalon is a popular material that many inflatable boats can utilize around the NSW area. This is a popular compound to look for when finding a swift marine boat, but it helps to get a clear idea of what makes it attractive.

Understanding the Material

Hypalon is a synthetic rubber material first introduced by DuPont years ago. This is a chlorosulfonated polyethene synthetic rubber compound. It is a little heavier than most other rubber materials and is much denser than other items you might find on the swift marine market. But this heavier body is capable of floating well on the water without sinking.

Resists Wear

The dense design of Hypalon makes it a popular material for inflatable boats NSW boaters to use. Hypalon is thick thanks to the many layers of rubber materials used to keep it intact. It can do particularly well in some of the roughest water conditions as well, thus keeping it secure and capable of moving through various rapids as well as calmer waters.

Resists Temperatures

Hypalon is also great for how well it can handle temperatures. It can resist the intense heat of the summer sun as well as chilly water conditions. The solid surface of Hypalon ensures that the water will not move too deep into the boat, thus keeping it from being hurt by water temperatures.

UV Resistant

This material that inflatable boats NSW fans can trust also resists UV rays quite well. Hypalon does not warp or tear apart due to UV rays getting in the way and wearing out the boat. This is better than other fabrics that might wear out due to those sun rays.

Your swift marine could benefit from using Hypalon. Contact Lejen Marine to get more information on how well this material can be used for your boating needs when finding something valuable for your next boating excursion.

How to Choose the Right Timber Veneer Supplier in Sydney? Top 3 Tips

Choosing a reliable timber veneer supplier in Sydney is not a rocket science, but if you’re looking for highest quality wood veneer panels, long-lasting results and an honest price, it pays to do some research. After all, there are some amazing benefits of utilizing wood veneer panels in your renovation or remodelling project.

If you’re interested in wood veneer panels, you can either be an experienced individual who knows his/her needs quite well, or you may be a complete newbie with no clue about what you really want.  If you fall into the latter category, this article is for you. Fortunately, there are only a few things you need to know in order to choose a trustworthy and knowledgeable timber veneer supplier in Sydney. Let’s take a look:

Choosing the Right Timber Veneer Supplier in Sydney

  1. Know The Specifics: Before finalising a veneer supplier for your project, gain some understanding about timber veneer. The most important thing to know is the species of wood suitable for your decor and budget. For high quality results, American oak veneer is a wonderful option. Not only is American oak veneer strong and durable, it’s also reasonably priced.

If you want to splurge, you can opt for more expensive options like American walnut. The best thing about shopping at a reputable timber veneer supplier in Sydney like Processed Forest Products is that you can access virtually all the varieties of veneers and compare them at a single place.

  1. Know Your Requirements: If you’re buying online at a trusted supplier, they will guide you on how many wood veneer panels would be sufficient for your project. Due to their vast experience, they have a fairly good idea about the quantity of veneer required in different projects.
  1. Online or Offline: Because of the large number of timber veneer suppliers available nowadays, it is difficult to tell who is honest and who is unscrupulous. In most cases, opting for a well-established supplier having an extensive experience in timber veneer industry with a good online presence is the safest bet.

Processed Forest Products: The Leading Timber Veneer Supplier in Sydney

At Processed Forest Products, we believe that our customers deserve the best, and we leave no stone unturned to exceed their expectations. For more guidance and to choose from the most extensive selection of wood veneer panels in Sydney, get in touch with the experts at Processed Forest Products today. Visit us or just give us a call at (02) 9771 5155 now!


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Toto Bathroom: Should You Install a Shower Panel?

After a long day, a few things as relaxing and refreshing as a hot (or cold — whichever you prefer) shower. Ridding your body of all the dirt and grime on your body leaves you feeling cleaner and rejuvenated. For this reason, some people will agree that having a great shower set and related accessories is a must. With this in mind, Toto has a line of shower accessories (yes, they don’t just make the Toto Neorest and smart toilets) available to their patrons.

Shower panels like the Toto shower tower seen in most Toto bathroom showrooms are pretty easy to install. They can be easily attached to most plumbing and water lines by a professional installer or a plumber. You don’t even have to remodel the whole bathroom to install it. Along that line, these shower panels are also easy to dismantle and remove. This makes is easy to take them should you decide to move to a new home.

In addition, these shower panels come with built-in body sprays. The shower tower seen in most Toto bathroom showrooms have three body sprays in them. These body sprays can really improve your showering experience both in terms of hygiene and fun.

Another thing you’ve got to love about shower panels is their compact size. As they don’t take up too much space, they can fit very well in most small bathrooms. The compact design such as what you would see in the Toto shower tower is perfect for such bathrooms. If you have time to visit Toto bathroom showrooms, please do so you can see for yourself the actual size.

If you do choose to have a shower panel installed, you will have to be satisfied with the shower head that came with it. Most manufacturers install permanent shower heads on their shower panels. Thus, you won’t be able to change it (in case you want a bigger shower head for instance). So when shopping for a shower panel, be sure that you pick one with a large enough shower head.

If you are looking for a shower tower from Toto, then you’ve come to the right place. We also have other bathroom and shower accessories available. Please give us a call at 1300 868 600 or (02) 9698 5838 or leave a message in our contact page. Please do drop by our Toto bathroom showroom located at 11 Joynton Ave. Zetland, NSW so you can see the products yourself.

How to Clean Your Electric Bidet Seat

An electric bidet seat is not just a luxury but a necessity for some people. But then, they do cost a significant amount of money. Being an investment, you’ll want to make sure that you’ll be able to enjoy using them for a long time. That said, you’ll want to employ maintenance practices, one of which involves regular cleaning.

First, you’ll need to disconnect your electric bidet seat from the power source for safety reasons. If it has a dedicated power button, be sure to turn that off before unplugging the unit.

When cleaning traditional toilets, people usually tend to rinse the whole thing with water. Never do that with your electric bidet seat. Instead, wipe the surface with a damp, soft cloth. If the underside is soiled, you should use a different cloth to clean it.

You should also avoid using harsh chemicals, alcohol based cleaners and detergents when cleaning. Use a mild detergent diluted in water along with a soft, non-abrasive cloth to wipe and clean the bidet.
Along that line, don’t use brushes to clean the seat itself. You can use a soft brush to clean the water nozzles if necessary. However, there isn’t usually a need to do so since it is able to maintain itself.

After cleaning the surface and underside of the electric bidet seat, use a fresh, damp cloth soaked in warm water to remove any trace of the cleaning agent. Remember that bidets are made from hard plastic materials like polypropylene.
Cleaning agents will cause discoloration, turning the plastic into a yellowish colour, which in turn can make your bidet look old, worn, and unfit for use. And if you’re thinking that you can have it replaced under the warranty, you’d be wrong. Discoloration caused by improper cleaning is never included in the warranty.

You should also clean the power cord that runs from the electric bidet seat to the power source. This usually attracts a lot of dust which can build up over time. Again, use a damp cloth to clean the cord and be sure to dry it properly with another cloth afterwards.

A brand new electric bidet seat has a glossy finish and look absolutely great. However, in order to maintain this look you’ll need to clean it regularly.

If you are looking for an electric bidet seat, a washlet or Toto toilets, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can call us up at 1300 883 766 or leave a message in our contact page.

How Wireless Charging Help Your Business Performance?

Are you always on the lookout for innovative ideas to improve your business performance to the next level? If you think having wifi access could impress your customers, then, you are missing a new advancement in technology that will keep your business at a competitive edge. What is it? Well, have you heard of wireless charging helping businesses attract more customers that rely heavily on mobile devices? Imagine if your cafe or restaurant is offering not only wifi access, but also auto charging to customers’ mobile devices without the need for a cable device. It’s surely a cool treat to anyone who forgets to charge his or her mobile device or laptop while out for an appointment. Here’s more you will receive upon installation of wireless charging.

Attract more customers

Having your business accessible to wireless charging could be a plus point to customers, especially if similar businesses within the area aren’t offering it. For example, if there are a lot of café shops operating in the area where your café business is situated and you alone offers wireless charging, more customers will prefer coming to your cafe due to this convenience.

More earnings

Highlighting this feature as part of your business’ best offers will mean more earnings. How is that possible? When a customer discovers the need to auto charge his or her laptop or mobile device while dining at your café or restaurant, this is additional hours spent for wireless charging and could lead to extra orders of food or beverage.

Increase mobility

Installing wireless charging at your business establishment would not only favour your customers, regardless you are a café, restaurant or start-up company offering various services, this latest technology could also bring benefits to you and your workers. We all rely heavily on mobile devices and having to charge a laptop or mobile device to a charging outlet limits one’s mobility. But, with the availability of wireless charging, you and your workers are not expected to be stationary and can resume to your other responsibilities.

Safer environment

How many times have you heard of accidents like fire or explosion due to a forgotten device left while charging? With wireless charging you are confident that your business offers a safer environment both to you, your workers and customers because charging is carried out through magnetic resonance without the need to plug to an electrical outlet.


Since wireless charging doesn’t require a power outlet to charge any mobile device or laptop, this means less consumption on your electricity. This is indeed a cost-effective strategy for any business owner wanting to save money on utility bills. Aside from that, the material components used for wireless charging are rust free and don’t attract moisture, meaning you don’t have to worry of replacing them.

Are you now convinced to have this amazing feature part of your business’ offer? If yes, and would like to know more about wireless charging and other office power solutions including the cost to install them, talk to any of the experts at dpg-formfittings for enlightenment.

Don’t let your lack of knowledge for innovative products prevent your business from performing to its fullest potential. If other business owners have benefit greatly from the use of wireless charging, give it a fair try and see how your business’ performance zooms to the next level.