Choosing Between Veneer Board and Laminate: 5 Things to Consider

An easy way of protecting and renovating your furniture without completely changing the wooden composition itself is by changing the veneer board or the laminate. Once you succeed in finding the right veneer board and laminated board suppliers, the only question that you have to consider is what you want to use for your needs and your budget.

Before you can make a decision about what would suit you best, you have to consider the differences between veneer board and laminate.

What Are The Differences Between Veneer Board And Laminated Board?

  1. Material: The primary difference between the two stems from the fact that laminate is usually made of artificial materials, like plastic resin, or paper, but veneer board is mostly an extremely thin slice of wood taken from a tree bark.
  2. Price: As you might have guessed, since veneers are made from actual wood, they are almost always more expensive than laminates. Within veneers, there will be price differences based on whether they are sliced or rotary cut. For the best value for your money, always shop at trusted veneer board and laminated board suppliers like Processed Forest Products in Australia.
  3. Usage: If you want a uniform cover over a large area, it might be better for you to opt for laminate. Since veneers are natural, you might not find enough quantity for it to be uniform throughout a large area.
  4. Price: Price is often the most important factor when it comes to choosing the veneer board or a laminate board. However, think of it this way, a good veneer will last a long time, increase the resale value of your house, and benefit you in the long run.
  5. Miscellaneous: There are a lot of reasons why people do prefer veneer board over manmade laminates that even the laminated board suppliers cannot deny. Veneers are classier than laminates; they are natural, eco-friendly, and extremely elegant. They can also be polished and customized even after application, so you can have a fresh new look pretty frequently.

Processed Forest Products – The Leading Veneer Board and Laminated Board Suppliers

At Processed Forest Products, we stock a huge variety of veneer and laminate products available in myriad of styles and textures. All our products can be easily customized to suit your precise needs and budget.  For more information, visit Processed Forest Products or simply call one of our experts at (02) 9771 5155 now. 


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Trade Show Exhibition Stands Often Include Covers For Circular Desks

Many trade show displays feature small circular desks or stands. These are used as places where people can stack their documents or other promotional materials on. These work well for many particular intentions, but it helps to have a nice decorative accent added onto one of these desks. Fortunately, you can get a fine cover placed around the body of your desk. This adds a special appearance that distinguishes your stand from others while keeping your desk from looking too ordinary.

How This Works

A circular desk cover works with a simple layout. This uses a large roll of fabric that you would apply around the stand. You would take a desk that is a few feet in height and then place it in the middle of your display area. After that, you would gather an appropriately measured cover and wrap it around the base of the desk. The cover must be measured based on how big or tall your desk is.

The desk cover can include Velcro fasteners or other ties to secure the cover in its place. This keeps it secure over your desk base without slipping off.

It can work well regardless of the desk you have. You can use this on either a desk with a solid base or one with a small pillar supporting a flat top. You would have to find something that anchors itself well to the floor for the latter option though.

What Is Printed On It?

The desk cover you could order for trade show exhibition stands can come with one of many fine printouts. You can get a layout that features the logo for your company organized in a repeating pattern.

You can also get a larger image of your logo printed on the front. This option makes trade show displays easier to distinguish, but you would have to position your desk cover accordingly so it displays the proper thing you wish to highlight.

Make sure you look at how well a circular desk cover can be used for your trade show display. Trade show exhibition stands look better when their desks are appropriately covered. Check with Swift Display Systems to see what you can use when getting one of these stands ready.

3 Benefits of a CPU Holder You Cannot Ignore

Computers are without a doubt one of the most important pieces of technology in any office.  That’s why a CPU holder is probably the best investment you can make to secure your computer efficiently. Nowadays, computers are the lifeblood of organizations. Employees spend hours and hours in creating crucial data amounting to hundreds of gigabytes.

However, when you place your CPU on the floor and keep it there to collect dust, you’re compromising on the safety of your precious data. A CPU holder provides a secure and easily accessible place to keep your workstation.

When you’ve a meticulously designed CPU holder installed in your office, you can never hit your CPU accidently, and there will be no risk of tip-over and spills. What’s more, a CPU holder, in addition to other ergonomic products like sit-stand workstation and a monitor arm, can help you save a lot of space on your floor as well as desktop.

Advantages of Having a CPU Holder in Your Office

  1. Make The Most Of Your Office Space: In most offices, a CPU occupies a major chunk of space which can be saved by installing a simple, cost-effective CPU holder. It will keep your CPU at a completely secure and easily accessible location. You’ll be amazed at how spacious and clutter-free your office will look after installing this simple accessory.
  1. Adjustable Swivel: With a swive-able and reliable CPU holder from dpg-formfittings, you can easily access your computer peripherals and ports at any time you want. So, whether you want to plug any cable at the back of your pc or install a new hardware, a CPU holder with adjustable swivel feature is all you need to accomplish these tasks without any hassle.
  1. Ultimate Protection to Your CPU: Besides a number of benefits and useful applications of a CPU holder, it provides top-notch protection to your CPU and the delicate components contained inside. For instance if you keep your CPU on the floor, there’s a huge risk of hair or dust going inside it and damaging its electronic components. With a CPU holder, you can keep your CPU at a safe location free from everyday nuisances.

dpg-formfittings: Get Reliable CPU Holders to Keep Your CPU in Tip-Top Condition

dpg-formfittings is one of Australia’s leading specialists for office power solutions and ergonomic products like CPU holders and monitor arms for businesses of all sizes. For more information, visit dpg-formfittings or give our experts a call at 02 9669 3449 today.

Professional Builders Guide For Wall Paneling: Types Of Material You Can Use

Are you always on the lookout for raw materials that will complete the final finish of your construction projects? If most of your enhancements include wall paneling and searching for the right material, here are some suggestions.

FSC certified veneer panels

If you want to ensure quality as well as aesthetic appeal of the room where you will do wall paneling, why not consider FSC certified veneer as main material. The FSC seal assures clients that the wood used to produce veneer has come from managed forests and passed quality assurance standards. Aside from that, veneer products including used for wall paneling are easy to install, cost less than hardwood and produce an exquisite craftsmanship after installation.

Chipboard panels

Another option of material that you can use for your wall paneling is chipboard. This type of paneling material is made from chips of wood bonded together through the use of adhesive and pressed until the outcome results to a stiff board. Chipboard panels cost less and come in a variety of thickness and density. So, if you want to achieve a solid wall paneling opt for high density chipboard panels because they are thicker and more solid in appearance as compared to the normal or medium chipboard panels.

Natural wood panels

Among the well sought wall paneling material is natural wood because it’s ideal for thermal and insulation purposes. Natural wood doesn’t also accumulate dirt, no fading issue and can be easily repaired. However, natural wood is prone to water damage because they don’t have waterproofing features.

Fiberboard panels (medium-density)

If you prefer cheap material for your wood paneling project, the MDF or medium-density fiberboard is a good alternative because it cost less than other wooden products and can be mistaken for wood due to their similar appearance after staining it. However, unlike the FSC certified veneer panels that are durable, the fiberboard medium-density panels are prone to crack or split. So, you need to be extra cautious when installing MDF to avoid wasting material. Since you need to be careful during installation, this wood paneling can be time consuming unlike the veneer and chipboard panels.

Panels made from fabric

If your client insisted a softer look on the walls, the best replacement material is panels made from baric material. However, soft fabric isn’t ideal for acoustic insulation. You should consider upholstered walls that will give you the same soft appeal to the onlooker and at the same time provide adequate insulation to the room. Expect upholstered walls to be very expensive, so it your client is on a tight budget, you need to discuss the pros and cons of fabric panels.

PVC panels

PVC panels are known to be durable, easy to clean and fire resistant. If the areas you will be paneling include the bathroom, shower room or kitchen, PVC made panels will not only keep these areas clean, but rest assured they will last longer as compared to other paneling materials. PVC panels are also perfect to your child’s bedroom or playroom because this type of material doesn’t accumulate dirt or dust particles. The installation process of PVC panels is also not time consuming and gives you flexibility when cutting them to desired shapes and sizes.

Wall paneling gives you a chance to be creative, but make sure you pick the right material to ensure you don’t only achieve aesthetic appeal, but serve the real purpose of this wall paneling project. If you are consider FSC certified veneer as your main wood paneling material, contact any of the representatives at Forest Products for a free quote.

Why Timber Veneer Are Ideal For Commercial Construction Projects?

The aesthetic appearance of timber veneer is quite unique, making it a favoured material not only in home renovations and furniture industry, in construction projects too. Below are other facts that make timber veneer ideal to builders and architects handling various construction projects.

Introduction to Timber Veneer

This type of wood is sliced very thin, approximately sixteenth of an inch in thickness. It’s often installed on solid surfaces with the intention to achieve a hardwood finish. Timber veneer originates from trees, then, undergoes precise cutting procedure. It also comes in various types, appearance and could surpass the uses of hardwood.

Cost of quality made timber veneer

The cost of quality made timber veneer very affordable. This could be probably one of the reasons why professional builders and architects prefer using timber veneer like the timber veneer panels for their commercial constructions. Aside from that, the cost to install timber veneer is a lot cheaper when comparing the installation cost of hardwood.


If you will ask which construction material is environment-friendly, timber veneer panels or hardwood? Timber veneer is the top choice. Why? Hardwood is cut with a sawing blade where the final product is about one inch thick board and the saw dust accumulated during the cutting process is huge depending on the number of hardwood pieces cut. This isn’t good for the environment as it adds to pollution in air and waste. But, when it comes to the cutting process that timber veneer undergoes is more environment-friendly because there is no dust generated, meaning lesser pollution and waste.

Quality assurance control

Although, you may be able to purchase timber veneer in DIY stores, if you are in need of bulk orders of top quality timber veneer, you should check Forest Products because they are a leading timber veneer Sydney supplier of a wide range of timber veneer materials. At their main office site located in Beaconsfield Street, Milperra NSW you have the privilege to consult any of their experts in hardwood and timber veneer products for professional advice on what to purchase for your commercial construction projects.

I do hope after reading this post it gave you valuable information about quality timber veneer products like veneer panels and how they could add value to every commercial project you will handle in the near future. If you want to know more about different kinds of veneer products, feel free to browse the product categories available at Forest Products official site and discover the rarity of designs and patterns that this reputable timber veneer Sydney supplier has to offer.


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How Are Doors Organized on Your Storage Solutions?

The doors on your industrial shelving units are more important than you might think they are. You have to look at how well the doors are engineered and that you can make them work well enough for any storage solutions you wish to utilize.

How Many Doors Are Needed?

You should look at how many doors you need for a metal storage cabinet. You need to get enough doors to fit all the items you have while dividing up individual things in your work space. Take a look at the types of items you want to store and see how big your cabinets have to be to handle all those things. You should also figure out how you wish to divide those items from one another so you can plan the appropriate number of doors you wish to use at a time.

Insulation Is Important

Take a look at the insulation that comes with a quality metal storage cabinet. The doors should be organized with thick metal materials that will keep the inside part of a cabinet from being impacted by outside conditions that might harm some of the items you are storing. It could work if you have a cold storage cabinet that needs to keep chilled temperatures on the inside from escaping.

Sometimes the metal may be cut to allow a foam insulation insert to be added. This could be even more effective than just working with a basic metal layout with a thick body added to it.

What About Locks?

The locks on your doors should be reviewed well. Sometimes a lock might include an added lever or panel that is triggered when a key is utilized. You can add a key into a slot to remove the lever or other lock as necessary. This could work well if you have sensitive items that you need to secure without worrying about someone trying to open up a space.

Be certain when looking for quality storage solutions that you look at how well the doors on something are organized and planned. Contact Premier Engineering and Storage Solutions for assistance with planning any storage space of value to you.

How to Make Your Office More Efficient With Under Desk Power and Umbilical Cable Management?

When you think it’s high time to find some solution to the tangled mess of cables spread in your office, there are good chances that you’ll get overwhelmed by the sheer variety of products available for this purpose. From under desk power modules to umbilical cable management systems, there are virtually endless options available for you. In this article, we’ll discuss a few of the most effective products for your needs.

Make Your Furniture Work for You with Under Desk Power Modules

Desks can be more than just a surface to keep your essential gadgets. Office power solutions like under desk power modules, in desk modules, and umbilical cable management systems can help you get the best out of your office furniture. Not only can these versatile products free up and organize precious desk space, they can also do wonders to the efficiency of workers who use these systems.

First and foremost, you’ll need to sort out your power and data cables. Searching for a socket far away from the desk should be avoided at all costs. State-of-the-art under-desk power modules bring power and data right where your equipments are but without using your valuable desk space.

Power and data are the most common functionalities you can find in most office power solutions available nowadays. However, having an easily accessible USB port is one of the preferred features people look for in their in-desk and under-desk power modules.

The good news is that you can bring your USB ports, including USB charging point right where you’re working with the help of under desk power modules.

Maximise Desk Space with Office Power Solutions and Ergonomic Products 

Now that you know how to get data and power to your desk with in-desk and under desk power modules, you should think about ways to make your office look more organised and spacious. Umbilical cable management and ergonomic products like monitor arms allow you to accomplish these goals with aplomb.

  • Monitor arms and umbilical cable managements systems available at dpg-formfittings offer some remarkable features to the users. They are affordable, look stylish and make your office more functional and ergonomic instantly.
  • Apart from a monitor arm, CPU occupies a major chunk of desk or floor space. If this is the case in your office, a CPU holder is a godsend. These highly practical CPU holders will help you take your CPU’s off the desk or floor. So, not only will you be able to save space, you can also avoid hitting your CPU with your feet accidentally.
  • While you’re at it, a handy cable basket can help you manage excess cables coming out of your CPU’s and other machines.

So, think carefully about which systems can really help you make your workplace more efficient and organized. All you need to do is make a little investment and choose a trusted specialist like dpg-formfittings to get everything under control.

Trust us – you’ll certainly be amazed by the improvements these easy steps will lead to. For more information, visit dpg-formfittings or speak to one of our specialists at 02 9669 3449 today!

What Should You Find In Your Protective Workwear Overalls?

Overalls are among the most popular products that safety workwear suppliers have to offer. Such overalls can workers by keeping their bodies protected from any chemicals or oils that might spread around the workplace. These are useful for many industrial environments, but it is critical to see that this protective workwear is designed properly and that it is easy for anyone to utilize.

A Proper Fabric Is Needed

Protective overalls need to be made with a good fabric that protects the body without feeling heavy. Sturdy cotton is always useful. Preshrunk cotton works for being a good insulator while also being thick enough to keep the wearer’s body from getting in touch with oils. It can also be washed well in a heavy duty cycle as necessary.

Look at how dense or thick the cotton might be on the overalls you look for. Anything with a 300g thread count or better is always worthwhile. Just make sure the cotton is not overly thick or otherwise hard to wear.

Proper Zippers Are Needed

The zippers used in this kind of protective workwear should be reviewed carefully. The zippers need to be secure and capable of creating a good fit. Any small coverings over the zippers are always a plus as they add an extra bit of protection.

What About Pockets?

Pockets are important for protective overalls to have. Safety workwear suppliers often make their overalls with pockets on the sides. These include small pockets with deep bodies and slightly thicker surfaces to keep sharp items from poking around. These pockets make it easier for you to carry important work items with you anywhere without risking any cuts or other serious threats.

Look at how the protective workwear overalls you choose are laid out and that you are using something that is easy to sport and wear in the workplace. Contact AA Safety and Workwear to see what overalls you can find for your workplace needs.


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What Can You Add To Your Workbench?

You have the option to create a workbench for your industrial property in any way you see fit. You should think about more than just the flat surface that your workbench will include. You must also look at a few points that make your bench a little more functional and useful.

Where Can Fixed Machines Go?

You can get a massive fixed machine added to one end of a workbench if desired. This would work if you have a frequent use for a certain machine but that device might be too heavy to carry around. Attaching a laser cutting device or a lathe to one end of the bench is useful as it gives you a dedicated spot for taking care of those materials. This is something that many metal cutting teams, including laser cutting service providers, use to expand upon the services they offer.

Look For Storage Spaces

Some additional storage solutions can be incorporated around the sides of your bench. These may also be found on the bottom parts of the bench away from the main working surface. A few pull-out cabinets can be placed right under the top. A flat surface can also be placed near the floor for when you have larger tools or devices that need to be secured. Anything you can add for your storage needs always helps you keep your plans for using a bench under control.

How Are the Legs Managed?

The legs on your workbench should be secure and solid. You have the option to add small wheels or rollers on the ends of those legs for when you need to move the bench around. But you should ensure any of those materials have brakes or stoppers to keep your bench from moving around too much.

Premier Engineering and Storage Solutions can help you with producing a custom workbench that fits your needs. See what you can get out of this important space you can add to your workshop.

A Brief Guide to Umbilical Cable Management Systems

Umbilical cable management systems are created to offer a highly innovative and functional solution to power and data distribution in offices. Umbilical cable systems provide effective and neat cable management from floor or ceiling to the workstation.

Another important benefit of cable umbilicals is that they provide an efficient protection to the cables against physical damage. It also protects power and data cables from undue stress. To achieve this, quality umbilical cable management systems composed of highly resilient material such as stainless steel wire throughout their entire length.

Umbilical cable basically hides and channels wires coming out of the workstation either into the ceiling or into the floor. Named because of its resemblance with human umbilical cord, umbilical cable management systems can be used in conjunction with other office power solutions such as floor boxes and grommets.

dpg-formfittings: For A Comprehensive Range Of Umbilical Cable Management Systems

Apart from quality umbilical cable management systems, dpg-formfittings offers a comprehensive range of office power solutions including busbar, cable basket, in-desk modules, sit stand workstation and wiring accessories, among others.

Choosing a comprehensive supplier is essential to achieve a well-organised power and data distribution in offices. Below are just a few of the reasons why you should visit dpg-formfittings to shop for all your office power solutions and ergonomic products.

  • Seamless compatibility between all the office power solutions and ergonomic products.
  • No interface issues.
  • Access to unmatched expertise and knowledge of dpg-formfittings.
  • Friendly and experienced professionals at dpg-formfittings are always eager to help you so that you can get the best out of your office power solutions including umbilical cable management systems.
  • Highly skilled support staff will make sure that your umbilical cable management systems and other products will precisely fit your specific needs and budget.

Visit dpg-Formfittings for a Vast Range of Office Power Solutions

dpg-formfittings stocks a wide selection of high quality umbilical cable management systems such as SNAP umbilical. All our cable management solutions are reliable, easy to install, affordable and offer a stunning, minimalistic look to any office space.

For more information on cable management systems, office power solutions and ergonomic products for offices, contact the leading experts at dpg-formfittings today. Visit us or call us at 02 9669 3449.