Common Features on Retail Display Stands To Look For

Regardless of what you plan on offering, you have to see that the retail display stands you wish to utilize are designed well. Several things can be found on these stands with different options working for specific usage needs. Each display stand option comes with its own spectacular and important features.

Tiers Work Well

Multiple tiers can be included on retail display stands. Several tiers can be applied when you have various types of items to display or offer. This works best in cases where you have items that have flat bottom surfaces so they can stand up on their own.

You can use tiers that come in different sizes too. These include cases where the smaller tiers are on the top while they become larger as you move further down. This creates a nice display that highlights a product or other item in a distinct manner.

Racks Work For Paper

Some stands may come with rack bodies. These are items that use pouches or slots that you can store flat items into. This is important if you plan on offering paper materials like flyers or brochures to people. You can even get multiple racks or pouches added onto your space to add a nice style.

A Bookcase Look Adds a Distinct Appearance

A bookcase style would include flat surfaces spaced out evenly from one another. This creates a traditional look similar to what you would find in a bookcase in your home.

Can Wire Racks Work?

Wire racks are light in weight and slim in their design. These would work best if you have items that you want to hang for display purposes. It could work when displaying clothing or other fabrics that need to spread out a bit.

Retail display stands offer nice looks if planned well. Be certain that you look at how well such nice stands are organized to create a better look that also displays whatever you have to offer quite well.

Top 3 Tips to Buy Veneer Panels

Veneer panels are made of finely sliced real timber. They are a sustainable and renewable resource and offer the same timeless appeal of hardwood panels but at a far affordable price. So, what are the best practices when it comes to buying veneer panels for your next project? Let’s take a look:

  1. Buy Sufficient Enough For Your Entire Project: Since raw timber logs are completely unique, and their colour and grain vary from product to product, it’s recommended to know your exact requirements and buy enough in one go to finish your whole project. Even if you buy the same species, except from basic characteristics, there may be variations in figuring, knots and mineral etc. If you’re not certain about your precise requirements, always buy extra timber veneer. This can help you save some serious time and trouble later on.
  1. Buying Veneer for the Damaged Parts: First of all, carefully remove the damaged area from the surface of your existing item. Now patch it with a new veneer of similar quality and appearance. Make sure that the new patched veneer matches the texture of grains around it. Secondly, always use a suitable adhesive to fix the patch. This will largely depend on the type of veneer and the technique you are using. Please feel free to contact our professionals for more guidance in this regard.
  1. Choosing The Right Finish- Before you start applying a suitable finish, make sure the area is clean and free from dust. Check your timber panels for imperfections such as bubbles and ridges etc. You can use a torch light to illuminate the surface and find such flaws easily. These problems must be fixed before finishing. Different problems need to be addressed in different ways. Finishes come in a huge variety including oil, varnish, stain and water based finishes, to name a few.

Decorative veneers are perfect to give any surface an elegant look and finish at a very low cost. No wonder, veneers are one of the most effective and sought-after laminates available to the business owners today.

Please leave your valuable feedback to us. If you have any query regarding the veneer panels, feel free to contact the experts at Processed Forest Products now!

Protective Workwear Sydney Needs To Be Light In Weight

It is vital that everyone in a Sydney-area workplace has the right safety supplies on hand. These include the workwear needed to keep people from being at risk of harm from any threats in an area. But as you look for protective workwear Sydney, you need to find options that are light in weight.

Whether it entails protective clothing, shoes or headwear, you need items that are light. This is to allow people to be mobile without worrying about excess weight bogging anyone’s body down. Lighter materials are also easier for people to wear without feeling uncomfortable.

Cotton Can Work

Cotton materials can often be used in some workwear items. These include coveralls and utility pants. Cotton is flexible and strong while offering plenty of insulation. It is also a fabric that does not weigh far too much even when an added layer is applied.

PVC Works Too

PVC is often utilized in many workwear materials. This is especially the case with shoes. PVC is a nice compound that can be slim and flexible and still insulates the body well. It will not tear apart or weaken easily.

This is especially useful if you need to produce a nice reflective surface on your workwear. Many reflective safety supplies or workwear products are made with reflective ribbons and other compounds that are easy to see in many conditions. Look at how well PVC works on your protective workwear Sydney to create a nice layout.

Can Carbon Fiber Work?

Carbon fiber can be used in some workwear materials. This is especially the case with helmets. Carbon fiber is prominent for being light in weight while absorbing energy quite well. If used right, it adds a comfortable body and does not bog anyone down. This especially does well when keeping your head from feeling too much stress.

Lightweight materials are perfect when you are finding safety supplies for any intention. Just see what you can use so you will find something comfortable and easy to wear.

Features of Gum Boots Sydney To Find When Buying Them Online

As you shop for online safety clothing Sydney, you have to see what comes with gum boots. You can find great gum boots Sydney online to keep you protected in many working environments.

Gum boots are often used in Sydney workplaces where people are at risk of experiencing foot injuries. They protect people from foot and ankle injuries, burns or bruises. These are very sturdy but there are many things that must be seen when finding great gum boots Sydney that can keep you protected.

How Tall Is It?

Gum boots typically go up to a spot midway between your ankle and knee. This should offer enough protection without exposing more parts of your foot.

How Can You Put It On?

Most gum boots are slip on models. That is, you can slip the boot onto your foot rather quickly. You could get a buckle or other fastener on the top to keep it from slipping off of your foot too.

What Is the Material?

Rubber can be used on many gum boots Sydney products. Rubber is flexible and resists water quite well. It can also be thick enough to offer some protection over your foot so it will not be at risk of harm.

Lightweight PVC materials may also be used. These can also be thick and strong while not adding far too much bulk onto your foot when used right.

Look At the Sole

The sole on the boot should be reviewed to see that it is comfortable and flexible. It needs a rubber body while also having a heel that offers support and a good grip. The heel can be around a quarter of an inch in height like with any other boot.

The front part of the sole should also curve upward by a small bit. This allows for a nice body that keeps the natural curve of your foot comfortable.

Watch for how gum boots work when finding online safety clothing Sydney for any intention. You will get more out of these boots if you have something that is strong and comfortable.

Points For Storing Roll Up Banners That Keep These Items For Exhibition Stands Protected

Unique roll up banners are appealing items that anyone could add onto a display stand. Such a nice banner can be opened and closed quite well. But as you look for one of these banners for exhibition stands, you need to see how well you can store it.

Roll up banners are made with flexible materials that are easy to secure. But you should see that such a banner is carefully stored so it will not wear out in some way.

How Does the Texture Feel?

The texture of your banner should be soft and comfortable without potentially scratching up as you roll your banner up. A banner should come with a polyester or vinyl body that is flexible and does not tear up during the rolling process. This is to keep the image on your banner clear and crisp.

Use a Proper Tube

A convenient tube could help with securing roll up banners. A tube may be included in the purchase of a banner. It might include a cardboard body or even a thick polyester material. The key is that the tube should keep the banner stored well without it shifting around.

Can a Locking Material Work?

A locking mechanism could be added onto a banner as well. This would entail you securing the top and bottom parts well. With this, you would have to roll up a banner and then use a series of latches to secure the two parts. This would assist you in keeping the banner secured without it potentially coming apart while in storage. When paired alongside an added tube material, it becomes easier for you to keep the banner protected for all exhibition stands you plan on using it with in the future.

Watch for how you find a convenient storage setup when getting a roll up banner ready. Be certain that you look at how well roll up banners are to be stored so it becomes easier for you to keep your surface secured.





Top 5 Advantages of Wood Veneer Panels

Today’s cutting-edge wood veneer panels, made by experienced craftsmen, using the highest quality materials are of a whole new level. Well known for their high strength, stunning aesthetics and eco-friendliness, top grade veneer options like FSC certified veneer are some of the most sought-after furnishings you can find in the market.

An Introduction to Veneer Panels

While modern veneer manufacturing machines are completely different from the traditional tools, the process has been around for centuries. In ancient times, veneers were used to attain luxurious appearance for goods built on a lower quality base. Veneers manufactured today are relatively thinner but are more durable than traditional veneer products.

Wood veneer panels are made by applying veneer to a base of MDF, plywood or particleboard. The base is selected depending on the cost or for any desired features. Veneer can be produced using several cutting methods. Each method produces a different appearance. Some of the popular cutting methods used in the veneer industry are rotary and crown cutting etc.

Advantages of Wood Veneer Panels

As surprising as it may sound, wood veneer panels are actually stronger and more resilient than solid natural wood. Solid wood furnishings tend to splitting and warping over time. Natural wood is quite delicate and even regular wear and tear can damage solid wood furniture. On the other hand, wood veneer panels, with a durable base, are extremely stable products that can last a lifetime with some care and maintenance.

Let’s have a look at some of the advantages of wood veneer panels.

  1. Since each veneer is absolutely unique, wood veneer panels can help you design furnishings that look unique and exclusive.
  2. With wood veneer panels, you get limitless design possibilities to attain that classic and elegant look at a reasonable price.
  3. Veneer panels are resistant to fragmentation and warping. Wood veneer panels last longer than most other options including laminates.
  4. Veneer panels boost strength, longevity and overall value of your products.
  5. Timber veneer is eco-friendly and non-toxic. It is the best way to utilize precious wood.

For more information and to choose from the widest selection of wood veneer panels in Australia, visit Processed Forest Products today!

Obtain the Best Outcome by Consulting the Experts at Premier Engineering

When you want to cut just about any material to high levels of precision, you’ll need quality laser cutting services. Laser cutting involves using a laser beam for cutting any kind of material to exact specifications. The controlling software present in the laser cutting machines helps in ensuring that the cuts are fine, even and precise. Unlike mechanical tooling and cutting processes, laser cutting offers cuts of superior levels of precision in minimal timeframes. This is why firms offering efficient laser cutting services, such as Premier Engineering, are in great demand all over the country.

What Are the Benefits of Using the Laser Cutting Services Offered by Premier Engineering?

When it comes to offering customised and full-fledged workbench solutions in Sydney, Premier Engineering and Storage Solutions is the name to trust. Our workbench solutions focus on sheet metal. In fact, this happens to be our speciality. We focus on adopting innovative practices too. This is why we can produce sheet metal applications in a myriad of ways. More importantly, our ability to innovate serves to enhance our precision levels as well. Unlike other companies in the domain, we believe in offering products tailored to suit the needs of our clients. Thus, it is hardly surprising that we’re the supplier of choice for sheet metal components to various businesses in Sydney.

By availing our services, you will receive:

  • Components with incredibly smooth and unmarked edges that look perfect
  • Work with tolerance levels below 0.2 mm, which you can seldom expect to achieve when you use any other cutting methods
  • Incredibly quick and efficient turnaround times based on our utilisation of computer-aided design methods
  • High-quality engraving services that personalise your materials
  • Access to various cutting options – including those with 3D capabilities and,
  • High-quality and accurate levels of cutting, regardless of the material

Premier Engineering and Storage Solutions – Your One-Stop Destination for Industrial Shelves and Workbenches

At Premier Engineering, we offer high-quality sheet metal components. We assist with all parts of the design and production processes. We know that there’s no substitute for high-quality products. To ensure this, we have invested a lot of money and effort in acquiring cutting-edge technology and tools. These computer-aided design tools enable us to meet all the requirements of our clients. Besides laser cutting services, we offer CNC punching and fastener insertion services too. To request a quote, click here.


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Claddings Featuring Timber Panels Could Make Your Home Look Stylish

Several properties throughout Australia feature timber cladding. The use of timber panels in the cladding makes homes look stylish and attractive. For the uninitiated, the term ‘cladding’ refers to the material that builders will typically affix to the exterior of a building. This material serves to give the exterior of the structure a decorative and a functional finish. Timber cladding usually comprises long and narrow, overlapping boards. In some cases, it might come in panels and shingles as well. Builders typically install these panels horizontally, vertically or even, diagonally.

Timber Panels – The Material of Choice for Cladding Houses in Australia

Timber is a classic material that never goes out of style. It is a long-lasting material as well. So, if you make your doors, windows, wardrobes and furniture from timber, you can rest assured that these objects will last you for years. Its quiet elegance and warmth make timber a material of choice in the construction sector.

Unlike other materials, timber cladding is suitable for use in both modern and traditionally styled properties. In addition, it comes in a diverse range of finishes too. Thus, you could use it for cladding the entire exterior of the house. Or, you could even combine it with various materials to make your timber cladding a feature wall. Realtors opine that homes featuring wood panelling and timber cladding fetch higher prices on the resale market.

Builders use timber panels for cladding homes because it:

  • Is easy to install
  • Is durable
  • Offers high-impact resistance that can minimise damage to the house
  • Is energy-efficient
  • Can absorb sound and insulate your home
  • Is versatile and,
  • Is environment-friendly


Are You Looking for the Best Varieties of Timber Veneer?

If you’re looking for high-quality timber panels and veneers, your search ends at Processed Forest Products. For more than 43 years, we have been providing quality timber veneer panels, boards and sheets to clients across the country. We only source the best quality natural and reconstituted veneers. In addition, our inventory comprises a comprehensive range of boards as well. From plywood to particleboards, we have it all. Besides these, we also supply high-gloss laminates, acrylics and foils. Our staff can manufacture made-to-measure doors in an assortment of sizes as well. With us, you can expect to receive quality products with superlative levels of customer service. To get a free quote, click here.

Free Range Butcher: The Real Deal with Free Range Pork

A large portion—more than ninety percent—of all the pigs raised and sold for their meat are grown at indoor farms, or what are otherwise referred to as conventional or factory farms. The remaining percentage are those that are raised in free range farms or those produced from organic farming.

A typical butcher in Sydney buys his produce from factory farms. There are, however, some butchers who go through great lengths just to get their hands on free range pigs. This is mostly because of the high demand for such meat by the consumers. These consumers are more than willing to pay a premium for such kind of quality pork.

As many would already know, free-range pigs are grown outdoors as opposed to factory farmed pigs. However, the actual settings in a free-range farm may not be what consumers thought it to be. For instance, it is true that authorities have banned the use of farrowing crates and sow stalls for free-range pigs. However, the case is different for the piglets.

Once the piglets are born and weaned, they don’t get to join the sows outside. Instead, the piglets are kept in a hut, usually made of straw. The hut is indeed an open one, allowing for the free flow of air into the structure. However, structural components prevent the piglets from going out and enjoying the outdoors. They are—to a certain extent—not allowed to roam and range freely.

Many consumers question the truthfulness of the term free-range because of this practice. However, this should be quite understandable since it is done to protect the welfare of the piglets. At such a young age, they are still susceptible to the hazards of the outdoors like germs, bacteria and infections. When they reach a certain age, that’s when they’re allowed to go out and be considered as truly free-range pigs.

If you are looking for high quality free range pork meat from a free range butcher, you’re more than welcome to visit us in our shop. We are located at Fifteenth Ave., West Hoxton NSW. We are open from 7:30 am – 5:30 pm on Mondays thru Fridays and from 7 am – 1 pm on Saturdays. You can also call us up at (02) 9826 6122 for all your enquiries. As a leading butcher in Sydney, we make sure that we offer our customers a wide array of other quality meats that you can choose from like, lamb, beef, veal and many others.

How to Differentiate Between Veneer and Laminated Boards

forest product laminated boards


Tacky furnishings could detract from the overall look of your home interiors. This is why homeowners need to invest a significant amount of thought when they think of embellishing their interior décor. For many homeowners in Australia, choosing between veneer and laminated boards for their furnishings can be difficult. These individuals will usually find themselves at sixes and sevens in such situations. In many cases, this is because they don’t know much about the two materials, their similarities and their differences.

What’s the Difference Between Veneer and Laminated Boards?

Unlike genuine wood, laminates are not natural. Manufacturers produce laminates with prints that give it a similar appearance to that of authentic wood. They accomplish this by printing patterns onto paper. Or, they could even soak brown papers in synthetic resins to achieve the desired look. In contrast, veneers denote strips of wood. Manufacturers bond extremely thin layers of hardwood to less expensive varieties of wood or particleboard. As a result, the veneers will look like they are solid pieces of wood. But, they will be much cheaper than blocks of wood having a similar size.

Laminated boards and veneers can provide similar looks and finishes. But, making furniture from laminated boards will be much cheaper. While they are not exorbitant in terms of price, veneers will be slightly more expensive than laminates. In addition, over time, you’ll be able to stain, paint or sandpaper your veneers to achieve a different look. In contrast, you will probably need to replace your laminates, should you want to achieve a different look. But, replacing your laminates will be cheaper because of the lower costs of the material. Laminates are scratch-resistant and waterproof. However, you will need to polish veneers regularly.

Processed Forest Products – The Supplier of Choice When It Comes to Wood Panelling in NSW

If you require high-quality veneers and laminated boards, simply shop at Processed Forest Products. We specialise in manufacturing quality veneered panels on MDF, particleboard and plywood substrates. Since 1974, we have been one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of timber veneer. We can offer you a comprehensive range of solutions when it comes to timber veneered boards or raw boards. We manufacture and distribute a wide range of panel products typically used by a diverse selection of timber industries. From lightweight boards to solid core doors, we have it all. Check out our entire range of services here.