Considerations when Having a Custom Metal Storage Cabinet Made

One of the best storage options for many types of businesses is a metal storage cabinet. But should you buy one from the home improvement centre or should you have one custom-made? Here are some reasons why the latter makes for a better choice.


The first thing you need to consider is how the metal storage cabinet is to be used. Will it be used to hold specific types of instruments or equipment? Consider also both current and future uses of the said cabinet. Will its intended use remain the same throughout its service life or will it change in the near future? Your answers to these questions will have a large impact on other aspects of the storage cabinet, especially its design.


Design-wise, there are two main things to consider—functionality and aesthetics.

Where functionality is concerned, you want a design that allows you to maximise the metal storage cabinet’s purpose. For example, you may want to include drawers or cubicles for specific items. Alternatively, you can design them with small industrial shelving units for general purpose storage.

As for aesthetics, you’ll want a metal storage cabinet that reflects the kind of image you want for your business. This is especially true if it will be displayed in public spaces. Metal storage cabinets can be designed in a variety of colours and finish. You can even include a variety of design details if you so wish.


In many cases, a metal storage cabinet will be holding items that are special to your business. As such, you’ll want it to be able to protect the items therein from unscrupulous individuals. If the cabinet is capable of protecting the items from natural elements like moisture, then all the better. Choose materials and designs that provide you with peace of mind.


A metal storage cabinet is a huge investment. Considering the purpose for which you had it built and the money you put into its creation, you’ll want to make sure that it is one cabinet that will last you for a very long time. In many cases, a custom-made metal storage cabinet will be better than its mass produced counterparts. With custom-made metal storage cabinet, you are assured of the quality of materials and craftsmanship that went into its construction.

At Premier Engineering, we always make it a point to deliver incredible value to our clients. Whether you need metal storage cabinet or industrial shelving units, you can rely on our team of experts for help. Get in touch with us today for a free quote.


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How Big Can Roll Up Stands Be?

swift display banner stands


A great part of finding roll up stands is that you can come across a variety of stands in a number of sizes. This is useful when you consider how you might need a larger stand to make your display at an exhibition a little more noticeable. The size should still be checked to see that whatever you are using is not too complicated or otherwise hard to display and set up.

How Tall?

To start, banner stands can be relatively tall. In many cases it can be about 1500mm in height at the least. This is enough to create a visible look but it is still relatively short to where many people might be taller than the display you are trying to create.

A taller display that is about 2000mm or 2100mm in height could also be useful. This creates a taller display that is easily visible but is not too tall to the point where it might be tough to set up and prepare in a spot.

What About Width?

The width of the stand should also be checked. A great stand may come with a width of around 850mm. This is a basic width total that is easy to manage and display while still being noticeable without being too rough or difficult around the edges.

You could always go for a much wider option if you have a larger message that you want to convey. Some roll up stands can be available in sizes of up to 1500mm in width, for instance. This is useful if you have a larger or more detailed message that you want to display. Some options can be found in the middle as well but it is up to you to figure out the proper sizing you want to work with at a certain time.

Be sure you think about the sizing standards you want to work with when getting roll up stands among other banner stands ready for use in your business display. Whether it is at an exhibition or on your business site, you need to choose a stand with a size that is sensible and easy to manage. This is all about giving your business display an outstanding look that you are bound to enjoy having.

If you’re looking for trade show displays or exhibitions stands for your next event, party or even for your store front business, get in touch with Swift Display for high quality and affordable banner displays.

Ideal Lamb Cuts To Find Among Quality Meats

The lamb is one of the more prominent animals that can produce a variety of quality meats. Here are a few of the more popular meats to get off of a lamb.

The Shoulder

The shoulder is a firm area around the front part of the lamb. It takes a bit of time for this part to become firm. It can be cooked on the bone while the meat itself can easily slide off of the bone when it is prepared right. This can even be slow-cooked if desired.

The Chop or Rack

The chop or rack is the central part of the lamb and often produces the most expensive cuts. These cost more because they offer tender bodies that are especially impressive. The ribs can be cooked together and will especially offer a firm body that is rich in flavor.

The Leg

The leg of lamb is a key part of the animal that is hard and has a better flavor than most other parts. It is lean and can be roasted or barbecued. It is best to avoid cooking it for too long or at too hot of a temperature though. This is to ensure that the leg is not overcooked.

The Shank

The shank is the lower part of the leg of lamb that is often cheaper and a little easier to cook but will offer a soft texture when cooked right. Much of this is thanks to the collagen that is found in the leg. The tissues here will create a soft body that makes it perfect for soups and stews alike.

The Rump

Located at the rear part of the lamb’s body, it is one of the best quality meats for when you are trying to find a larger chop. It can be pan-fried or grilled and will offer a lean and tender texture. You must avoid cooking the rump for far too long though as it is susceptible to becoming a little too firm and difficult to consume or prepare.

All of these options are great to find when looking for a quality meat serving off of a lamb. Every part of the lamb’s body can work but it helps to watch for how well the process of making something can work.

Put Some Thought into the Kind of Banner Stands Your Brand Needs

Having a business of your own can leave you with plenty of things to deal with. From sourcing raw materials to managing your employees, you will need to devote your time and energy into every detail. At the same time, you will need to focus on improving your bottom-line too. This will typically involve finding new customers. More importantly, it will involve developing (or finetuning) your marketing strategy to make people aware of your brand. Billboards, flyers and banner stands are some of the ways by which business owners aim to heighten awareness of their brands. By using these mediums innovatively, you could give your brand a distinctive look.

What’s the Difference Between Pull Up and Pop Up Banner Stands?

Pop-up banner stands will usually be larger than their pull-up counterparts. The suppliers of these stands will usually click the various sections of the banner stand together for emerging with an eye-catching display. Naturally, these will be relatively costlier than pull-up banner stands.

Pull-up (or roller) banner stands are usually two metres in height with variable widths. You can print on one or both sides of these banners. Setting up (and collapsing) these banners is easy too. As a result, they are highly popular among sales teams of various companies. Their low cost enhances their value too.

Neither stand takes too long to set up. But, you can set up pull-up stands almost instantly unlike pop-up stands. In addition, pull-up stands are narrower than their pop-up counterparts. As such, you won’t be able to use pull-up stands to span across the entire space of your stall. If you’re looking for a long-term investment, pop-up stands are what you need.

Are You Looking for Visually Attractive and Affordable Exhibition Stands in Sydney?

Exhibitors and business owners typically want superlative trade show displays that can highlight the value of their brands. This is why many of them obtain their displays from Swift Display Systems. Based in Sydney, we specialise in providing a wide range of exhibition and conference stands to our clients. Portable displays are our forte. From banner stands to fabric or Velcro stands, we can give you any kind of display system. Our display systems are not only innovative and affordable. They are highly easy to assemble as well. This is why several blue-chip companies use our range of products. To know more, call us at (02) 8919 4650.

Acquire Superb Storage Solutions with Industrial Shelving Units

Storage space is at a premium these days. Commercial and industrial enterprises often need significant amounts of storage space. To meet this demand, business owners often look for providers of storage shelving solutions. These solution providers can deliver industrial shelving units and other solutions to meet the storage requirements of industrial and warehousing companies.

What Are the Various Kinds of Industrial Shelving Units in Use Nowadays?

Metal shelving units are an inexpensive way for meeting your storage requirements. Because they comprise metal, they will usually be far more durable than their wooden counterparts. In addition, metal shelving units will be much cheaper than wooden shelving units too. Metal shelving units offer superior levels of durability and impact-resistance. This makes invaluable in industrial and commercial facilities, where they can easily withstand rough use. Some of the most popular metal shelving units include:

  • Industrial Shelving Systems (or Steel Industrial Racking Systems): These units are ideal for bulk storage and warehouse & equipment storage. They usually come in three variants i.e. light, medium and heavy-duty. These units are robust enough to load heavy weights on. In addition, they will not crumble or fold in case a forklift hits them.
  • Gondola Shelving Systems: These units denote single-or-double-sided adjustable shelves. They are essential in retail stores, supermarkets and pharmacies.
  • Bolt-on Shelving System (or Steel Shelving Systems): Made from steel, these storage units can be quite versatile. You could use them for storing an assortment of items in your garage. Or, you could use them for archive storage or filing purposes at your workplace.
  • Shop-fitting Shelving Systems: These units are ideal for use in shops. They typically feature various accessories such as counters, dress rails and pegboards.

Premier Engineering – Leading Providers of Cost Effective and Durable Storage Solutions

Premier Engineering and Storage Solutions is the name to rely on for quality sheet metal components. Based in Sydney, we specialise in meeting the storage needs of individual and commercial entities across Sydney. We specialise in providing high-quality sheet metal manufacturing services. In addition, we can design sheet metal components for producing prototypes. We also offer laser cutting services, including CNC punching and fastener insertion solutions. Besides this, we offer machining and screen printing solutions as well. Our diverse range of services and cost-effective solutions has made us one of Sydney’s top provider of industrial shelving units. To share your specifications, click here.

Keep Your Belongings Safe with the Best Metal Storage Cabinets

The need to store certain possessions in safe locations keeps making its presence felt from time to time. For instance, some people will want to store their cash and jewellery in secure containers. Similarly, some people will look at alternatives for conventional cabinets to store their important papers, files and documents. In this scenario, purchasing metal storage cabinets can be worthwhile. In comparison to wood, metal is a superior material. It offers superior levels of protection, which makes it ideal for storing anything that you consider valuable or important.

What Are the Benefits of Using Metal Storage Cabinets?

Metal storage lockers or cabinets can be among the safest places for storing your valuables. Their sturdiness and durability makes them quite invaluable. This is why they are essential in many areas of contemporary life. Banks will usually feature metallic storage lockers for storing their clients’ valuables. Similarly, schools, offices and universities will store important papers and documents in these cabinets.

Some people feel that metallic cabinets could rust with time. But, suppliers usually galvanise metallic storage units to make them rustproof. Moreover, these industrial shelving units typically offer a diverse range of benefits. Some of these advantages include:

  • High levels of durability, as these shelves or cabinets can last for several years
  • Superior levels of security, because suppliers can fit these cabinets with alarms, lower hinges, digital locks etc.
  • Long-lasting cabinets and shelves that do not bust your budget
  • Storage shelves tailored to suit your specifications and requirements
  • High levels of resistance to chemicals, fire etc. and,
  • Sturdy structures that eliminate the entry of rats and other pests

Premier Engineering – Your One-Stop Destination for the Best Storage Solutions

If you’re looking for a quality provider of engineering solutions, don’t look beyond Premier Engineering. Based in Sydney, we specialise in manufacturing an array of sheet metal components. We work with all stages of the development process to make a wide range of sheet metal products. We provide assistance with all parts of the design and production processes. In addition, we work with prototyping functions too. Our experience in the industry has made us the supplier of choice for many individuals and businesses around Sydney. From metal storage cabinets to any other kinds of storage solution, we can design exactly what you need. Check out why we’re so popular for our sheet metal manufacturing services here.