3 Things to Keep In Mind When Buying Bidet Seat and Integrated Toilet

If you’ve decided to switch to an integrated toilet, congratulations! That’s one of the wisest and the healthiest decisions one can ever make. However, buying a bidet seat can be quite overwhelming for an inexperienced buyer. There’s a huge variety of models available in the market with a plethora of accessories and different features.

New buyers often fall prey to some common mistakes and end up buying a wrong product for their bathroom. The first step to avoid such pitfalls is getting to know about them and the ways to prevent them. With that in mind, let’s have a look at some effective bidet seat buying tips so that you can make an informed choice.

  1. Pick The Right Shape and Size: Bidet seats in Australia are available in various shapes and sizes. Most common shapes are elongated and round ones. Determine the type of your existing seat before buying a bidet seat or an integrated toilet.

Elongated bidet seats are suitable for most bathrooms in Australia. However, make sure you visit manufacturer’s website to determine whether a bidet seat is compatible for your existing bathroom or not. In addition, refer to the measurement guide before purchasing a new bidet seat, and you’ll get a perfect seat for your toilet right-away.

  1. Don’t Go For The Cheapest Options: Bidets are some of the most crucial components of an efficient household; at par with the important appliances like dishwashers and washing machines. In fact, an integrated toilet or a bidet seat is used more often throughout the day and by more than one person.

Ask any experienced user of bidet seats and he will tell you about their plethora of benefits. But, if you’re a new user, you may find it hard to find the most cost-effective product for your needs. Because of this lack of knowledge, many new users make the mistake of buying the cheapest product they come across on the Internet.

More often than not, they regret this decision in a short time. The biggest favour you can do to yourself is to contact a trusted company like Australian Bidet where the professionals are experienced enough to point you in the right direction by listening to your exact needs.

  1. Keep It Real: Bidet seats are truly revolutionary. However, some users have pretty unrealistic expectations from their bidet seats. The fact is that it takes some time to get used to a bidets seat and use it in the most efficient way. Apart from improving hygiene, bidet seats also enable elderly and disabled individuals perform various tasks in the bathroom without having to depend on anybody.

So, are you ready to make the switch? Visit Australian Bidet to choose from a huge selection of bidet seats and integrated toilets in Australia today!

Select 13W Dimmable LED Downlights and Bulbs to Get the Best Value for Your Money

Many people would be aware of the benefits that Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) offer over conventional lighting devices. LEDs are semiconductor bulbs. They convert electricity into light. Incandescent and fluorescent bulbs do not offer directional output. In contrast, LED lights offer concentrated directional output. LED lights are long lasting as well. Moreover, they do not produce heat when in use, as compared to other lighting devices. LED lights offer other benefits as well, which account for their popularity. For instance, they consume lower levels of energy. This is useful if you want to reduce your energy bills. In addition, some LED lights (such as the 13W dimmable LED downlights) enable you to dim the level of light to desired levels. Incandescent bulbs do not offer this feature.

Why Are Dimmable LED Lights Such as the 13W Dimmable LED Downlights Becoming Popular in Australia?

In general, LED lights tend to have a higher upfront cost as opposed to other lighting devices. This makes many people hesitant to switch from conventional lighting devices to LED lights. But, LED lights last for longer. In addition, they do not consume much power. Features such as these have made LED lights popular throughout the country. But, dimmable LED lights are much cheaper than their fluorescent counterparts. In addition, they produce more light than dimmable fluorescent lights do. More importantly, dimmable LED lights come in a diverse range of sizes too. Any reputed LED light wholesale facility will stock dimmable LED lights ranging from dimmable Christmas light bulbs to dimmable recessed lights. People use dimmable LED lights in their gardens, hallways and garages. Some homeowners use these to meet their under-the-counter lighting requirements.

Suland Lighting – Leading Providers of Affordable and High-Quality LED Downlights in Sydney

If you want the best LED tubes and downlights for your commercial facilities, simply shop at Suland Lighting. Since 1998, we have specialised in delivering the best industrial and commercial lighting solutions in Australia. An Australian owned and operated company, we supply LED and induction technology of our own design. Unlike many suppliers, we source all our key components from some of the top names in the industry such as CREE, Philips etc. Our inventory comprises an enviable range of products. From high-bay lights to the 13W dimmable LED downlights, we supply all kinds of lighting solutions tailored to suit your requirements. Check out our range of LED products here.


Uniform Printing: Tips for Designing Your Work Uniform

Work uniforms are essential for any business, which is why uniform printing is one of the most common jobs brought to custom t-shirt printing shops. This is true whether you’re just starting out on a new venture or are already an existing business but would like to take advantage of the many benefits of having a work uniform such as having a consistent appearance for your employees, improving brand awareness for your business and creating a positive impact on your clients and customers.

But before you start to enjoy these benefits and more, you first need to decide the kind of design that you want to incorporate onto your uniforms before you send them out to a print shop that does uniform printing. Now, it may seem like a pretty straightforward thing—just put your logo and your company name and that’s it. But there are actually a lot of factors that you’ll need to consider when it comes to designing work uniforms for your employees.

For one, keep your company’s brand in mind as you go about the design process. Remember that one of the benefits of your work uniform is that it also doubles as a marketing and promotional material, and this is something you’d want to take advantage of. In this regard, factors like the colour of the work uniform, and that includes the fabric’s colour and the colour of the design should be in line with your company’s corporate colours. You can choose to go for plain shirts with your company name and logo which is a common job order for uniform printing, or you can go for the more vibrant fabrics to make them more eye catching. Keep in mind that if you decide to go for the latter, you’ll want to make sure that your company name and logo stands out from the rest of the colours.

You also need to think about how these uniforms will be affecting the performance of your employees, and much of this has to do with the kind of fabric that you choose to use. For instance, if your employees are constantly on the move and sweat a lot (such as in a cargo or logistics company for instance) then you should consider using moisture wicking fabrics. Take a look at your employees and ask them what they think about the fabric that you intend to use and how your choice may affect them. After all, there’s no point of having a great design if your employees don’t feel comfortable in them.

When it comes to designing your work uniform, there are certainly a lot of factors to be considered, and if you need help in work uniform design and work uniform printing, or are looking for reliable t-shirt printing in Sydney, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

Tips for Winning a Laser Tag Game

It is natural for everyone to want to win, even in a laser tag game. So how do you up your chances of being in the winner’s podium? Here are some things that you’ll want to keep in mind.

Tips for Defense

First, you need to learn the layout of the arena or the battlefield. Each battlefield can be set up in different ways with barricades here and there, and the first thing you’ll want to know are the places where you can take cover and protect yourself from the enemy. Playing laser tag in an arena is quite different when you play laser tag in the park, but the rules are pretty much the same—don’t get hit.

There are also some other players who would recommend that you walk sideways for most of the time as this will help to prevent exposing your sensors in the direct firing line of the enemy. This is also the same reason why they would recommend that when you don’t have time to duck or take cover, turn sideways instead. This kind of hides your sensors and prevents the enemy from scoring. This principle applies whether you are playing laser tag in a dedicated arena or playing laser tag in the park.

Tips for Offense

More often than not, people would recommend that you take your aim first and then fire. However, this doesn’t seem to always work in the battlefield especially when you’re pitted against the more experienced players—and yes, even in games in birthday party for kids have some players who are more experienced than others. As such, especially for first time players, it may be a better idea to just fire rapidly in the direction of the enemy instead of taking the time to steady your aim before firing.

Also, it is best to keep moving instead of staying behind barricade for a long time. Truth be told, laser tag is not a sniper’s game, but more so like a machine gunner’s turf. When you stay too long behind a barricade, it will only be a matter of time before your enemy gets a chance to hit you with their lasers. In addition, when moving and shooting, be sure to move sideways to keep your sensors hidden from the enemy.

When you go online or talk to experienced laser tag players, they will have different opinions about what works and what doesn’t in the battlefield. However, the tips above should help you get more hits on the enemy and keep them from scoring. You will also find that many players follow these tips whether they’re playing in a boy’s birthday party or a full-fledged laser tag competition, and if you are looking to set up a laser tag game for your kid’s birthday party or a corporate event, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

Japanese Toilet Seat: The Costs of Buying a Smart Toilet

It is a fact that smart toilets or a Japanese toilet seat is more expensive than your regular toilet. But what’s the real score behind the price, and is it really an investment worth making?

A Luxury Toilet?

Many of you may think that a smart toilet like those Japanese toilet seat or even a washlet in Australia is just another luxury. After all, a toilet that washes your bottom for you with warm water and then dries you up with warm air sounds nothing but luxury, right? Throw in a Bluetooth speaker, a remote control and some ambient LED lighting and that may seem outright outrageous. And that’s not all, if you’re willing fork out a couple of thousands of dollar more, then you can also get a smart toilet with oscillating water sprays, heated seats and built-in air-purifying systems. Talk about luxury!

Increased Property Resale Value

There are people who wonder if a Japanese toilet seat can help to increase the resale value of their homes, and the answer will actually vary. Some buyers are willing to pay a little extra for a home with such an installation, while there are others who don’t. In any case, if you are planning to sell your house any time soon, you may consider purchasing a bidet-equipped replacements for regular toilet seats. Skipping the commode and upgrading your seat or getting a washlet in Australia makes for a more practical decision especially if you plan to move away within a few months. Buying a replacement seat instead of the entire toilet fixture is also recommended for homeowners who want to get the same experience and convenience but are not willing to put up a large amount of money upfront.

The True Price of Having a Smart Toilet

But why would people pay so much for a smart toilet or even a washlet in Australia? Personal care, convenience and health and sanitation are the main answers you’d get when you ask an owner.

For many senior citizens, disabled persons or just about anyone suffering from certain medical conditions like hemorrhoids for example, the issue centers on freedom and dignity. In many instances, these people will need the help of a personal aide or a caregiver to help them get through their bathroom necessities, and that just doesn’t sit well with them. Bathroom activities are personal, and they would generally like to keep it that way. A Japanese toilet seat not only gives them the freedom to use the toilet on their own, but it also restores a sense of dignity in them. Besides, hiring a personal aide or a caregiver can be very expensive, and add that to the amount of tissue paper and baby wipes that you use, having a smart toilet may just be a more cost-effective solution considering the years that you’ll be able to use is versus the years that you’ll pay your personal aide or caregiver.

So considering all of the above, is it safe to say that a Japanese toilet seat is an excellent investment. For people who place a premium on personal freedom and convenience, the answer is a resounding yes. If you are looking for a Japanese toilet seat or a washlet in Australia, please feel free to get in touch with us at 1300 868 600 or 02 9698 5838. You can also visit our showroom located at 11 Joynton Ave. Zetland, NSW.

Written by Mizudori Gallery - NSW TOTO Distributor

Inflatable Tenders – Hypalon Works

A nylon material known as Hypalon can be added to your tender. This is a nylon material treated with neoprene. It is a rugged surface that is easy to add onto any boat. It can also handle UV rays quite well and will not break down due to exposure to those rays. This is suitable for tropical sailing where the sun might be more intense but it is not for use in reefs or areas where things other than water can get in contact with the boat.

Note: This is a follow up articles from a previous post by Lejen Marine.

If you’re looking to buy Highfield inflatable boats, shop at Lejen Marine’s website.

How Do Repair Technicians Carry Out Bumper Repairs if the Bumper Has Caved In?

Every car owner knows the worth of their vehicles. With a car, you can typically save time and effort. This is why it is essential for car owners to possess some basic knowledge when it comes to carrying out car repairs. Several superficial or cosmetic damages do not require vehicle owners to deposit their vehicles at repair shops. Instead, with some basic tools, they will be able to perform the necessary repair work. Being aware of these repair techniques could be invaluable in some instances. Other kinds of damage (such as bumper repairs) might necessitate the use of professional repair services.

How Auto Body Repair Shops Perform Bumper Repairs to Caved-In Bumpers

Over time, it is inevitable that your car’s bumper will sustain some damage. The amount of impact that the bumper has absorbed will typically determine how repairable the bumper is. In some cases, the impact could make the bumper cave-in. In others, the bumper could even crack under the pressure. Both kinds of damages are repairable. But, if the bumper has several cracks or is missing some material, it might be best to replace the entire bumper.

For repairing a caved-in bumper, the repair technicians will:

  • Raise the vehicle and use jack stands for supporting it securely
  • Remove the splashguard beneath the vehicle to access the affected area
  • Use a heat gun or a hair dryer for warming up the affected area (i.e. to make the bumper pliable) and,
  • Use a pry bar for pushing the bumper from the inside out

Petersham Smash Repairs – Your One-Stop Shop for the Best Inner City Smash Repairs

When you’re looking for the best bumper repairs, don’t look beyond Petersham Smash Repairs. An Australian owned vehicle repair company, we specialise in offering car repair and maintenance services. For more than 20 years, we have delighted our clients all over Earlwood, Leichhardt, Arncliffe and the inner city of Sydney. We offer professional and reliable car services. As such, we stick to our commitments and timelines in a vast majority of cases. We know that not having a car can disrupt your routine. So, we provide courtesy cars to minimise this inconvenience. It is worth mentioning that all our products and services come with a two-year warranty. This is why we have forged such an ironclad reputation in the industry. To make enquiries, call us at 0431 858 685.

SUV 7 Seater Rental: 3 Reasons to Rent a SUV in Sydney

There are many reasons why you should rent a SUV for your road trips in Sydney. After all, car rental in Sydney is one of the best travelling options in Sydney, especially if you need to be transporting a lot of people around. Whether it is for a huge party, or a vacation, or just a day out, it is definitely a great idea for you to choose SUV 7 seater rental. Not only is this a comfortable travelling option for a number of people, it is also the most cost efficient one.

What are the reasons why you should rent a SUV? Keep on reading to find out!

  1. Maximum Space: If you are planning on going on a big trip, or going to a special event with a lot of people, the SUV 7-seater rental is definitely the best choice for you. You will be able to comfortably seat all your friends or colleagues in the same vehicle. You will also have plenty of space to store all your goods and bags.
  1. Ease of Travel: Have you ever tried travelling in a group when there is more than one car? Both the cars have to constantly keep the other’s updates about their whereabouts, whether they are stopping for a break or a snack, and what exit to take. It’s a lot of effort. And moreover, you’ll have to pick which people get to ride in which car. On the other hand, when you rent a SUV, you will have no such troubles- all of you can travel in the same car with absolutely no dearth of space.
  1. The Best Facilities: Professionals at a reputable company for car rental in Sydney, such as com, will ensure that you get the best SUV 7-seater rental for your needs. Your car will have a number of facilities and amenities to ensure that your trip is as comfortable as possible.

To find out which SUV would suit your needs the best, get in touch with friendly professionals at SUVrentals.com immediately. We’re eager to help you out!

Children Fitness Training Sydney: Benefits of Joining Gymnastics And Swimming Classes

When it comes to attaining optimum fitness for kids in Sydney, gymnastics and swimming are some of the most effective sports to accomplish the goal. Joining children fitness training in Sydney, such as gymnastics and swimming classes, at a trusted gym like SGAC is the perfect starting point for kids who want to compete at elite levels later on. Let’s take a close look at these challenging sports and find out what makes them such sought-after sports for improving fitness for kids in Sydney.

Why Opt For Gymnastics and swimming?

  • You might be aware of some of the amazing physical benefits of gymnastics and swimming but did you know that they are very effective for developing multiple-intelligences in kids? These sports uses almost every muscle of the body and develops strength, flexibility, muscle memory, hepatic and kinaesthetic awareness, socialisation, depth perception, prioritisation, organisation, discipline, respect and internal motivation in kids, to name a few.
  • If you choose the right coach, who specialises in fitness for kids in Sydney, your kids will also learn some truly valuable life lessons because experienced coaches spend a lot of time with elite athletes and they’re the best source of knowledge for children.
  • Gymnastics teaches you lessons that will stay with you forever. It instils discipline and responsibility in kids at a very young age
  • Kids get to know what it takes to accomplish a job. Come to think of it, parents do everything they can to impart such qualities but not many of them get successful at doing so. However, all children need is a sense of achievement while doing fitness training in Sydney and they’ll learn everything from experience.

How to Select a Trusted Facility for Gymnastic and Swimming Classes?

If you’re looking for a good fitness centre, look for the following qualities.

  • Is it kid friendly?
  • Does it have equipment and features that can make children interested in the sport?
  • Are the coaches knowledgeable and friendly?
  • Check out their gymnastic equipment. Instructors should be able to explain the safety features and effectiveness of these equipment pieces.
  • Are their instructors up-to-date with the current gymnastics teaching methodologies? Do they get continued training at regular intervals?
  • What are their policies for someone who misses the classes?
  • What’s the coaching style that trainers use?

At SGAC - the leading aquatic centre and the largest gym in western Sydney, friendly coaches are always eager to clear all your doubts. For more information, get in touch today!

Rooty Hill RSL: Rediscover The Pleasure Of Live Music In Western Sydney!

What is the best way to spend your evening? We’re sure most of you think that spending the evening with some good music is definitely the best way to spend your day. We definitely agree. There is nothing like live music Western Sydney date, after all. This is the reason why Rooty Hill RSL club is proud to present you the best music shows in Sydney, featuring your favourite artists and your future favourites as well!

Why Come To The Rooty Hill RSL Club?

You are already aware of the things that set Rooty Hill RSL apart- whether it is the great food, or the amazing drinks, amazing activities or the impeccable service. But here at the club, we are always focusing on improving your experience, so that you have more fun when you’re with us.

At Rooty Hill RSL, we want to make sure that you get more out of the few hours you spend with us, than you would get anywhere else in western Sydney. It is with this intention that we have started hosting live music performances in the club. This is a must visit for all music fans- you will be able to enjoy a night of great live music in Western Sydney, wonderful company, and delicious food- no strings attached!

Music Shows Sydney: An Enthralling Musical Experience Awaits You at Rooty Hill RSL!

If you are looking for the best music shows Sydney has to offer, you don’t have to look any further. There are dozens of new musical acts lined up for the upcoming weeks. As a Rooty Hill RSL member, you will be able to enjoy some of Australia’s biggest music bands, and also experience a taste of the local musical culture, and support the upcoming artists as well. There is a wide variation of bands performing, so you can be assured that you will be entertained to the hilt!

We can’t wait to see you in our next concert- make sure you visit Rooty Hill RSL and book your seat immediately!