Get Laser Cut Stainless Steel Splashbacks Today

Getting a stainless steel splashback for your kitchen – be it residential or commercial – can be a big decision considering that these things do not come cheap. However, they can create a truly wonderful impact on your kitchen, and since they last for a long time, they can be an investment that will keep working for you long after you’ve paid for them. This is of course if you choose to buy only quality stainless steel splashbacks. If you’re looking for such products, laser cut to your preferences if you so desire, please feel free to get in touch with us by phoning (02) 9417 7870. You can also email us through and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. You can contact us through the same way if you’re in need of laser cut stainless steel capping for your tiles. We offer top of the line laser cutting service in Sydney and service surrounding areas as well. we also provide laser cutting services for laser cut checkered metal floor plate, laser cut intercom facia to plates spec, and other laser cutting services.

Looking For Work Uniform Printing in Sydney? Here’s All You Need To Know

In layman’s terms, work uniform is a special type of clothing worn by the employees of a particular organisation. If you’re looking for the best work uniform printing services for your needs, there are a few key factors to consider. These factors include but are not limited to: industry type, working conditions in your company, numbers and levels of employees in the organisation and your own specific preferences.

Once designed by keeping all these factors in mind, work uniforms can provide a number of benefits to your organization. Let’s have a look at some major benefits of work uniforms in some major industries in Australia and how work uniform printing services can help you.

  1. Security and Trustworthiness: Work uniforms designed by experienced clothing printing professionals not only help you create brand awareness for your business but it also allows your customers put their trust on your employers. This is particularly useful for businesses where employees have to provide services at the homes of customers.
  1. It Guarantees Hygiene And Sanitation: If your business falls into food or health industry then you must need proper work uniforms for all your staff members. In health industry, work uniforms can help you maintain a high level of sanitation both for employees and patients while a clean and spotless white uniform in food industry ensures that the food is hygienic and therefore healthy too.

Some people have this misconception that work uniforms look overly professional which may not go well with the image of their company. However, the truth is that with the help of an experienced company specialising in custom t shirt printing, you can make the uniforms as cool and unique as you want them to be.

  1. Organisation and Identification: Colour coded work uniforms can simplify identification and organisation processes in any company. For instance in health industry, uniform of surgeons have a different colour code than that of other employees. In face-to-face customer care, staff members generally wear embroidered t-shirts with the company’s logo printed on it. This makes them easily identifiable to the customers and that can eventually increase their productivity.

For further information on custom t shirt printing, get in touch with Arcade Screen Printing today!

Looking For 7 Seater SUV Rental in Sydney? Follow These 3 Tips for a Smooth Ride

Choosing SUV rental in Sydney can prove to be a huge advantage, especially in a place where you’ve little or no idea about how public transportation works. There are few important things that everyone should keep in mind when it comes to SUV rental in Sydney. Before starting your search for a suitable company, it’s a good idea to do some preliminary research and prepare everything that you might need at the time of car rental. Let’s have a look at some simple tips for a trouble-free car hire experience.

  1. Pick Up/Drop off Locations: Choose the most convenient pick up and drop off locations for you. If you’re visiting Sydney for some business purpose, decide whether you would like to be picked up directly from the airport or from a location near some business establishment. At SUV, you can choose from a huge range of options but it’s up to you to choose the most suitable location for you.
  1. Which Car Best Suits Your Needs: A trusted car hire company in Sydney such as SUV can provide you a variety of cars to make your journey a pleasurable experience for you. To choose the best car, it’s important to consider your purpose of hiring the car in the first place. Prices may vary significantly depending on the car you choose. No doubt, the price of 7 seater SUV rental is on the higher end of the spectrum but these SUV’s come with more power, more cabin space and more storage space to accommodate all your friends as well as large and small equipment you bring with you. In most cases, 7 seater SUV rental can even prove to cheaper than public transport by the end of your trip.
  1. Documentation: There are some important documents that you need to show at the time of collecting your car. You should have a valid driving license, a credit card to make payments and something to confirm your booking etc. You can get information about exact requirements by simply calling your chosen company for SUV rental in Sydney.

For more information on 7 seater SUV rental or to choose from the widest selection of cars for hire in Sydney, get in touch with today!

Lighten Up Your Facilities with the Best Wholesale LED Lights

All commercial establishments require appropriate levels of lighting. Without this, workers would not be able to discharge their daily chores well. In some cases, poorly lit facilities could even compromise the safety and well-being of the workers. However, the high power bills that the use of incandescent light bulbs invariably leads to often throws a spanner in the works. Business owners typically aim to boost revenues while minimising leakages. If they spend larger sums of money towards their energy bills, it could dent their bottom-line significantly. To avoid this, many business owners are purchasing wholesale LED lights.

LED Downlights Are Highly Popular Among All Wholesale LED Lights

LED lights come in a wide range of types, shapes and sizes. One of the most popular LED lighting devices these days is the LED downlight. These lights typically fit into narrow openings within the ceiling. Thus, even if you conceal them from the naked eye, the effect these lights will produce will be like that of a light shining from a hole above the ceiling.

When selecting LED downlights, you’ll need to consider the size and the décor of the room. In addition, you’ll need to consider the trim you require as well as the desired lighting effect. Some of the most popular downlight trims you might encounter include:

  • Baffle: These trims trap light and minimise the glare. They are ideal for using in lounges.
  • Eyeball: These are ideal for spotlight production. They are easy to adjust as well.
  • Reflector: These are useful in areas that require maximal lighting
  • Lensed (or Louvered): These are ideal for using in bathrooms. They protect the bulb and the lighting fixture from moisture.
  • Wall-Washed: These trims feature a half-cone positioned across half the light for directing it in a specific direction

Are You Looking for Cheap LED Lights?

Business owners often look to purchase wholesale LED lights from a quality supplier such as Suland Lighting. Since 1998, Suland Lighting has been delivering all-round industrial and commercial lighting solutions throughout Australia. Based in Sydney, we supply LED and induction technology developed in-house. But, we source all our key components from some of the leading names in the industry. With us, you’ll be able to find an enviable range of LED lights. From high bay lights to torus lights, we have it all. Click here to view our extensive range of products.

4 Reasons to Try Crossfit in Western Sydney

If you feel that your training routine is getting monotonous lately, maybe it’s time to join the fastest growing fitness program – Crossfit in western Sydney. Crossfit is a strength and conditioning program that combines aerobics, gymnastics and weight training in a unique way.  Basically, Crossfit is geared towards attaining functional fitness.

Crossfit in western Sydney is one of the most effective ways to get fit in any area of your sport. It allows you to push your body to the limits in a safe manner. Under the supervision of an experienced fitness trainer western Sydney, it can help you to get in shape in the fastest way possible. So how can you take advantage of Crossfit in western Sydney? Let’s have a look.

  1. Intensify Your Workouts: Crossfit is an incredibly intense workout that quickly delivers the results. So, by investing as little as 15 minutes every day, you can expect some serious gains. It can consist of any number of movements but even if it contains just two or three movements, such as jogging, squats and burpees, it will help you achieve goals that are difficult to imagine with other programs.
  1. Effort: Everyone wants to see results but they don’t like to put in the required hard work and effort. No wonder, most people tend to cheat in regular workouts especially in the absence of a skilled fitness trainer in western Sydney. However, Crossfit programs are designed in such a way that they always get the most out of the participants by pushing themselves to the max.
  1. Community: In most gyms, people mind their own business and focus on their own workouts. But when it comes to Crossfit in western Sydney at a trusted gym such as SGAC, you’ll to get to interact and workout with other members in the community.
  1. Take Advantage Of Christmas Trading Hours at SGAC: Well, the good news for all you fitness junkies out there is, you can keep your promises intact and achieve your fitness targets in the month of December too at SGAC.

Crossfit, or any other fitness program for that matter available at SGAC, is designed to challenge your own limits rather than competing with other participants. Even if you finish last, you’ll still achieve your goals faster than you can ever imagine.

Watch the Evergreen Aleyce Simmonds Live – Saturday 4th February 2017!

All country music songs sound different (and even more awesome) when they are being experienced live in country concerts and shows. Moreover, if you are a country music fan, listening to your favourite songs performed live by renowned Australian country singers will make you feel more alive, and will bring you closer to the fandom, and the artists themselves.

If you have been following Aleyce Simmonds, you know how far this country music singer has come. She’s been in the industry for 10 years now, and is the Australian Independent Artist of the year. Now, you get the chance to enjoy this amazing talent, live, only at Rooty Hill RSL on Saturday 4th February 2017!

About Aleyce Simmonds

Aleyce Simmonds entered the industry at the age of 19, and in the years since, has become one of the most cherished Australian country singers we have today. She has been nominated for the Golden Guitar six times, so far! Whether it is her debut single “Mighty Mighty Love”, or the inspiring “Believe”, or the all-time favourite “When I Say Too Much”, Aleyce Simmonds’ songs have been gracing our airwaves for almost a decade now. Now that you have the chance to witness the magic of her spectacular performance live, you should definitely not give it up! All her music is deeply personal, and it is a wholly different experience to hear it being performed live, as you can see the exact emotions she is going through as she writes and performs each and every song.

Aleyce’s inspirations have been as diverse as Emmylou Harris and Shania Twain. Once she takes the stage with her powerful vocals and her guitar, you will feel like time itself has melted away.

Get your tickets now!

If you are a fan of Australian country singers, this is a concert you should definitely not miss. Tickets are selling out quite fast- so make sure you grab your tickets before they’re gone. So, grab your friends, and enjoy the best show of the year at Rooty Hill RSL!

Relish Christmas Cabaret Lunch at Rooty Hill RSL club on 9th December 2016!

This Christmas, if you are in the mood to do something exciting, head over to the best Western Sydney Restaurant at Rooty Hill RSL club for some mind blowing Christmas cabaret lunch. Why stick with the old and the ordinary, when you can drink, dance, and make merry at one of the year’s best events?

Food and Music: What more do you need?

This year, to add some extra oomph to the festivities, the Rooty Hill RSL club has planned a special Christmas cabaret lunch for you! The seats are limited- so make sure you get the tickets as soon as you can, otherwise you will be missing out on the event of the year. Treat yourself to a fine glass of champagne, before enjoying some of the best jazz musicians from across the country who will be entertaining you with the greatest renditions of all your favourite Christmas classics. This year’s Christmas cabaret lunch features Little Pattie, Grooveworks and Dee Donovan. The dance floor will be open to all who wish to shake a leg between their ‘three course’ dinner as well!

Christmas Cabaret Lunch: Get Only the Best at Rooty Hill RSL Club

At Rooty Hill RSL club, only the best Christmas lunch and cabaret events can be expected. Quality is what Rooty Hill RSL is known for. Zest Grill House and Menu 33 Bar and Dining are some of the finest Western Sydney Restaurant options for people who want to have a fun time with their friends or families and spend Christmas together. There is something for everybody, and absolutely nobody leaves Rooty Hill RSL disappointed!

What do you want to do this Christmas season? Spend some time with the people you love the best? Eat the finest foods Sydney has to offer? Drink and dance to the merriest cabaret performers from around the country? You can do all of this and more, right here at Rooty Hill RSL Club!

Visit Rooty Hill RSL now. The tickets are selling out fast- so make sure you book yours immediately!


Water Based Ink Printing: 3 Benefits for Custom T-Shirt Printing In Sydney

When it comes to custom t-shirt printing in Sydney, most companies make use of one of the two popular printing processes namely plastisol and water based ink printing. In recent years, there has been a shift towards water based ink printing and for a good reason. There are several reasons why water based ink technology is way better than plastisol custom t-shirt printing in Sydney. Let’s have a look:

  1. Eco-friendly: Almost all the qualities that have made Plastisol such a popular choice in t-shirt printing industry can now be found in water based ink printing. What puts water based inks a step ahead of traditional options is their environment friendly qualities. Most customers nowadays opt for companies that follow green practices to preserve environment and natural resources.

Moreover, no harmful chemicals are required to clean off the equipment. There are no CFC’s, HCFC’s or any other ozone depleting chemicals in water based inks.

  1. A Good Choice to achieve A ‘Soft Hand’: In water based ink printing, you won’t feel the printed surface as this ink is completely absorbed into the fabric. This makes water based ink printing a perfect option for people who don’t want a rubbery quality that comes with plastisol technology. In reality, plastisol inks contain liquefied PVC, and therefore have a thicker consistency.
  1. Bright and vibrant results: One of the main features of plastisol ink is that the quality of printing is quite vibrant and colours do not wear down even after several washes.

Well, the good news is that chemical science has made a lot of advancements over the years. At trusted companies for custom t-shirt printing in Sydney such as Arcade screen printing, you’ll get the colour quality and longevity at par, if not better, with that of plastisol inks. Today’s technology even allows the printing of light coloured graphics on T shirts of darker colours without having to bleach them first.

To sum it up – you can achieve the same or even better quality and reliability with water based ink printing today. It has a number of added benefits too like eco-friendliness and a softer hand (non rubbery feel).

For more information, get in touch with the most trusted name in custom t-shirt printing in Sydney – Arcade Screen Printing immediately!

Utilise Specialised Glass Repair Services from Auto Body Shops to Avoid Windshield Replacement

Several people visit car repair and servicing centres at least once a year to get their cars serviced. In many cases, the technicians at these auto body shops will examine the vehicle thoroughly. Thereafter, they will consult the client over the activities needed for servicing the car appropriately. However, not all car mechanics and technicians are equal. As such, they might overlook the condition of the windscreen. This could eventually end up being a costly mistake.

How Auto Body Shops Save Your Money with their Specialised Glass Repair Services?

Quite a few people might have damaged the windshield of their cars in accidents. Some individuals might have even come across instances of windshields that suffer from minor rock chips initially before developing into full-fledged cracks. Both incidents will set you back by approximately the same amount of money. Replacing a windshield is an expensive activity. As such, it is more than likely that you will wait until the damage is significant before you consider replacing the windshield of your vehicle. However, this could compromise your safety while on the road.

Many vehicle repair shops typically offer specialised windshield chip repair services these days. This service is ideal for repairing minor chips on the windshield. It is more cost effective as well. This is especially so because you can:

  • Repair all rock chips at a significantly lower rate at the same time
  • Avoid wasting your time as many auto body shops offer onsite services
  • Retain the original factory windshield seal that eliminates air or water leaks
  • Enjoy the eco-friendly choice as windshields typically have little recyclable value and,
  • Derive additional benefits such as better optical clarity, enhanced windshield strength and lesser wear-and-tear of wipers etc.

Are You Looking for the Best Smash Repair Services in Arncliffe?

Petersham Smash Repairs is a leading vehicle repair company in Sydney. An Australian owned vehicle repair company, we offer a diverse range of car repair services to clients. From panel beating to bumper repair, we do it all. Our services are professional, affordable and reliable. In fact, we ensure that the quality of our work conforms to international standards. This is why we’re among the top auto body shops in the country. With us, you can rest assured that your car will be in a perfectly roadworthy condition with minimal fuss. To obtain further information, call us at 0431858685.

What Makes Inflatable Boats So Popular Throughout Australia?

Kids love playing with inflatable toys. At malls and shopping centres, you can watch them playing with inflatable castles and pools. However, inflatable boats and watercraft are no less appealing to adults in Australia. Made of lightweight tubes, inflatable boats typically operate on high pressured gas. Many people might feel that these boats are just for leisure and fun. However, this is not true. Initially, inflatable boats were ideal for military use – especially in search and rescue operations. It is only with the passage of time that they have come into use for recreational, racing and other commercial purposes.

Why Are Inflatable Boats So Popular in Australia?

Contrary to what many people might feel, inflatable boats are not merely for fun. Originally, these boats were ideal for military search and rescue operations. With the passage of time, these boats became popular for various other commercial applications. For instance, many people use inflatables in racing sports. Inflatable boats are so popular these days because they:

  • Offer high levels of flexibility as you can inflate them easily and deflate them just as easily
  • Are easy to store when deflated – in fact, you could easily store them in the boot of your car too
  • Are highly stable as their design features two large buoyancy tubes on the sides with a flat floor in between – this design makes the boats sit flat on the surface of the water
  • Offer large loading capacities without being unsteady on the water
  • Are lightweight without compromising on their load-bearing capacity
  • Are versatile and enable you to cruise, paddle, rapid, sail and row and,
  • Are strong, durable and economical

Are You Looking for High-Quality and Cost Effective Snap Davits in Australia?

Lejen Marine is the name to trust when you want the best inflatable boats in Australia. We specialise in the sale, repair and servicing of inflatable boats and Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs). Based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, we have inflatables designed to suit all lifestyles and budgets. We own the Aquila brand of inflatable boats. In addition, we’re the authorised distributors for Highfield, Aruba and Swift Marine inflatable boats too. Besides this, we’re the authorised Australian distributors for Coral Sea SUPS as well. With us, you’ll easily be able to find the inflatable boat that best meets your needs. Click here to view the latest additions to our inventory.