Trade shows display: Things you should know

Swift Display aims at providing excellent trade show exhibit that will meet your budgets, objectives and highlight your brand in a professional manner. Take time to go through our featured exhibits. A closer look at it will reveal to you why we are totally different.

Our brands trade show displays are unique. All our banner stands, flag banners, teardrop flags, pull up stands etc are filed with unique attributes. Each of them tells a specific story. Swift Display is a number one store that sells all kinds of trade show displays and accessories for private and corporate organizations.

Other items available at our store include high quality tabletop displays, popup back walls, retractable banner stands etc. We also provide delivery, storage and setup for all forms of trade show and exhibit materials.

Our products are highly durable- thus, you will never regret using them. They are exclusively designed for your own good. A wide range of environments and industries are currently using our products and their responses had been awesome. We can assist you in helping your business stand out in your upcoming trade show.

Swift Display is a leading edge firm that creates amazing brand images, and guarantees quality and durability. If you are interested in attracting loyal clients and business partners, then you really need to maximise the opportunities offered in our site. We are confident that you will never regret doing so.

Our reputation speaks volumes. We have been in the business for decades; our professionalism and quality delivery services have made us to always remain on the right track.

We have remained ahead of the competition courtesy of our quality products and services. Visiting our site – Swift Display, is a step in the right direction- you won’t regret doing so. Take enough time to explore. There are so many products here that are just wow!


Buy Highfield inflatable boats from Lejen Marine

Lejen Marine sells high quality products ranging from Highfield inflatable boats. If you are looking for a credible place to buy inflatable boats from Australia, then you have arrived at the right place.

No matter the type of inflatable boats you are looking for, Lejen Marine has all kinds of highfield inflatable boats that would rival your needs. You will surely get a boat that would correspond to your budget and specifications. If you are looking for a versatility utility vessel or safety boat, tender, and recreational boat, then you have come to the right place; you will buy it here at a moderate rate.

Our products are tested and trusted, highly durable and produced by globally accredited inflatable boat manufacturer- so, you are guaranteed of enjoying a quality build. Its functional and practical designs are legendary, and will surely outperform your expectations.

It is important to note that these highfield inflatable boats are designed to serve in all weathers- its hulls and aluminium transoms are unique, and provides a wide range of highfield inflatable boats that are lightweight, strong, unique, beautiful, greater and faster in fuel efficiency than its competitors.

Lejen Marine products are in great demand all over the world due to their unrivalled performance and functionality. Highfield inflatable boats from Australia are in great demands by a wide range of diving organizations and yacht clubs around the globe.

Users enjoy a considerable blend of agility, performance, safety and stability. Surely, owning a highfield would be one of the best decisions you can ever make today. Its heavy duty grab handles as well as spacious cockpit makes it always a pleasure to behold. It is ideal for coach/support boat, response/ rescue boat and perfectly suitable for users that values functionality and styling.

Lejen Marine top-rated highfield inflatable boats area available in various sizes, colours and styles- all these are geared towards meeting the diverse needs of professional boating enthusiasts. A look at our tenders, workboats, leisure craft and safety vessels will reveal to you that every aspect of our products were thoughtfully designed so as to meet the diverse needs of users.

We have received a wide range of commendations from our previous clients. In fact, many of them keep on coming back and also giving us referrals. You will never regret using our products today. They are exceptionally designed for you!

4 Things to Do After an Auto Accident

Things can quickly go out of control after an auto accident. If you’re in a car accident, Petersham Smash Repairs can help you restore your car as well as peace of mind. There are a few simple things that you should remember to do right after a car collision. If you live in Newtown, these simple yet important tips will help you lessen your stress levels and save you time and money when it comes to smash repairs in Newtown.

  1. Make sure that everyone is fine: Auto accidents are stressful a26nd unexpected. But instead of wasting energy on knowing how the accident exactly happened, ensuring the well being of the occupants of the car should be your top priority. Call ‘000’ and medical help as soon as possible. If anyone of you has been grievously injured, these services can provide immediate help. You can think about insurance and getting smash repairs near Newtown for your car later on.
  2. Document details of what happened: If you’re not seriously hurt, take out your camera phone and take as many photos of the damages as you can. You can use these photos as evidence during insurance claims.
  3. Contact your insurance provider: After making sure that everything has been taken care of, get in touch with your insurance company. Make sure that all the documents are in proper order while filing the claim. Attach photos and paperwork. If anyone is hurt, follow the same procedure with their personal insurance company.
  4. Choose experienced smash repairs and panel beating experts: Now it’s time to get your car restored to its original condition which is only possible with the best smash repairs in Newtown. So, make sure to choose a company that can provide you top-notch panel beating services and smash repairs in Newtown, such as Petersham Smash Repairs.

At Petersham Smash Repairs, we employ only highly experienced technicians and we make sure to use to the highest quality parts and cutting-edge paint techniques to deliver incredible results at very affordable prices.  Get in touch with us today to get started!

5 Reasons to Join Group Personal Training in Western Sydney

Group personal training in Western Sydney has attained a massive popularity in the recent years due to a number of reasons. Many people join group training classes to get the best gym membership prices in Rooty hill. Secondly, group personal training is a lot of fun and you can change your training classes whenever you want to shake up your workout routines.

With SGAC’s unrivalled group personal training in western Sydney, you can rest assured that you’ll get to train using the most cutting-edge training techniques, choose the best time to train and at the most affordable gym membership prices in Rooty Hill. Still not convinced about group personal training classes? Let’s have a look at a few more reasons:

  1. Saves money: Even if you go for one-on-one personal training, you won’t get better deals than the ones available at SGAC. However, personal training is still many times costlier than group personal training in Western Sydney. Group personal training allows you to get all the benefits of one-on-one personal training but at a fraction of cost.
  2. Get Social: Joining group personal training is a great way to meet new likeminded people with a healthy lifestyle. This will also help you stay motivated in your own fitness journey.
  3. Overcome challenges: Sometimes, it can be hard to push your limits and get rid of stubborn unhealthy habits. In fact, most people have no idea what they are actually capable of achieving. Let the experienced trainers at SGAC challenge your limits without compromising on your safety. Let us assure you, you’ll be astonished to know your real potential!
  4. Saves time: Firstly, our trainers will keep you motivated throughout the training session; so that you won’t even realize how fast time goes by. Secondly, group training sessions are short and result driven.
  5. Constant learning: In our group training classes, you’ll learn how to properly work your muscles. Moreover, with a variety of workouts, your fitness routine will stay fresh.

For more guidance on joining group personal training in Western Sydney and how to get the best gym membership prices in Rooty Hill, get in touch with SGAC today!

Obtain the Best Value for Your Money by Investing in Philips LED Lights

Going by the increasing number of sales that Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are registering throughout Australia, it is safe to say that they are becoming the top lighting solutions for residential and commercial properties alike. To meet the growing demand for LED lights, many established brands have begun offering these lights to their consumers. For instance, Philips LED lights are among the most popular lighting devices sold across the country these days.

What Are the Benefits Association with Purchasing Philips LED Lights?

For the uninitiated, LEDs refer to electrical components that emit visible light when you pass electric current through them. As such, they present a viable alternative to the traditional incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lights. They can light up rooms and specific areas. In addition, they offer a wide range of applications. Moreover, they are ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor spaces. The only downside of LED lights lies in their cost. But, when you consider the benefits that they offer, you will realise that they offer more cost effectiveness than other lighting devices. Some of the top benefits of purchasing Philips and CREE LED lights include:

  • Higher lifetimes for your LED lights, which means that you won’t need to replace them as frequently
  • Higher durability levels as the robust design of LEDs ensures that they don’t break as easily as other lighting devices
  • Higher lighting efficiency because LEDs operate at lower temperatures and produced lights that are more focused
  • Having lights that offer a diverse range of uses and,
  • Having lights that are more environment-friendly as LEDs don’t release mercury into the air

Do You Require the Best Philips LED High Bay Lighting Solutions?

For the best commercial lighting solutions, depend only on the experts. Since 1998, Suland Lighting has been the supplier of choice for lighting solutions aimed at industrial and commercial facilities. We know that these facilities require high levels of illumination so that the workers can discharge their duties effectively and safely. This is why we offer the best LED and induction lighting solutions. We source all our key components from the top brands such as CREE, Meanwell and Philips. The lighting design and testing experts from LEDLab ensure that all our lights offer superior durability. Thus, whether you need CREE, Osram or Philips LED lights, shop only with us. To view our LED products, click here.

4 Reasons to Hire Car in Sydney and Go on A Road Trip

Going to Sydney? Excellent decision! Road tripping in Sydney is your chance to explore new territories and wonderful attractions that you’ve seen only on websites or magazines. If a road trip in Sydney is something you’ve always dreamt of, there are plenty of reasons to just hire car in Sydney and go exploring this holiday. Let’s have a look at some prominent reasons why it’s better to hire car in Sydney than other travelling options.

  1. In this day and age, a road trip to a new destination with SUV hire in Sydney is one of the few ways in which families or friends can discover each others. This is your opportunity to tell and hear hilarious stories with people you love in a wonderful setting and a comfortable car. Even an occasional road trip can go a long way in keeping family or friends bonded with each other.
  2. Contrary to public transport and air travel, you can enjoy a wide range of delicacies on a road trip. In air travel, passengers rarely get to eat what they love and they can’t do anything if they don’t like a particular dish. On the other hand, you can choose to have a car hire delivered to you anywhere in Sydney and go on a road trip where you can halt at popular eating places and enjoy your food leisurely.
  3. Car travellers don’t have to face many inconveniences that air travellers are subjected to. For instance they are not asked to remove their shoes or get their cars inspected by the security personnel.
  4. Driving in a car in Sydney also allows you to carry everything you love to your favourite destinations. You won’t have to take any permission to do so. So, with SUV hire in Sydney, you get the freedom to carry more clothes, accessories and shop to your heart’s content without worrying about the space needed to accommodate all your purchases.

Apart from above advantages of SUV hire in Sydney, road trips are way cheaper than other travelling options in Sydney, especially if you’re with family or a group of friends. So, what are you waiting for? Visit and get the best car hire delivered to you anywhere in Sydney right-away!

3 Steps to Create Top-Selling Custom T-Shirts in Sydney

So, you come up with an amazing idea of designing and selling custom t-shirts in Sydney? That’s indeed a perfect idea, provided you have some knowledge about how t-shirt printing in Sydney works. With that in mind, here are some helpful tips you can use to create and sell mind-blowing t-shirts right within your budget!

  1. Set the ball rolling – Designing top selling t-shirts is not an easy task. There are a number of steps involved in creating successful custom t-shirts in Sydney. Let’s have a look at some of the crucial steps you’ll need to take at the very beginning of your new exciting venture.
  • Determine the product line you want to sell with your t-shirts. Are you planning to sell t-shirts alone or are you going to use them for marketing purposes?
  • Determine the style of t-shirts that perfectly suits your brand.
  • Will you be designing t-shirts yourself or are you going to hire someone else?
  • Decide how you will give a clear, unique personality to your brand.
  • Take some design inspiration from websites such as Pinterest.
  1. Set your budget- Though this is a bit frustrating part for most people, it’s actually the most important aspect of your business.
  • Consider if you can opt for bulk t-shirt printing in Sydney. Bulk clothing printing can save you a lot of money.
  • You can consider new age funding methods, such as crowd-funding for your business.
  • When it comes to payment methods, credit cards and PayPal are sufficient for most start-ups.
  1. Marketing- How you market your custom t-shirts in Sydney can make or break your business. Let’s take a look at some important factors to consider:
  • Decide your target customers and create t-shirts that appeal to them.
  • Use social media to connect with your potential customers and promote your t-shirts online.
  • Hold some online contests to get more people involved and interested in our brand. You can run special promotions, deals and discounts on occasional basis.

For more guidance on t-shirt printing in Sydney and to create spectacular custom t-shirts in Sydney for your needs, get in touch with Arcade Screen Printing today!

Enjoy the Best of Country Music with Total Country Sundays

If you are a fan of country music, you have to be a patron of  amazingly talented country music artists. Country music is a genre that has to be experienced live. Only then will you realize the true talent of the musicians. Do you know that almost every single country music artist is capable of performing multiple instruments? Unlike singers in other genres, country singers are wholeheartedly dedicated to their art, and have perfected the same over a long period of time. This talent, passion, and wonder can only be seen in real life!

How do you do this? It’s simple – just head to Total Country Sundays and feel the magic yourself. Spanning over all five Sundays this October, Country Music Sundays is a treat for all country music lovers and features artists with the likes of Babylou, Tori Darke, 8 Ball Aitken, Deep Creek Road and Kristy List & Jerry.

Total Country Sundays: Enjoy incredible artists live every Sunday for free!

If you are looking to attend some mind-blowing live country music performances without burning a hole through your pocket, you should definitely think about going to Country Music Sundays. With some of the finest country music artists, Country Music Sundays will be an experienced you’ll never forget for years to come.

Babylou, Tori Darke, 8 Ball Aitken, Deep Creek Road, Kristy List & Jerry are some of the most unique artists country music industry has ever seen. You may have already heard about their outstanding talent with country music networks. These are the musicians who are aware of their roots and know how to tell a story with their soulful songs.

Total Country Sundays: Live performances, only for you!

Are you a country music fan looking for more ways to enjoy country music? You should look up some new country music networks, and attend local country music concerts, such as Total Country Sundays. There are many performances by some great artists happening on a weekly basis, and believe us, there will be no better way to spend your weekends than this!

Top 3 Reasons to Get Rooty Hill RSL Membership Today

In today’s fast paced world, we all want to make sure that we all have enough enjoyment in our lives. After all, most of us live high stress lives, and a little entertainment and fun is what makes things worth living. Can you imagine what it would be like having some drinks with your friends, or watching an entertainment event in Sydney or a dinner with your loved ones at the best Western Sydney restaurant every few days?

What if we told you it is possible for you to enjoy all these things without any effort or breaking a bank? There is a place where you can head every night after work and enjoy the finest food prepared by some of the most experienced chefs of Sydney, just for you. There is a place where you have different entertainment planned for you daily, so you never run out of things to do. There is a place where all your needs are taken care of- whether you’re single, or have a family. The place is Rooty Hill RSL club!

When you get Rooty Hill RSL membership, here are some of the amazing benefits you will get!

  1. Exclusive Access: Haven’t you always wanted exclusive access to a place, where you get the first opportunity to try the newest dishes, and the first tickets to the concert everybody is talking about? You will definitely get this, and more with Rooty Hill RSL membership.
  2. Finest food and drinks: Rooty Hill RSL club has some of the finest chefs and bartenders at your service. Whether you want to sit back with a cup of coffee, or start a wild night with your friends, we have you covered!
  3. The best of entertainment: Rooty Hill RSL club hosts different musicians on a weekly basis. Besides this, you can also enjoy fun nights with your loved ones- from Bingo, to karaoke, to poker league; there are a lot of events planned for your enjoyment.

Want to enjoy all these benefits yourself? Join Rooty Hill RSL club right now- it’s a decision you will cherish for the rest of your life!

Quality Induction Lighting Solutions Could Be the Best Way to Meet Your Commercial Lighting Needs

Hundreds of businesses operate every day in each town and city of Australia. To give their workers safe working conditions, business owners need to provide effective lighting solutions. For years, business owners relied on lighting devices such as incandescent bulbs and Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs). But, these devices had their own set of disadvantages. In recent times, the emergence of induction lighting solutions and Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) has made it easier for facility owners to keep their properties well illuminated at all times.

How Does Induction Lighting Compare with LED Lighting Solutions?

Induction lamps are quite similar to fluorescent bulbs. They create light by using an electromagnetic field for exciting the mercury particles mixed in an inert gas. But, unlike fluorescent bulbs, they do not use metallic prongs. These prongs tend to break or strip over time. As such, they reduce the efficiency of the fluorescent bulbs. In contrast, induction lamps feature powerful electromagnets placed outside the bulb. This eliminates the issues of leaky bulbs, where external gases could seep inside the bulb and disrupt the balance of inert gases.

In contrast to LED lights that have emerged only recently, induction lights have a proven track record for over 100 years. They have an extremely long life. In addition, their maintenance costs are quite low too. Thus, they end up being less expensive than LEDs. They work well in a wide range of temperatures. Moreover, they provide good illumination with low wattage. While you can use induction lights in a diverse range of applications, it is worth noting that induction lamps are not dimmable. Moreover, they often require long warm-up time – especially in cold weather conditions. Furthermore, they are difficult to control directionally too. People requiring these features opt for LEDs.

Suland Lighting – The Leading High Bay LED Lights Supplier for Industrial and Commercial Establishments in Sydney

It’s always worthwhile purchasing your LED or induction lighting solutions from a top supplier. This is why numerous businesses have been sourcing their lighting solutions from Suland Lighting. An Australian owned and operated company, we specialise in offering comprehensive industrial and commercial lighting solutions. Since 1998, we have been offering energy efficient lighting solutions at cost effective rates to clients across Sydney and NSW. All our lighting solutions feature full replacement warranties. Thus, you can rest assured about the quality of all our products. To view our induction range, click here.