Kids’ Fitness Programs in Sydney: Importance and Benefits

Kids need to be active; not just to stay away from obesity and other related diseases but also for an optimum development of their bodies. Well designed kids fitness programs in Sydney can help your child develop healthy habits at a very young age, so that they can reap the benefits for all their lives. Let’s have a look at some of these benefits of enrolling your child in a trusted kinder gym in Sydney, such as SGAC.

  • Optimum growth and development
  • Improved confidence and self-esteem
  • Better coordination, balance and posture
  • Stronger muscles, joints and bones
  • Improved concentration and focus in academics
  • Improved heart health
  • Developing social skills by interacting with likeminded kids
  • Having fun while developing new skills

However, make sure to ask your child whether he/she wants to participate in an individual sport or be a part of a team.  Parents know their children best and how much activity and physical training they need. In case, you’re clueless about the exact needs of your child, the AUSTSWIM qualified instructors at SGAC can help you choose the best kids’ fitness programs in Sydney for your child.

Types of Kids’ fitness programs in Sydney

In a well-established kinder gym in Sydney, you’ll get to choose from a variety of fitness programs for your child. Most of these programs fall into one of the following categories – Endurance, Flexibility and Strength. Endurance training involves sports, such as swimming, cycling and dancing, to strengthen the large muscle group and heart health with continuous motion for a specified period of time.

Flexibility consists of activities in which kids have to stretch and bend their bodies to improve their flexibility levels. These activities include but are not limited to gymnastics, wall climbing and yoga.

Strength training aims to strengthen the muscles of children.  The exercises generally include gymnastics, push-ups, chin-ups and bodyweight resistance training. These exercises are designed by fully certified and AUSTSWIM qualified instructors in such a way that the exercises help kids in dealing with everyday tasks without excessively stressing their muscles and joints.

For more information on enrolling your child in a fitness program or choosing the best one from the available Kids’ fitness programs in Sydney, feel free to contact SGAC today.

Using LED Industrial Lighting Systems Is Good for Your Business and the Environment

Industrialization is indeed something that we cannot avoid – in fact, it is a necessary development in order to ensure that our civilization continues to thrive and improve. Unfortunately, industrialization has brought along with it circumstances that negatively affects our environment. That being said, we cannot suppress development, but we can take certain steps and measures that will somehow alleviate the environmental issues attached to it, one of which is by using LED industrial lighting systems in plants and facilities. Simply replacing the old and conventional luminaires in large factories and similar industrial facilities with new LED lights can greatly help save our environment for the following reasons.

For one, LED bulbs lasts longer than traditional lighting systems. State of the art LED lights have been shown to last over 20 times longer (or even more) than some conventional light bulbs. For instance, most LED lights typically lasts about 60,000 hours throughout their lifespan, whereas a standard incandescent bulb can only offer about 1500 hours of service life. When compared to fluorescent bulbs on the other hand, LED light bulbs can last over 10 times longer. In general, you can use an LED light bulb for about five to seven years before you will see the need to replace them. The long service life of LED bulbs means that lesser amounts of light bulbs need to be manufactured, which in turn saves our natural resources. In addition, this can result to significant savings for your company or business. The savings become even more significant if you buy wholesale LED lights instead of piece by piece.

Moreover, LED light bulbs consume less energy than their other alternatives. This feature is one of the most important environmental saving features of LED bulbs. Because they consume less energy, there is lesser need for electric plants to produce huge amounts of electricity. This has a domino effect that will greatly impact the environment. First, because electric companies are not required to produce as much electricity, there is lesser need for coals and fossil fuels, which helps to preserve them. Furthermore, since the amount of coal and fossil fuels burned are reduced, there is lesser carbon dioxide present in the air. All these helps to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, and at the same time decreases the damage brought to the ozone layers.

As more and more companies are now realizing the importance of sustainability, many of them are choosing green lighting systems and designs. Perhaps this is brought about by the pressure coming from environmental groups who are fighting for a greener approach to business, or perhaps many of these business simply want to do their share in protecting the environment. Whatever the reason maybe, using LED industrial lighting for your business is definitely a great way to preserve our natural resources and reduce the damage done to the environment.

If you intend to help alleviate the different environmental issues that negatively impacts our planet, you can start by using LED light bulbs in your industrial facility. You can choose from our wide range of LED industrial lighting systems and wholesale LED lights, and if you have your eyes set on them, please feel free to give us a call at 02) 9737 8600 or at (02) 8386 3280.

Travis Collins: One of The Best Australian Country Singers Today!

The best part about country music is how this genre enable classic, old traditions interact with the modern takes on these subjects. Country music shows have been around for a really long time, and they have evolved in a number of different ways. The old masters are still revered, and many young artists still draw inspiration from them, but a lot of new Australian country singers are bringing in their own flavour and pizzazz to the scene as well. After all, that is what makes Australian country singers so varied and diverse!

The New Generation of Australian Country Singers!

Travis Collins is one of the finest Australian country singers to come out of this decade. His fame is growing by the day, and once you listen to his songs, and watch him perform live, you will understand why. The handsome, talented young musician has been winning over a whole new generation of country music lovers since 2004, and he’s definitely not showing any signs of stopping.

Travis Collins was the 2004 winner of Toyota Star Maker Quest, and this was how he shot to popularity. Since then, he has released two albums- Start the Car and No Boundaries, and both of them have performed exceedingly well in the country music charts. In fact, “Start the Car” and “I was wrong” even shot up to number 1 position on the country music charts!

Catch Travis Collins live -6th May 2016 only at Rooty Hill RSL

Once you have seen Travis’ country music shows, you will understand why the young musician has become so popular. His passion and his love for the music shine right through. If you are a country music fan, you should definitely go to this upcoming Country music shows featuring Travis Collins mesmerizing performances. It will definitely blow your mind, and introduce you to a whole new generation of country music. Book your tickets by clicking here.

Live Music Shows In Sydney: Lose Yourself In The Action!

In a rapidly growing world, it has become extremely difficult for people to get the exclusive treatment they deserve, and ought to get. The excessive crowds and the excessive demands for entertainment and live music shows in Sydney have certainly made it impossible for restaurateurs in Sydney to deliver the right kind of Sydney entertainment to the customers. However, this is not a problem one would have to face if they became a member of Rooty Hill RSL. After all, you will get special access to the premises, the restaurants, the bars, and the special events that happen almost every single week!

Enjoy the Best of ‘The Screaming Jets’ Live On 27th May 2016

Who does not want to see some of Australia’s biggest musical names in action? Come over to Rooty Hill RSL club to watch The Screaming Jets live in action on 27th May 2016. Dave Gleeson and Grant Walmsley’s band is influenced by Rolling Stones, AC/DC and the Angels. Their songs have been incredibly popular on Australian top 10 charts, and the Newcastle band has found immense success in the USA and Europe as well.

This 90s band is best for people who wish to relive the glory days of music, and those who wish to reconnect to some of the finest rock music produced in the country. And now you can get exclusive access to these music shows in Sydney only at Rooty Hill RSL!

How many times have you cancelled plans to go out because you are not sure if you are going to get the seats to see the act you are interested in, or you do not want to brave the throngs of people that inevitably turn up at each and every one of these events? This is the greatest perk of being a Rooty Hill RSL club member. You get to see some of the best people perform, and you don’t even have to fight off a hundred other people for the seats. Visit Rooty Hill RSL, and book your tickets now!

Gym Membership in Western Sydney – How To Save Money And Get Fit

Now is the best time to get a gym membership in Western Sydney and achieve your fitness goals without breaking a bank. Trusted gyms know that proper fitness training in Rooty Hill has the power to change lives for the better. However, expensive membership fee often poses a major problem for fitness enthusiasts. Well, the great news is that SGAC – the largest fitness centre in western Sydney is offering some amazing deals to people who are looking to get fit and healthy on a tight budget. Gym membership in Western Sydney at a trusted gym, such as SGAC, is a surely a great and affordable way to lose extra pounds and add muscle without spending a lot of money to reach your fitness goals.

Gym Membership In Western Sydney – Save Big By Joining SGAC In April or May!

Gym membership in Western Sydney at any well equipped fitness centre can be really expensive. This may be reason why some people decide to workout at home just to save some cash. However, most of them fail to realize their goals or even injure themselves by following some dubious information available all over the internet these days.

Secondly, any home gym just cannot match the community vibe of a well established fitness centre. You’ll get to meet likeminded people and train under the guidance of well experienced trainers using the most cutting-edge equipment. Not only getting gym membership in Western Sydney at a popular gym will make your healthier, it will also drastically improve your self-esteem and confidence.

Finding the best deals when it comes to gym membership in Western Sydney is daunting task. So, many fitness enthusiasts skip renowned gyms for their fitness training in Rooty Hill and opt for training at cheaper and ill equipped gyms or at home. That’s something that will never get you results. And once people stop seeing results, most of them stop working out altogether. Fortunately, there are some amazing options available today provided you know where to look.

Training programs available at SGAC are designed to bust out monotonous routines, speed up fat burning and muscle building. Despite being the finest and the largest fitness centre in Western Sydney, SGAC offers some excellent money saving opportunities to fitness enthusiasts. Join SGAC in April or May, and you can take advantage of their fantastic half price joining fee. What’s more, you can even bring your workout buddy for the first month at no extra cost. So, what are you waiting for? Contact SGAC today!

Induction Lighting for Public Places

Luminaires for public places such as parks, walkways, streets and roads are important for a variety of reasons, with security and aesthetics being two of the most common and important. Nowadays, induction lighting is considered to be a great choice for different high luminance applications – including lighting facilities for public places. This is although there has been much talk about LED lighting systems, which also have their pros and cons. Nonetheless, induction lighting is a preferred choice over them for a myriad of reasons.

One of the reasons why this is so is because many induction lights have longer service life than other types of lighting fixtures. For instance, a state of the art induction lighting can typically last over 100,000 hours of use, whereas others (like some LED lighting fixtures) can only provide at least half or 50,000 hours.

Another reason is their low cost, as some induction lighting fixtures cost considerably less than LED lights.

Also, induction lighting systems are equipped with features that allows them to be re-lamped rather easily. This is one feature is almost always absent with LED lighting fixtures. In addition, induction lighting fixtures have shown to have better lumen maintenance.

Furthermore, induction lighting are often more visually comfortable. This is because an induction lamp have color rendering capacities that fall in the range of 3500-5000, while LED lights tend to have higher. Because of the higher ranges found in LED lights, they often emit excessively blue lights which are somehow irritating to the eyes. This being said, LED lights can be quite dangerous to drivers since the glare from strong LED lights may cause them to lose focus while they are driving.

There are many other features that makes induction lighting a better choice for public places. For one, they consume less energy and will thus be able to help reduce energy costs. They are also virtually maintenance free unlike other lighting fixtures. Lastly, induction lighting fixtures are better able to resist vibrations which often damage other types of lighting fixtures.

All of the above mentioned advantages of induction lighting makes them the better choice when it comes to lighting up public places. The low cost and low maintenance feature alone are enough reasons, but as can be seen from above, the benefits of using induction lighting in public places goes beyond those two. If you are looking for excellent induction lighting fixtures for public places in your locale or area, please feel free to call us up at (02) 9737 8600 or at (02) 8386 3280. We have a wide range of induction lamp available for you to choose from.

Rooty Hill RSL: The Best Wedding Venue in Western Sydney

If you are planning a wedding in Sydney, your biggest struggle will be to find a wedding venue in Western Sydney that matches all your requirements. After all, Sydney is a big city, and it grows bigger every day and function venues are getting more difficult to find. The competition for wedding venues can get quiet intense. However, if you are a member of Rooty Hill RSL club, you have nothing to fear. Rooty Hill RSL can offer you the well-equipped Sydney function room, which will make for a wonderful wedding venue, and you will definitely be able to use it for your benefit.

What makes Rooty Hill RSL the best wedding venue in western Sydney?

The management at Rooty Hill RSL makes sure to provide members with a well equipped wedding venue and personalised services by taking into account their specific requirements. After all, this is an exclusive space that is available for you and you only. Chances are, you already have a lot of fond memories of Rooty Hill RSL, so it would be lot more special if you get to celebrate your wedding here by utilizing their feature-rich Sydney function room! You can get a wedding planner, or you can develop a theme yourself for your wedding, and decorate the place accordingly. It will be a unique venue, available only for you, and you will now be able to make your wedding as big or as small as you wish.

Enjoy Complete Flexibility and unmatched services at Rooty Hill RSL

Since you will be using the best Sydney Function Room as the venue for your wedding, you will be able to alter the type of services to fit your needs. You can get the catering done by the club itself, or if you wish, you can choose a few services from outside. All you have to do is share your vision with the club authorities, and they will definitely do all that they can to make sure that your wishes are taken care of.

As a person about to embark on a new journey in life, you only need the best. And that is definitely the reason why you should choose Rooty Hill RSL club.

Explore Country Music with Country Music Channel and Live In Concerts!

If you are a country music fan, you should definitely start following Australian country music charts regularly. Not only will you find a huge selection of new and upcoming artists who are taking the music world by storm, you will also find a lot of old and revered artists. A country music channel is a wonderful place for newcomers to the country music scene as it will help them find a lot of new and popular artists- the artists that the fans are listening to. It is also a wonderful place for experienced country music fans who want to stay in touch with the new developments in the genre, and the new musicians that are coming up.

Watch Lee Kernaghan Performing Live – 21 April 2016!

One of the country singers who have constantly dominated the Australian country music charts in the past is Lee Kernaghan. He was one of the most revered country music artists of the 90s. His presence in the music scene made a huge impact on the path Australian country music took in the 90s. Even though Lee’s traditional lyrical and musical values have stood the test of time, and appeal to a vast majority of the audience, Lee’s brand of music is something that is unique and timeless at the same time. In a way, Lee Kernaghan embodies why people love the genre so much. The genre itself talks about the same topics and troubles that have affected humankind for centuries, but it still manages to get a fresh, optimistic twist on the same.

The great news for Lee Kernaghan’s fans is that he’s is performing live at Rooty Hill RSL on 21st of April. Featuring his most popular songs, including record-breaking music from ‘Spirit of the Anzac’, this upcoming show is your opportunity to witness Lee Kernaghan’s genius firsthand.

Total Country: Tune into the Best Australian Music Channel

If you are interested in listening to Lee Kernighan and his band, you can always head to a trusted country music channel like Total Country, where you will be able to explore his music, and the music of a lot other country music singers we have today. You will get an exposure to local Australian country music scene and the wider world-wide country music scene as well! What more could a country fan ask for? Visit Total Country today!


Why choose personal training in Western Sydney? Top 4 reasons

Sometimes, we need to shake up our exercise routine and push ourselves harder during the workout so that we can remain enthusiastic and consistent about our fitness. Taking personal training in Western Sydney is probably the most significant decision you can ever make in your quest to get into the best shape of your life. You’ll get a fully customized training program designed by expert trainers to help you achieve your goals in the fastest manner possible.

A gym membership in Rooty Hill at a trusted gym is all you need to reap the benefits of their result-driven personal training programs. With just $89, you can kick-start your fitness routine at SGAC with 3 Personal Training Sessions.

So, what can you achieve in a personal training program at SGAC? The list of benefits is endless. Let’s have a look at the prominent ones:

  1. Get the Results you want: Many times, fitness enthusiasts reach a plateau where they just cease to make any progress despite working out hard in the gym. SGAC’s personal trainers will analyse your fitness levels and diet plans, and design a program that will never stop challenging your body for a continuous improvement.
  1. Step by step guidance from start to finish: Though there’s no dearth of information available on the internet these days, gathering information from different sources can be contradicting and overwhelming to any inexperienced individual. The best solution to take the guesswork out is to opt for personal training in Western Sydney.
  1. Enjoy working out more: Getting a gym membership in Rooty Hill at a trustworthy fitness centre is a perfect way to make your training sessions more fun, invigorating and challenging. You’ll get to tackle new challenges and exercises every day which will always keep you on the edge.
  1. Push your limits and grow: A personal trainer is like your gym buddy who will be always there to support and challenge you and never let you give up just because it’s getting more challenging and harder.

If you’ve been working out for a while and still not getting the results, contact SGAC and try their super effective 3 Personal Training Sessions for just $89 today!

Legendary Voices of Rock: Be a Part of the Biggest Entertainment Event in Sydney

There are a million reasons why you should be a Rooty Hill RSL club member- you get to relish some of the finest foods and drinks around and enjoy some of the best music shows in Parramatta. You get to use the well-equipped function facilities to the best of your needs. What more can a person possibly ask for, right?

Well, as a member of Rooty Hill RSL club, you will be able to attend the entirety of the Legendary Voices of Rock event on 22nd of April 2016. It’s the biggest entertainment event in Sydney happening this entire year. So, book your tickets now to be a part of it!

Witness the best Rock stars from all over the world live!

Organized by Jan Stephenson, legendary Australian golfer, the Legendary Voices of Rock event is a musical extravaganza that brings together a lot of the best musical rock artists from around the world. This year, this entertainment event will bring together Steve Augeri, the lead vocalists from one of the best 80s bands – Journey, and Robby Steinhardt from Kansas. Apart from Journey, Steve Augeri is also known for his other amazing works such as Tykettto and Tall Stories. It’s definitely going to be one of the best music festivals in Australia, and you have the chance to be a part of it!

Get together with Journey, Kansas and Stormbringer, one of the best bands the country has seen. Stormbringer effortlessly does astounding covers of popular songs such as “The Wall” by Pink Floyd, or “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen. It will be a night you will always remember as it will definitely blow your mind. If you are in town, and you are looking for music shows in Parramatta, this is one show you should never miss.

Contact Rooty Hill RSL and find out how you can get into the Legendary Voice of Rock event. Book your tickets now, and start planning for the most exciting event of the year immediately!