Top 4 Benefits of Picking a Hotel Accommodation in Sydney

If you are planning for a vacation in Sydney, you might be researching various options available for accommodation in Sydney. Actually, it doesn’t matter if you are looking for accommodation in Penrith or anywhere else in Sydney; hotels have been the preferred way of ensuring quality accommodations for travellers for centuries now. Before there were luxury hotels, the world had inns where travellers would stay for the night and get some hot food and a good night’s rest. One of the best things about all quality hotels, such as Accor hotels in Australia, is that they are managed by dedicated professionals who became hoteliers because of their passion for serving people. This is in stark contrast to other run-of-the-mill temporary options for holiday accommodation which are operated by inexperienced people with a room to spare in their own apartments.

So, why exactly quality hotels, such as Novotel accommodation in Sydney, are your best choice for your stay in Australia?

1. A hotel offers you more value

One key advantage of quality hotels is that they strive to offer you more value than the amount you are being charged. Other accommodation options, such as apartment or room rental services, may prove to be cheaper but this comes at a cost. There is barely any service offered to you at these accommodations. There is no concierge, or an attendant, or even a bellboy. This also means that if you need to attend an already full opera or dinner at a popular restaurant in Sydney, there is no one at your service who can make these arrangements. Those who are accustomed to such useful services will never wish to stay at a place where such facilities are completely absent. The worst part is that they don’t bother to provide guests with facilities, such as slippers and bathrobes and welcome messages when they arrive.

2. You get better services

There is more to good service than just cleaning of your room every morning. Top hotels, such as Novotel in Sydney, go to great lengths to ensure that members of staff put in charge of taking care of your needs are highly competent. More often than not, hotel staff anticipates your needs and provide you with everything before you even have to ask. It is such dedication to service which sets hotels apart.

3. Flexibility and room for improvement

So, you arrive in Sydney and head for your Penrith accommodation. Upon reaching you find that the place is not up to your expectations. Now, if you are dealing with the hotel staff, you can request to be moved to a different room, or even get an upgrade. On the other hand, if this is a rented apartment, you can either suck it up and stay there, or find a hotel and give the apartment a poor rating. Obviously, the ability to just explore a better option, if you don’t like what you get, is something that only a hotel can offer you.

4. Refundable reservation benefits

There is also the matter of security deposits and non-refundable rentals that some apartments seem to have. The good news is that such problems do not exist with hotels. If you make a refundable reservation, you can easily cancel your accommodations without having to pay anything.

While there are many more points which can be added to this list, such as VIP perks which only luxury hotels can offer, and special activities organised for hotel guests which are missing in other modes of accommodations in Australia.

The city of Sydney sees a lot of international traffic and is visited by tens of thousands of travellers each year. Considering the above mentioned benefits, there’s no wonder that hotels are often the first choice of holiday accommodation for these travellers. If you are visiting Sydney any time soon, there are some things you can do to ensure that you find a great hotel.

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