Get Chilled or Boiling Water On Tap with Billi Filtered Water Systems

Filtered water systems have fast become a necessity in contemporary times. It is indeed an irony that water covers a large part of the earth. Yet, the percentage of freshwater available on the earth is quite miniscule by comparison. In the past, people used various chemicals and polluting substances quite indiscriminately. As a result, they began contaminating various natural resources like water. Today too, many factories and industries dump their effluents into the nation’s freshwater reserves. As a result, consuming this contaminated water could be detrimental to your health.

For this reason, many residential and commercial establishments rely on water cooler units to provide chilled, filtered water. Similarly, the use of water dispensers is quite popular in big cities like Sydney and Brisbane. Both kinds of units provide cold filtered water. However, many of these units are freestanding ones. These units do not only consume some amount of space in the building. In buildings with lavishly elegant interiors, these units could well become eyesores. To overcome these handicaps, many filtered water solution suppliers have emerged with under sink water filters.

What is an Under Sink Water Filter?

Manufacturers of water filtration systems designed under sink water filters to fit neatly beneath the kitchen sink. These water filter systems typically come with single, twin or triple stage water filters.

At the time of installation, the installation staff connect the under sink filters to the cold water supply lines. These filtration systems filter the water as it comes from the main supply lines. Thereafter, they pass the filtered water via a separate tap or through a specialised three-way tap. Opting for the latter is a smart choice. This is especially so because it obviates the need to drill a hole through the sink or the benchtop. It is worth noting that because this system remains connected beneath the sink, it works invisibly unlike the free standing chiller.

Billi Under Sink Water Systems – The Ultimate Filtered Water System

In recent times, many suppliers of filtered water solutions have enhanced their water solutions to provide instant boiled water as well. Thus, by installing a single under sink unit, you would be able to savour pure water as you like it i.e. sparkling, chilled or boiled. Despite the immense options available, the clamour for Billi hot water systems continues to increase. This is because Billi’s range of filtered water solutions feature clean lines and award-winning designs. Backed by advanced ergonomic styling and fingertip controls, these filtration units are snazzy additions to any residential or commercial facility.

Some of the most popular products offered by Billi include:

  • The B-5000 Sparkling System: This unit is among the most popular home water appliances. It dispenses boiled, chilled and sparkling water in an instant. It features a CO2 injection system that provides a high level of CO2 saturation in the water. Consequently, the water has a better life and a great taste.
  • The B-3000 Sparkling System: Similar to the B-5000 Sparkling System, this unit also offers instant chilled and sparkling water. However, it does not provide boiling water like the B-5000 Sparkling System does.
  • The Billi B-6000 System: The flagship of Billi’s Home range of filtered water solutions, this unit provides boiling or chilled water instantly. It adheres to various green-building design principles too.
  • The Billi B-5000 System: Ideal for typical family use, this unit is the most popular model in the Billi Home range of products
  • The Billi B-4000 System: This unit provides taste-filled ambient and boiling water instantly
  • The Billi B-3000 System: This unit provides refreshing chilled water in an instant

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