Bottle-less Water Cooler Units – A Better Choice for Your Office

Are you in search of a reasonably priced as well as environmentally friendly alternative to bottled water in your office? Then bottle-less water cooler units will work best for you. These coolers conglomerate the charming appeal of a regular dispenser with the best purification technologies to give you the number one quality of water to drink. And, it relieves you from the hustle of dealing with heavy bottles.

The increasing demand for office filtered water in the working environs has resulted in a significant choice with regards to the type of systems available in the market today. Customarily, office water cooler units used bottles that contained spring water delivered regularly by a supplier. Though it’s still popular, many offices today prefer to use coolers with in-built water filtration systems. This permits the use of tap water as the main source. The trend towards this kind of office water purifiers is associated with the many benefits the system has. Firstly, it is very cost effective as you will not be forced to pay for your spring water to be delivered. Secondly, you will greatly save on space as spring water bottles, whether empty of full, take up a lot of office space which later lead to a stuffed working environment. Thirdly, just in case an office runs out of spring water, it may take some time before the next delivery is done. Without doubt this can have a very big impact to employee’s morale especially on a hot day. Finally, the quality and purity of spring water greatly varies mainly because of the source. This is an area of potential abuse by other companies whereby the normal systematic controls may be compromised. But these office water filters are designed to keep the water 100% safe for drinking.
So, what are the details of a good bottle-less water Cooler?

The best includes a combination of Multi Filtration Carbon Filters, Reverse Osmosis and/or UV ultraviolet purification filters. Bottle-less Water Coolers units are the perfect way to enjoy hygienic, office filtered water. Just in case you are worrying of space and have a tight budget, variety of models are available; ranging from counter tops to the floor models.

The Bottle-less water cooler units also have automatic float valves with a high proficiency sealed compressor-cooling structure complete with type 304 stainless steel hot and cold tanks. Additionally, they possess an easy to access front panel for service of filter system.

Did you know that most plastic bottles are made of polyethylene terephthalate derived from oil? Which scientifically proven emits over 100 times the toxic discharges than the same amount of glass bottles.

This is the right time to make a difference in your office.  Go bottle-less!

By so doing, your office can to a great extent help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 98% compared to bottled water by getting rid of manufacturing of bottles, bottle storage, supply, as well as the removal, re-using, or discarding of used plastic bottles.

Fitness Training Sessions Can Make Your Body Fitter and Stronger

Very often people formulate various plans and strategies for optimising their fitness levels. Some people take up jogging or go for long walks. Others take memberships in gyms and use the equipment available for getting their body into shape. Some people even make exercising a part of their daily set of activities. That too, without having to visit the gym or jog. Instead, these individuals avoid using the car for their errands and take up walking instead. Similarly, they forgo the convenience of the elevator and use the stairs. Thus, they exercise on the go, without setting aside time specifically for gym sessions or Zumba classes.

The Significance of Fitness Training Programs

When the body is in a state of perfect health, it is physically fit. A fit body will be healthier and stronger. It will be able to withstand the various infections and ailments that afflict people with lower levels of immunity. This is why you will find many people flocking to the numerous health and fitness centres in Western Sydney and other areas.

People typically visit these gyms and fitness centres with certain goals in mind. Some people want to build muscles for gaining enhanced levels of strength. Others look at reducing the fat content in their bodies to lose weight. Some people exercise to boost their immunity levels. Similarly, others exercise to achieve peak levels of physically fitness. This enables them to get their bodies into shape. To achieve these goals, people need to make exercises a regular aspect of their daily schedules. This is why people generally follow fitness programs.

Many fitness centres offer personal trainers to their clients. These trainers assess the physical conditions of the clients and understand the goals they want to achieve. Thereafter, they chalk out fitness programs tailored specifically to meet their clients’ needs. These programs enable people to move from their current levels of fitness towards acquiring optimally fit bodies.

The Integral Aspects of a Customised Fitness Training Program

As mentioned earlier, your personal trainer in Rooty Hill or elsewhere will typically formulate a fitness-training program for you. The trainer will evaluate your current level of fitness and understand your goals, while preparing this program. Therefore, you will receive a customised program that keeps your fitness at its core.

It is worth noting that there are several kinds of fitness training programs on offer nowadays. Each program comprises smaller groups of activities and exercises aimed at achieving a specific goal. Some of the most common aspects that constitute a fitness-training program include:

    • Strength training
    • Cardiovascular training
    • Weight management and,
    • Nutrition
        When assimilated together into one fitness program, these activities will improve your health, fitness levels and strength. In addition, they will help you achieve a balanced body weight.

How Can You Benefit from a Fitness Training Program?

Typically, a fitness trainer will design a customised fitness program for a person, based on the individual’s requirements. These fitness programs will focus on making an individual:

        • Become stronger
        • Acquire enhanced levels of aerobic and anaerobic endurance
        • Become more agile
        • Become more flexible and,
        • Achieve higher levels of speed

Therefore, when you work out under the guidance of your fitness trainer in Western Sydney or other areas, you will be able to achieve the desired results. However, you will need to ensure that you discipline yourself and work out regularly. Doing so would help you derive the benefits of:

  • An increased metabolism
  • Enhanced levels of strength
  • Greater flexibility
  • Improved levels of muscle tone and,
  • Reduced levels of stress

Many fitness-training centres offer the latest equipment to help people get into shape. Therefore, ensure that you pick a centre that offers you the best equipment and facilities. In addition, ensure that the centres allows you to personal training services as well.

Are You Looking for a Good Fitness Training Centre in Western Sydney?

When they want to achieve the perfect body shape or enhance their levels of fitness, many Sydneysiders head to the Sydney Gymnastic and Aquatic Centre (SGAC) Health Fitness Aquatic (HFA). The SGAC HFA is the largest gym in Western Sydney. It also provides a wide range of activities and services aimed at keeping you in prime condition.

For example, we have a Circuit Area that enables members to use premium quality life fitness pin-loaded resistance equipment for a whole body workout. In addition, we have a Cardiovascular Area with equipment that utilises the latest in life fitness technology. Thus, members could bring their own custom workouts on USB drives and monitor their results over time. Similarly, the Functional Training Zone (FTZ) is ideal for cross training purposes.

Therefore, we invite you to become a member at the SGAC HFA. In many cases, our memberships are as low as $10. Thus, when you want to enhance your fitness levels without burning a hole in your wallet, check out the SGAC HFA. Call us at 9677 4903 to see how you could benefit by taking a membership with us.

Installing a Water Cooler at the Workplace Could be an Advantageous Investment

Running a business enterprise often involves managing several requirements at the same time. A business owner typically needs to do more than just manage the finances, the raw materials needed for production, the finished goods and the supply chains. Promoting the products and monitoring the sales also occupy the time of many business owners. Clearly, they cannot handle all these activities themselves. Therefore, they need a skilled and trained workforce for taking care of the myriad of activities necessary for keeping the business functional.

The presence of a motivated and skilled workforce does make it easier to keep the business functional. However, it also brings with it various additional responsibilities as well. For example, business owners need to give their workers a safe and hygienic work environment. This would enable them to go about their duties confidently and efficiently. Similarly, the workplace must also have facilities that cater to all the essential requirements of the employees. Such facilities could typically include clean restrooms, well-lit and ventilated workspaces, cafeterias or canteens and an assortment of office water coolers at various locations in the office. A workplace that provides its workers with these facilities will usually exhibit higher levels of efficiency with minimal loss of productive time.

What are Water Coolers?

A water cooler is a device that dispenses chilled water. There are two kinds of water coolers i.e. freestanding units and wall-mounted units. The former are typically useful in places where people do not drink water directly from taps. The latter typically have connections that link them to the main water supply lines of the building. Thus, they use electricity for taking in fresh water and keeping it cool. As a result, when someone presses the lever or knob on these water coolers, they dispense a seemingly endless supply of chilled water.

People often refer to wall-mounted water chillers as bottle-less coolers. Connected as they are to the main water lines, the occupants of the building will seldom face any issues of having cold water to drink. They will have cold drinking water available at all times directly from their taps. However, the standalone dispensing units will require a supply of large-sized bottles of drinking water. Typically, a vendor would monitor the supply and delivery of fresh stocks of bottled water, while taking back the empty water bottles.

Having pure drinking water is one of the most essential requirements for any human being. Oftentimes, it is the most essential requirement for life. Employers need active and motivated employees at the workplace. By providing them with water coolers that provide effective water filtration at appropriate locations, employers can keep their staff healthy and motivated.

Workers, who feel thirsty but avoid drinking water because the water cooler is at a great distance from their desks, will find it hard to concentrate on their work. As a result, their efficiency will dip. Similarly, having water coolers at various spots in the workplace could give employees a chance to take a quick break from work. Sitting for long stretches of time can have a negative effect on the body. In addition, a quick break for a drink of water can serve to revitalise and refresh workers. This could enhance their efficiency levels and their ability to focus as well.

Furthermore, having a water cooler at the workplace could impact the health of your workers too. It could save them from various waterborne diseases that occur because people drink contaminated water. Absenteeism at the workplace could have a significant effect on the productivity levels at the workplace. Therefore, investing in a top quality water cooler like the Zip Hydro Tap could be worthwhile. This sleek and effective water system could complement the décor at the workplace. In addition, it could give you great value for your money.

Are You Looking for a Quality Supplier of Water Dispensers in Sydney?

Waterlogic is the leading provider of water dispensers and filtered office water cooler solutions. As a leading brand in the domain, we offer convenient, cost-effective and stylish water solutions. Our chilled or hot water solutions are ideal for both, residential and commercial establishments.

Besides supplying cost-effective water solutions, our products are environment-friendly too. Moreover, we also support an international charity that helps some of the world’s poorest countries to gain access to safe water and sanitation. For these reasons, several Australian government departments and corporations value the products and services we offer. Therefore, when you need a dependable water purification system, think of Waterlogic. Call us at 1300 88 14 14 for more details.