2 Maintenance Tips for your Commercial Ovens

Maintaining your commercial ovens on a regular basis is as important as cleaning any of your commercial kitchen equipment to prevent sudden extra repair costs and to ensure it functions as expected. The NSW Food Authority has implemented cleaning regulations to keep customers safe and lessen the risk of customers getting food poisoning and bacteria from restaurants. Implementing multiple practices can keep your commercial kitchen equipment clean and can protect your business.

1. Clean your oven daily

Using commercial ovens daily will make it busy and can if regular cleaning isn’t done can cost you massive repair costs. Cleaning your oven regularly on a daily basis can help clean up the daily leftover crumbs and prevent food build-up. Leaving your crumbs in the oven can cause it to burn, leaving smoke, and a burnt smell in the oven which can impact the food later made.  Cleaning your oven daily at the end of the day and leaving the door open when it’s wet lets the ovens dry up overnight. This will help maintain your commercial ovens and prevent bigger issues from happening later on.

2. Check your ovens

Having an oven or any commercial kitchen equipment break down on you on a busy day can be the last thing you want. However, checking the functions of the equipment occasionally can help prevent that. When you notice an issue while checking the functionality of your oven, you can easily call the maintenance team and get that specific issue fixed instead of having the whole machine replaced or repaired which can cost you so much more.

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